Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 37

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Here is the epi…

Yuvraj was sitting near window with a smile on his face
It was raining outside and he was enjoying the

Yuvraj pov…
Ahh when me and suhani were 6 years old that time we met , we studied together and we got married aur i fell in love with her wait wait we fell in love . The weather is so romantic and i want to have a cup of tea with her but she…
I plugged my earphones and started hearing yeh
mausam ki baarish
This song took me too memory land which i enjoyed with suhani in sharad bhai’s sangeet

I recalled how i proposed her when we both were 14
It was my birthday and my all frnds and me were sitting in our school garden
They gave me a dare to propose suhani to which i denied
But they all forced me alot and now i couldnt say no and i went to her
She looked at me and said – happy birthday my enemy i wish that i will never see you again but you are always there to tease me
I made a face and saw my frnds who were waiting for me to propose her
And i suddenly spoke – see miss.attitude my frnds told me too propose you they dont want anything else then this on my birthday from my side so…
She said – wait a min what they asked you this how can they dont they know that we…
I said – i know we hate each other but…
She – its your problem i will never be your gf not in your dreams also
I – even i dont want you as my gf and you cant choose me as your choice is really very bad
She – if i m being poliet be happy bcoz its just for today as its your birthday bcoz i know how we feel if our birthday is spoiled
She said that and left the place
That day i didnt understood what she meant but when i got married to her i got to know that why she said me that

It was suhani’s 4th birthday
She was so excited about birthday party but her father didnt cared about her

She waited for him till 12 at night but his father came drunk home and scolded suhani for not celebrating her birthday

From that day suhani hated celebrating her birthday

Akash entered my room with a book
I putted my phone aside and akash sat opposite too me
He gave a old book i opened it and i was my english text book of 9th std
One by one i was seeing the text book and i got stuck on my fifth poem by way of preface by edward lear
It was a funny poem but when i was reading it i recalled something

When me and suhani went goa
We were walking on side of beach when she told me that she is like mr.lear
Mr. Lear was like when he is sad he always sits on the side of ocean

She was sad and she will be on side of ocean

I ran outside the room leaving a startled akash behind

I reached to her
She was sitting near ocean with a diary and a pen in her hand

I went to her and stood beside her

She looked at me and i looked back at her

Her look in rain is always pure and natural

She stood up and started walking
I held her wrist and she faced me
I asked her – why you dont love me ?
She replied – bciz i know some things are not meant to with us in our life and you are not meant to be with me

Precap – pakka suhani is jealous????

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  1. Yuvani

    Nice fb scenes…….enjoyed everything……waiting for the next…..thank you dear

  2. Today’s epi is too good..The flashback scenes..Omg they are awesome..

  3. Sis its very emotional episode anyway their sweet memories are very cute.are u taking these scenes from any real life incident.bcz they are really very sweet.but i am confised abt their past.dont feel bad sis.soooo many people are reading ur ff.but they may not have time to comment.we all luv ur ff.pls dont stop.ur ffs are always very much lovely.pla update nexy update asap.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you sis for this long comment

  4. Awesome flashback scenes. ….i was waiting for ur update…enjoyed a lot…update asap dear

  5. superb flashback scenes epi is so nice. pl dont stop writing write for ur regular readers. it really makes us happy eventhough the show is completed..

  6. Wooo superb……..

  7. Yuvani_saraj

    superb episode…..plz dont stop yaar…its really very interesting….

  8. Do whatever u want but don’t stop writting. If u do it I’ll kill u and not only me who loves ur ff will kill u for torturing them by not updating. So, keep writting like a good girl. Lots of love.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Ohh sis plz dont kill me but if you will comment i will write

  9. wonderful epi.. specially fb scene its too good… keep updating

  10. Super duper episode yar I love fb please update soon I will be waiting for next episode

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