Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 10)


Episode 10
the episode start with haya get up in the morning and saw Arjun was not there then she saw a packet and a chit on bed she get up and open the chit and read
‘good morning babe get ready fast and come down’
this was written on chit then haya open the packet and saw a beautiful light pink kurti with white legging and dupatta and then haya immediately take shower and get ready and come down Arjun was already sitting there on dinning table she came and Arjun pull chair for her and make her sit then they both had breakfast and then haya said
haya: Arjun
Arjun:yes babe
haya:will u please drop me at home while going office
Arjun:off course babe
then Arjun drop haya at home and after two days in evening haya was thinking about Arjun and thought to confess her love then haya call Arjun bit he didn’t pick up so she thought to call in office And she call after a while tina pick up the phone and said
tina:hello good evening welcome to Arjun Mehra’s jewelry how can I help u
haya:hello tina h r u its me haya
tina felt jealousy and said in anger
tina:I’m fine what u want
haya felt weird but she ignore and said
haya:actually I want to talk with Arjun where is he
tina thought for a while and said
tina: I heard him saying he is going at hill u can go there he was looking upset
haya:oohh ok thank a lot tina ok bye
then tina look at her left side and Arjun was in meeting and she smile evilly and left office then haya reach at hill and saw tina and ask
haya:tina u here
haya:but u told me that Arjun is coming here
tina: I lied because I know if I will told u that he is upset u will meet him immediately and u know what haya I will came to main point
haya:what do u mean
tina:I mean stay away from arjun
tina:yes u heard me and don’t try to tell Arjun anything or else u will lost him for lifetime got it
haya:no u can’t do this
tina: trust me I can if he can’t be mine then I will not leave him alive for u too
haya: no u can’t so this I will tell Arjun everything
tina:oohh really then be ready to see him dying in front of your eyes and I’m seriously saying this if u try to tell him anything then I will kill him saying this tina left and haya start crying then next day haya stay at Arjun house for little long and she already had told Arjun that she want to talk with him but when Arjun came home he was with tina and he was injured haya,Rubi and sona saw him and rubi and sona run to Arjun and ask
rubi:what happened bhai
sona:how this happened
tina:actually he met with an accident but thank god I was going from there and I saw him so I took him home she was telling all this and haya was in tears then rubi and sona took Arjun to his room when they left tina came to haya and said
tina:look what happened to Arjun this time he is save but next time if u try to tell me anything then u will see his dead body now tomorrow u will call him and u will say that u don’t love and anything to make him believe that u betrayed him saying this tina left to meet Arjun and haya gone home without meeting him then next day haya didn’t came to teach painting she call Rubi and said that she is not feeling well so she will not come then when Arjun came home he saw haya is not there so he just ask rubi and she told arjun that haya is not well then Arjun call haya and told her to meet him in park after sometime haya reach park and saw Arjun then haya said
haya:why u called me here
Arjun turn to haya and hug her and said
Arjun:I missed u
haya want to hug him back but haya saw tina in car and she was looking at them and was smiling evilly so haya push him away first Arjun get shocked but then he ask
Arjun:what happened babe
haya:stay away from me
Arjun:haya r u alright why r u talking like this
haya:because I’m like this like u thought I use boys for my need and I only love money and I hate u
Arjun:haya look at me what happened to u all of a sudden
haya:its not all of a sudden I hate u since I saw u I don’t want u in my life just stay away from me
arjun couldn’t understand what happened to her then Arjun make haya look at him and said
Arjun:haya listen did someone said something u to tell me haya
haya:no no one said anything I just want to tell u that I hate u and saying this haya think something and said
haya:and I love someone else I don’t want to marry u so get lost and don’t ever try to talk to me saying this haya run from there and Arjun broke down Arjun was thinking what happened to haya then he said to himself
Arjun:I will not leave u easily haya not this time I will make u mine at any cost no matter what happened saying this Arjun also leave and tina smile evilly seeing their fight then one week passed like this haya ignore Arjun and Arjun get more angry then one day mother came home and tell haya that there was some people who was going to donate money for school but at last moment they cancel she was very upset she don’t know what to do next she get more upset and she get a heart attack haya immediately took her to hospital and other girls of orphanage inform Arjun,rubi and sona when Arjun came he saw haya was with raj and he get hurt by he didn’t show then after sometime doctor came out and said
doctor:who is Arjun and haya
hearing doctor Arjun and haya came forward and arjun ask
Arjun:I’m arjun and she is haya what happened doctor
doctor:patient want to meet both of u but make sure u don’t give her stress and don’t say anything which hurt her
haya:ok thanks
then Arjun and haya both came inside and saw mother she was looking weak then haya and Arjun came and haya sat beside mother and ask
haya:how r u feeling mother
mother:I’m fine beta actually I want to talk to both of u
Arjun:yes mother
mother:u know Arjun how much I love haya and I always want good for her and now I don’t trust my life so I want u to take care of her
haya:mother why r u saying like this u will be fine soon
mother:yeah beta but Arjun I want u to marry haya I want to see her married so that I can die peacefully
Arjun: mother I understand your feelings but before saying anything I want to have a talk with haya alone so can i
mother:yes why not
haya:but mother
mother:don’t worry beta go with him
then Arjun and haya gone outside in parking lot as they reach there haya said
haya:I don’t want to marry u
Arjun:I know
haya:then why u told mother that u want to talk
Arjun:because I don’t want to hurt her by saying NO directly
haya inside was crying and was wishing that arjun say yes but she know that this can’t happened and she can’t even show her pain to anyone then they came to mother and mother ask
mother:so what u both decide
haya:mother actually haya was going to say but Arjun cut her in mid and said
Arjun:We are ready to get married
haya looked at Arjun with shocked and then Arjun said
Arjun:and we decided that we will marry right now in front of u saying this Arjun smile looking at haya and before haya could say anything mother said
mother:really thanks a lot I knew u both will be ready I’m so happy i was thinking maybe u both will say no but thanks for giving me this happiness saying this mother tell nurse to call everyone who is outside then mother tell everyone that Arjun and haya are getting married that to right now and everyone get happy rubi and sona hug both and then both took haya with them to get her ready and raj said he will arrange rest of the things after 1 hour Rubi and sona came with haya they arrange everything in hospital lounge Arjun was wearing red sherwani and haya was wearing red saree they both took place and did pheras then Arjun put Mangalsutra in her neck and sindoor in her head line and then pandit declare that they are now husband and wife they both look at each other then both took mother blessing rubi and sona hug them and at last Raj said
raj:I’m giving u my only sister please take care of of her saying this raj hug both of them together that time Arjun was in shocked after knowing that raj is haya’s brother then rubi said
rubi:bhai u and bhabhi go at home and take rest me and sona will stay with mother
haya:no I will stay with her its ok
mother:no rubi is right Arjun u both go please for me
Arjun:yes mother we can’t say no to u saying this Arjun held haya’s hand and smile evilly then Arjun and haya both sat in car and drive toward house

Next Episode:Arjun hate for haya with love and romance
hey frds h r u all?
as I said I will update ASAP so here it is
so how is the tina real side shock and arya’s (Arjun and Haya) marriage surprise and don’t worry this all fight and hatred is matter of some episode and soon Arjun will know the truth and will be with haya again and this time for lifetime ???
so tell me hows it after reading till then bye tc love u all a lot ?????

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  1. Wowwww u made my day yaar arya marriage that to unexpectedly awesome

  2. I hate dis tina…bcoz of hr arjun n haya r separatd…
    Really happy dey r married thanks to mother a lot….
    Waiting 4 ARJUN HATE 4 HAYA WID LUV & ROMANCE….update soon!!!

    1. me to hate tina and yeah thank to mother they are married
      And will update ASAP ??

  3. God !! I hate this Tina …. Please get haya and arjun back … Soon

    1. Me to hate her and they will be back together soon ?

  4. it is superb. ….

  5. Here got the topic ….hatred the beginning of love story…u r really superb dr….aww luv Arjun and haya …?

  6. Ugghhhh …… I just hate that WITCH TINA!!! But her evil plan backfired and our ArYa are married now, though not happily for time being ….but I know u will sort out everything soon. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. yeah I hate her too but because of her arya is married so its ok ??

  7. Amazing year n they got married wow .
    After knowing truth arjun won’t leave tina easily. Love u princess… Take care….

    1. thanks and he will surely not leave her
      Love u too and u to take care dear ??

  8. Woww arya married …waiting for next episode update fast princess ..I am eagerly waiting to know what will happen next..

    1. thanks and will update ASAP ?

  9. Really superb episode…. nd unexpected surprise and expected shock… Going well… Carry on dear. . ? ? ?
    Take care princess. .

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      Welcome from her ?
      Will update ASAP and love u too ??

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    1. ooh I’m sorry dear but everything happen so suddenly that I forget to invite u but never mind I will make them married again then I will invite all of u ?? yeah he will surely kill her after knowing what he did with his haya ?? thanks lots and welcome dear ?

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    1. I’m glad u like it and I will try to update ASAP ?

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    1. thanks a lot and I have posted next episode I hope soon tu team will post it ??

  17. plz update next part

    1. I have posted next episode I hope soon tu team will post it maybe till evening ?

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