Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 7 – Old title SSEL- I hate you

Guys i m changing the name of ff coz i saw there are many ff named i hate you and i thought to name it different and i have not commented on any YuvAni ff coz of my exams but all the ff are amazing . I will surely commented and update my ff after my exams .

So lets start with the epi …

At night
Suhani is sleeping and yuvraj is standing on terrace alone.
Yuvraj sees pratima coming .
Pratima – yuvraj
Yuvraj – hmm
Pratima – i know beta your marriage is sudden change in your life but beta now suhani is your responsibility
Yuvraj – yes maa but…
Pratima – i know you dont like her but see her differently
Yuvraj – but maa i need some time …
Pratima – take your time beta i know my son will take a decision which is good for him and his family
Yuvraj smiles
Pratima leaves

Yuvraj pov…
Maa is right marriage is not a game may be i may also fall in love with her in this one year but if not then …
Someone tapped on my shoulder .
It was barbie
I looked at her angrily
Barbie – yuvraj i know you hate suhani
Yuvraj – who said that i hate her
Barbie – just look at her
Yuvraj – yes she is so beautiful
Barbie – i mean she is attitude freak
Yuvraj – but i think she is better than you
Barbie shouts – no you are only my
Yuvraj smiles
Yuvraj – never
Yuvraj leaves from there .

He enters the room and sees suhani crying i
sleep holding a pic.
He goes near her . He hears her mumbling something .
Suhani – dont do this to mom dad plz leave my mom .
Yuvraj sees the pic and sees a pic of a lady holding a small baby girl.
Yuvraj makes suhani sleep in his lap as she was sleeping in sitting position .
Yuvraj careses her hairs.

Suhani keeps mumbling – you know i was 4 years old when my dad killed my mother infront of my eyes bcoz my mom couldnt give him a boy. Bhawana dii forgoted everything but i couldnt as i saw my dad killing my mom but bhawana dii didnt . She was playing outside and i was stoping dad from killing my mom but couldnt . She started crying . After that lata maa and pankaj papa adopted both of us and treated us as her own child . I will always have a gulit that i couldnt save my mom .
Yuvraj – suhani you are best bcoz you always thought of someone else happiness first and then after your happiness
Suhani – thats the reason i never trust boys
Suhani sleeps by saying this .
Yuvraj kisses her forehead and makes suhani sleep properly and sleeps beside her unknowingly .

Precap – not yet decided

Bye guys meet you after 13 april plz comment as i m right btwn my exams …


  1. Ayesha

    Wonderful epi dear. Loved barbie-yuvraj conversation. After all whole epi was amazing. Try to post long epi after ur exam.★BEST OF LUCK★

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