Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 36

Yuvraj called sharad
Sharad picked up the call
Yuvraj – bhai i know you are not interested to talk with me but plz can you tell me what happend on ananaya’s welcome party
Sharad – now you wanna know its to late yuvraj
Yuvraj – plz just say me plz bhai
Sharad – ok then listen
Sharad tells yuvraj what happend on that day
Yuvraj was shocked and tears were rolling down from his cheecks
Yuvraj – why anyone of you didnt tell me in this 2 months
Sharad – you were not ready to listen anyone yuvraj
Yuvraj – hmm i will talk to you later
Sharad – ok
Yuvraj hanged up the call

Yuvraj caressed suhani’s forehead
He holded her hand and kissed it

Suhani felt some drop on her hand
She opened her eyes slowly
She saw yuvraj holding her hand and crying

Suhani – yuvraj
Yuvraj heard her voice and smiled
Suhani sited on bed slowly
Yuvraj hugged suhani tightly
Suhani didnt understood anything
She also didnt hugged yuvraj back
She just closed her eyes

After few minutes suhani jerked yuvraj away

Yuvraj – i m sorry i m really very sorry i should have trusted you that day i m really very sorry i really love you i do it was just that i when you shouted on dadi i became angry
Suhani – thats good do anything just say sorry and everything is sorted out isnt it ? Yuvraj pyaar mazak nahi hota ( love is not fun ) you say you love me fine and if not then insult me shout on me without any reason ??
Yuvraj – i m really very sorry
Suhani gives a fake smile
Suhani – i dont love you anymore yuvraj you can leave now
Yuvraj – plz…
Suhani starts looking on other side
Yuvraj stoods up
Suhani – wait
Yuvraj gets happy and turns
Suhani – your hand is burnt let me apply ointment
Yuvraj – do you care for me ?
Suhani looked at yuvraj and they shared a eyelock full of pain
Suhani – no its humanity
Yuvraj with a fake smile
Yuvraj – i need love not humanity
Suhani – i said sit down
Yuvraj sat down
Suhani opened the drawer and took out first aid box
She took out ointment and applied it on yuvraj hand
She blows the wound
Yuvraj looks at her lovingly


Meharbaani nahi tumhara pyaar manga hain
Tumhein manzoor hain tabhi toh yaar manga hain
Gairon ke darr se tere shehar se
Mein kasam rishta toodun naa

Tera rasta mein chhodun naa
Tera rasta mein choodun naa…

I have not asked for your favour, but your love…
Since you agree thats why i have asked you
Just because of the fear of others
I will never leave you

I will not let you go
I will not let you go…

Suhani completed applying ointment and looked at yuvraj

Suhani left his hand and started looking here and there
Yuvraj stood up and left the room
Suhani started crying but stopped herself and went for getting ready
She wore a pink shirt with denim jeans
She got ready and went to her office

Mr. Mark was standing there
Mr. – hello suhani we got a person who is going to give money for making your dream school
Suhani – wow thats great ( she smiles )
Mr. – yup his name is yuvraj birla
Suhani smiles fade away
Mr – ok now i m going you have to explain him everything now
Suhani – yes sir

After half an hour
Yuvraj came in office wearing a yellow shirt with denim jeans

He saw suhani and smiled
Suhani ignored him
Suhani – have a sit mr. Birla so i m architect of your school
Yuvraj – i know plz take care its…
Suhani – your grandpa’s dream
Yuvraj – hmm

Just then barbie enters suhani’s cabin
Suhani looks at her angrily

Barbie runs to yuvraj and hugs him
Yuvraj looks at suhani and tries to jerk barbie
Yuvraj jerks barbie away
Yuvraj – why are you here
Barbie – darling dadi sended me here
Yuvraj makes a face
Barbie – but it is good now we will do shopping for our wedding also
Yuvraj looks at suhani
Suhani was looking here and there
She was angry and jealous but didnt showed
Suhani – excuse me mr.birla and miss.would be birla i have lots of work to do so can you both plz carry your romance afterwards
Yuvraj – suhani i m already married
Suhani – plz call me miss.suhani or miss.shrivastav
Yuvraj – but you are mrs.suhani yuvraj birla
Suhani ignores yuvraj
Suhani – come mrs. Would be birla i will show you the design of school
Barbie – yaa sure
Suhani opens her laptop and shows the design of school to yuvraj and barbie
Yuvraj – awesome just like you
Suhani looked at him
Barbie fumes
Barbie comes near yuvraj
Barbie – yuvraj baby chalo naa lets go shopping
Yuvraj – no i dont want to go shopping
Barbie – then i will call dadi
Yuvraj – wait i m coming with you
Barbie – thats like my baby

Suhani – so you both can leave now
Barbie – ok
Barbie – chalo baby
She drags yuvraj
Barbie and yuvraj comes out of suhani’s cabin
Barbie – chalo naa baby
Yuvraj – you go i will come after using washroom
Barbie – ok…
Barbie leaves

After few minutes
Suhani comes out of her cabin but yuvraj drags her and pinnes her to wall
Suhani was about to shout but yuvraj keeps his hand on her mouth
They both shares a eye lock
Suhani breaks it
Suhani jerks yuvraj hand away
Suhani tries to leave but yuvraj keeps his hands on both the sides of wall
Suhani – let me go mr.birla
Yuvraj – one time i have done mistake now i will not do another time
Suhani with a fake smile
Suhani – you are going to get married mr.birla
Yuvraj – i have a name suhani call me by that
Suhani – i dont have any relationship with you mr.birla so i dont want to call you with your name
Yuvraj gets close to suhani and holds her by her waist
Suhani feels his touch and looks in yuvraj eyes straight
Yuvraj kisses her forehead
Yuvraj – i love you
Suhani runs from there and yuvraj smiles seeing her

Precap – suhani is jealous…

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