Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 8

Hello my lovely friends…
Sorry i m very late but this exams doesnt leave me …
So i read all the ff’s on YuvAni and they were amazingi swear …
Napasha dii , nithu dii and afanfic writter and shilpa dii all the ff’s were fabulous
Sorry i didnt commented coz my exams but now i will . I promise 😚😍😘

Now lets go in the epi….
Suhani wakes up
She sees yuvraj beside her .
She thinks why yuvraj is beside her ?
She sees the clock and think ohh its 8 everyone will be awake . She goes for bath . She comes out in pink and yellow suit and does light makeup. She goes out from the room.

Yuvraj wakes up and recalls suhani’s past.
He goes for a bath and comes out wearing a yellow shirt and black jeans . He sets his hairs and comes out from the room.

At dining table
Rags – mummyji i m taking dadi to hospital for checkup
Pratima – ok beta but take care
Rags – yes mummy
Gauri sees YuvAni in yellow clothes
Gauri – awww bhai bhabhi you wear your clothes also same ?
YuvAni looks at each other .
YuvAni together – no its a coincidence
Gauri – so cute you also speak together
Everyone laughs .
Just than pankaj ,lata and bhawana comes out .
Bhawana – suhani we are leaving
Suhani – i will miss you dii
Bhawana – dont worry i m comimg soon here (looking at sharad )
Sharad smiles .
Suhani huges bhawana , lata and pankaj .
They leave .

Just then they hear a sound from dadi’s room.
All rushes to her room and sees dadi ‘s head bleeding .
They call doctor .
Doctor – congrats her memory is back . In half an hour she will be concious.
Doctor leaves .
Barbie thinks suhani now your game is over dadi will never accept you as bahu . Yuvraj is now my.
She smirks evily..

After half an hour .
Dadi wakes up .
Dadi – why all family members are here
Dadi sees suhani
Dadi – aii ladki what are you doing here ? Why you are wearing mangalsutra and sindoor and this bangles they are mine . Why you wore it ?
Yuvraj – dadi wait she is my wife .
Dadi – whatt!!!!
Yuvraj – yes dadi
Dadi – how could you marry her yuvraj ? Why you married her ?
Yuvraj – dadi maa will say you everything .
Dadi – i want only pratima here . All leave from here .
Everyone leaves .
Pratima tells everything to dadi .
Dadi thinks i only destroyed my grandson’s life . But i will not do this now just one year after that yuvraj and suhani will get divorce and yuvraj will get married to barbie . This suhani is just attitude freak .
Pratima leaves from dadi ‘s room .

After an hour .
Dadi comes out from room and says tonight we will play truth and dare late night .

Everyone agrees .

At night
Everyone gathers in garden for playing truth and dare .
YuvAni sits together and barbie besides them .
They turns the bottle it comes on rags and saurav .
Rags – so truth or dare ?
Saurab – truth
Rags – how many gf you were having before marriage ?
Saurab – umm maya , rina , shina ,riya
Rags gets angry
Saurab – but i fall in love with a girl name ragini khana only
Rags blushes .
Its menka and anuj turn
Anuj – truth or dare ?
Menka – dare
Anuj – go and apply black ink on barbie
Menka – ok
She gets black ink .
Barbie doesnt know what menka was going to do .
Menka goes behind her and applies black ink on her face .
Barbie – what is this ?
Anuj – it is for staring yuvraj bhaiya from a long time
Everyone laughs
Dadi scoldes anuj .
Barbie fumes in anger .
It comes gauri and yuvraj
Gauri – bhai truth or dare
Yuvraj – dare
Gauri – you have to kiss bhabhi infront of everyone
YuvAni was shocked .
They look at eachother .
Yuvraj – no
Rags – come on yuvraj its a dare
Everyone cheers for YuvAni .
Dadi and barbie fumes in anger .
Yuvraj leans close to suhani and kisses her forhead lovingle.
Suhani smiles .
Yuvraj – before loving her i respect her and forehead kiss is full of respect .
Suhani smiles .
Rags – you both are made for eachother
Everyone agrees .
Dadi and barbie leaves from their angrily .

All goes to sleep.

Precap – picnic…
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  1. Yuvani


    |Registered Member

    loved anuj so much.also saurab’s part was cute……the kiss was the best thing happened…..Thank you

  2. Ayesha

    Awsome dear. SaRag part… lovely. YuvAni….obviously they are cute. Update regularly if possible.

  3. anshi

    superb superb… i luvd it when yuvi says she is my wife nd yuvani kiss was superb…. plz update regularly..

  4. Neethu


    |Registered Member

    That was really a wonderful epi Avni dear!! ❀Pls update soon I’ll be waiting for your ff. And thank you for mentioning my name😘



    |Registered Member

    Absolutely totally 112% blown away and speechless. That last part… man…. 😍 just wow wow wow. They are just made for one another. Thank you for writing this lovely xx

  6. Radha

    Avani u have taken really long break dear.and this episode was quite amazing dear. I like it veryyyyyy much.especially barbie part was superb.pls pls poat regularly sis.

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