Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 35

Happy birthday yuvani_saraj
Sorry i dont know your name and belated happy birthday suvarna dii
See i m giving you this epi as your birthday treat
So enjoy…

It was raining outside and suhani was enjoying the rain
She was standing near window and was thinking about soumya’s words

Just then rhea , aarav and yuvraj came inside her home
Suhani was shocked to see them
Rhea came to her
Rhea – massi , me , aarav and chachu will make blocks
Suhani bents down to her
Suhani – beta you and aarav make i will join you soon
Rhea – ok
Rhea and aarav goes inside suhani’s room
Suhani again stands near window and looks outside
Yuvraj with much courage stands opposite to her
Yuvraj – how beautiful our life would be if you hadnt done anything on that day
Suhani – you know my past but still that day you were with dadi
Yuvraj – i wish i could change everything
Suhani shows him his left hand which was having engagement ring
Suhani – something are not meant to be with us
She goes inside to rhea and aarav
Yuvraj thinks about suhani’s words

Yuvraj goes inside and sees suhani making blocks with rhea and aarav
Rhea – chachu make blocks with massi
Aarav – yes chachu go
Yuvraj sits beside suhani
They start making small home like with blocks

YuvAni goes in a flashback
Yuvraj and suhani were in 1st std.
Teacher gives them blocks to make a small home like
YuvAni didnt wanted to play with each other but teacher forced them
YuvAni sits beside each other
YuvAni were trying to keep blocks but they hitted each other forehead
Suhani – cant you see and do
Yuvraj – same i m asking to you
Suhani – you were born sadu or you only behave sadu with me
Yuvraj makes a face
Suhani – yoh should be kept in zoo with monkeys
Yuvraj – you should be kept with elephants
Suhani makes a cute pout
Yuvraj – why teachers gives us work togethere everytime ??
Suhani – i also think that but what can i do
Yuvraj – plz dont make your mind run
Suhani – why ?
Yuvraj – bcoz you dont have brain
Suhani makes a face
They finally makes a house from blocks
Yuvraj – finally we made a home
Suhani – no sadu its not a home its a house
Yuvraj – whats the difference in home and house?
Suhani – house is just a building and home is made with people
Yuvraj – means we made house
Suhani – yes
End of flashback

Rhea and aarav makes a house with blocks
Rhea and aarav – see chachu and massi we made home
Yuvraj – no beta you once someone said me that we people make home the thing which you made is building
Suhani looks at yuvraj surprised

Rhea and aarav – ok so we made a house but if we live in it we will make home
Yuvraj – yes

Aarav and rhea runs from suhani’s home
Suhani stands up and goes to kitchen
She drinks water and falls down in kitchen
Yuvraj goes behind aarav but hears some voice from kitchen and sees suhani lying in floor
He runs to her and takes her face in his lap
He cupes her face and finds out that she was suffering from high fever
He lifts her in his arms and makes her sleep on her bed
He rubs her hand
He gets a call from aakash
Aakash – yuvraj aarav reached home but where are you
Yuvraj – aakash i will not come home tonight and i m busy i will talk to you later bye
Aakash – ok… bye
Yuvraj hangs up the call
He calls pratima
Yuvraj – maa i know you are not interested to talk with me but plz tell me that what should i do if someone has high fever plz its very important
Pratima – boil some water and add some salt in that water and take some towels make the towels wet from that boil water and keep on that persons head fever will be ok
Yuvraj – ok maa bye
Yuvraj hangs up the call
He goes in kitchen and takes some water in a vessel
He keeps that vessel of water on gas
He adds some salt in it
After few minutes
He takes the water but burns his hand accidently
He feels pain but ignores it
He takes that vessel inside suhani’s room
He opens her cupboard and finds some small towels he takes them
He sits beside suhani
He makes that towels wet and keeps on suhani’s head one by one
Whole night passes and now suhani’s fever was fine but still she was unconcious
He sees a diary on side table
He takes that diary and opens it
The worst feeling is that the person whom you love doesnt trust you or love you back
Next page
He moved on he is no more mine
Reverse page
He knows my past then also he thinks that i m a murderer ?
Yuvraj stops at that page

He was confused

Precap – yuvraj gets to know truth

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  1. it was fantastic to read aftr so many days pl continue

  2. im glad that u posted…episode was awesome…happy bday yuvani_saraj(hema sis)..sry if am wrong and belated happy bday to suvarna sis..precap is very interesting avani dear

    1. Yuvani_saraj

      thank u bhargavi… (yeah my name is hema nly u r right)

  3. Superb epi..Yuvi was too caring..Happy birthday hema sis..And belated happy birthday suvarna sis..

    1. Yuvani_saraj

      thank u teju…

  4. Woooo superb…yuvi know the truth woooo

  5. Hai avani sis.i am waiting fr this ff.its toooooo good.yuvi is very caring.i luvd it.episode is good.but sis pls reveal their past soon.pls post regukarly.happppy birthday hema sis and belated happy bday suwarna sis.

    1. Yuvani_saraj

      thank u radha….

  6. thank u soooooooooo much avani sis…..and the is awesome i like yuvi caring suhani very much …..waiting for precap

  7. NAPSHa J

    nice epi.. u posted after a long time.. thanks dear.. waiting for precap scene..

  8. Yuvani

    jjust wonderful…loved it to the core…..Thank you

  9. Yuvani_saraj

    wonderful episode….thank u so much avani…..its the best bdy gift….thank u very much…and yeah my name is hema… 🙂

  10. Poojareddy

    Fantastic episode and precap is amazing

  11. The episode is just perfect. All the flashback given by u is awsome…may be awsome se uppar. Thanks for this rocking epi

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