Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 23

Hello frnds may be i will not make this ff any longer coz i m not getting any new ideas

Here is the epi…

YuvAni are missing each other badly

Yuvraj is seen suhani’s pic in his phone and he starts singing

Ik vaari aa bhi jaa yaara
Ik vaari aa
Raah takoon mein bechara
Ik vaari aa

Come once o believed
Come once
I m innocent waiting for you
Come once

Dhal rahi shaam hain
Dil tere naam hain
Iski aadat bani hain teri yaariyan

The evening is about to end
This heart of mine is your
Your companionship has become its habit

Chhand hoon mein tu hain tara
Ik vaari aa
Ik vaari aa bhi jaa yaara
Ik vaari aa

I m the moon you are the star
Just come once

Yuvraj starts dancing with his coat thinking about suhani

In india
Suhani is in her room
She had joined birla company
She goes in her room and finds that all her project was flying because of air in her room
She starts gathering all papers
She finds yuvraj helping her to collect paper

Yeh ishq ki intehaa
Lene lagi imtehaa
Lag jaa gale se zaara toh mile raahatein

This peak of love is testing me
My love is crossing limits

Suhani hits her forehead and thinks why i m assuming yuvraj ?

Dhadkan ki betabiyan
Karne lagi iltija
Lag jaa gale se zaara toh mile raahatein

This segment of the heartbeates
Is requesting you
If you will come and hug me i will get peace

Yuvraj is shown doing work late night
He gets tired
He feels something on his lips and finds suhani close to him he hugs her
Yuvraj opens his eyes and finds that it was his dream
He smiles thinking about his dream

Uspe samma bhi hain pyaara
Ik vaari aa
Ik vaari aa bhi jaa yaara
Ik vaari aa…

This atmosphere is beautiful
Just come once

Scene freezes on YuvAni smiling faces

Precap – suhani in america…

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  1. lovely..

  2. Srilakshmi-Sri

    lovely episode.. with sweet song and cute dreams of yuvani abt each other,

  3. Yuvani_saraj

    superb episode

  4. Yuvani

    Sweet epi…nice precap…….

  5. Nice

  6. So nuce avani.pls dont end this so sooooon dear.its lovely.pls continue this fr some more time.

  7. lovely epi…

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