Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 26

Next morning
Ragini feels pain in her stomach
Everyone takes her to the hospital
After an hour
Doctor comes out
Doc- congratulations mr.birla you are bleesed with a baby girl and mrs.birla and your daughter both are fine
Suhani – can we meet them
Doc- sure
Everyone goee inside room
Saurav takes his daughter in his hands carefully
He kisses ragini forehead
Ragini smiles

Suhani imagines her and yuvraj at the place of saurav and ragini
Ragini sees this
Ragini – suhani where are you lost ?
Menka – aree bhabhi she is thinking that soon she is also going to be at your place
Suhani blushes
Suhani takes baby in her hand
She plays with her
Bhavana takes the baby from her hand
Everyone plays with baby

Suhani goes out and calls yuvraj
Yuvraj picks the call
Yuvraj – i m sleeping suhani
Suhani – sadu wake up
Yuvraj – its night here suhani
Suhani – ohh i m sorry but i called you for telling you that ragini bhabhi is blessed with a baby girl
Yuvraj – ohh congratulations and good night
Suhani – good night

Suhani hangs the call

In evening
Ragini comes home with baby and is shocked to see the whole house decorated
Everyone shouts – welcome baby
Saurav and ragini enters in the house with baby
Ragini – suhani you took care of me for this 8 months i want you too keep my baby name
Suhani takes the baby in her hand

Suhani – what about aahana ?
Everyone – perfect
Suhani – welcome aahana saurav birla
Dadi – ragini bahu you gave your baby to a murderer?
Suhani was stunned listening dadi

Dadi – yaa she didnt saved her dad and left him for dieing
Suhani started crying
Dadi – that the reason i dont like her if a girl can harm his father what she will take care of our own home

Suhani shouts – just shut up
Bhawana also started crying coz she was not knowing about all this
Suhani – i m not murderer i was 5 years old kid my dad always used to torture my mom coz she didnt gave him a boy child i started being scared of love and my family and one day i came from school and saw mom hanging me and bhawana di was crying she went away to call someone for help . Just then a dead body came i was shocked to see that it was of dad someone had killed him because he hadnt given money to someone . In one day i lost my world my mom and after that pankaj papa and lata maa took us with them
Dadi – see she is a murderer
Suhani – just shut up
Yuvraj ( angrily ) – suhani

Suhani turns to him
Yuvraj comes inside
Yuvraj – how dare you shouted on my dadi
Suhani – she told me that
Yuvraj – just shut up suhani you shouted in my dadi
Dadi – yes beta see naa she shouted on me

Suhani gives baby to anuj

Suhani – dadi i never liked you coz i know someday you will do this
Yuvraj – i started liking you and i came here to give you surprise but you know what i hate you
Suhani – ohh then even i hate you
Yuvraj – dont worry soon we will get divorce
Suhani – yes i m happy that i will get divorce . Its better to live alone then living with people like you and dadi
Suhani leaves from there but ragini bhabhi stops her
Ragini – suhani plz dont go tumhe meri kasam plz
Suhani – bhabhi plz dont do this

Ragini – plz
Suhani – fine
Suhani looks at yuvraj angrily
Yuvraj to sees her with full hatred
Dadi smiles and thinks this one game changed both the lifes

Precap – even i dont know what i will write

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