Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story (Episode 1)


1 Episode
A beautiful girl is shown she is painting this is what she paint ‘A beautiful view of hills and a girl n boy are standing there holding hands’ suddenly a voice of lady came from behind
lady:Haya come here your new students are here
Haya:coming mother
so the girl who was painting was haya and the lady was mother(who take care of orphanage)
haya came running outside and saw two girls standing there and said
haya:hello I’m haya
as the girls hear haya they turn to face her and said
1st girl:hi I’m rubi
2nd girl:hi I’m sona
so the girls are none other than our hero’s sisters
haya:nice to meet u rubi n sona
rubi:r u going to teach us how to paint
sona:u r so beautiful mam
haya: thanks a lot and please don’t call me mam call m haya
rubi n sona together: sure haya
haya:come I’ll show u the room where I paint
then haya show them the room and tell them a basic things about painting it was 5:00 pm and a car came and stop at orphanage’s door and the car door open and a hot n handsome boy came n call someone and said
boy: I’m here come fast
and after sometime sona and rubi came out and run toward the boy and hug him the boy hug them back n Rubi said
rubi:bhai when u came back from NY
so the boy is Arjun our hero
Arjun:I’m coming from airport rubi
sona:bhai did u brought our painting tools
Arjun:yes I’m angel I brought everything what u 2 said
just then arjun saw a girl coming outside with juice tray in her hands she was looking beautiful her blue eyes pinkish cheeks and her lips like rose petals and her smile was killing him her innocent face was making him crazy now she was in front of him he was feeling like just hold her hands pin her against the wall and kiss her hard on lips but he came out of his thought when rubi n sona after taking juice said

rubi n sona:bhai she is haya she will be teaching us painting and she is a amazing painter
haya smile and forward the tray to Arjun so that he can take juice but he didn’t then haya take the glass in her hand and offer him he hold the glass from where haya was holding his hand was on her hand haya feel uncomfortable and she immediately pul her hand back then Arjun said
Arjun:I hope u know that u will be coming to our house for teaching them painting
haya was confuse and said
rubi:bhai we didn’t talk about that yet
then sona turn to haya and said
sona:haya please don’t refuse we want to learn painting from u
haya: but I need to ask mother I will come but only of she give permission
rubi:OK then let’s go bhai u will convince her
Arjun:no I will not
sona:bhai please na please and he make a cute puppy face
arjun:OK OK fine where is mother
then haya take him to mother after 10 min he came out sona and rubi run towards him and ask
sona n rubi:what happened bhai she is agreed na
Arjun:can I be ever failed
sona:thanks bhai
then sona said to haya
sona:at what
time will u come
haya:from 12 to 4 is it OK
sona n rubi:perfect
after that sona rubi n Arjun leave for their house
so guys here is the first episode of Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story
how’s it do tell me guys after reading till then bye take care love u a lot ??????

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