Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 24

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Yuvraj pov…
Everyone says right when something is near to you , you cant understand its importance but when it goee away you realize that how precious that thing is to you
Yaa i realized that i love suhani
I took 8 months to realize my love for her but its ok tommorow she is coming america yaa coz my family knew that my honeymoon was incomplete so they are sending suhani here for one month i m soo happy
End of pov…

Suhani pov…
Ohh tommorow im going to yuvraj i m so happy yaa i fell in love with him in this 8 months
Next month its ragini bhabhi delivery so i want to be with her so i m going for this month only and i will confess my love to him soon
End of pov…

Next day
Suhani reached america and then her house coz she wanted to give surprise to yuvraj so she didnt told him time for when she is coming

Suhani rang the bell of her house and yuvraj opened it

Yuvraj pov…
I was shocked to see suhani and she was smiling at me
I hugged her tightly and she did the same
I was happy
Suhani ( between the hug ) – yuvraj will you not say me to come inside
Me – ohh yaa
I broke the hug and she came inside with her luggage

She was seeing my house
Suhani – hmm you have maintained the house well
Me – yaa i know
Suhani – sometimes stop saying that how much good you are
Me – ok sorry

She entered my room ohh sorry our room
Suhani – you had kept all the things well
Me – thank you

She putted her luggage and set on bed
I brought a glass of water for her
She drank it in one breath only
Suhani – thank you
Me – welcome

Precap – i hate you yuvraj…

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  1. Yuvani

    Very cute epi, confusing precap, eagerly waiting

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    lovely episode….excited about next episode

  4. very very nice keep going

  5. superb episode..

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    Very cute epi but confusing precap

  7. nice and waiting for next epi

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