Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 22

At night
Everyone were slepping
Suhani was sleeping in bhawana ‘s room with her
She feels that someone is knocking on the door of balcony
She goes there to see silently

She opens the door of balcony
Someone pulls her and she was about to shout but someone keeps his hand on her mouth
Suhani sees that person and finds it to be yuvraj
Yuvraj – shh
Suhani – are you crazy ?
Yuvraj – yes now come down with me
Suhani – where ?
Yuvraj – on a long drive

Suhani – no
Yuvraj – yes
Suhani – no
Yuvraj – its my last night with my gf then we will not meet
Suhani – ok fine
Suhani goes inside to go down
Yuvraj – are you crazy
Suhani – then i will go down by flying

Yuvraj – no we will use ladder
Suhani – really ?
YuvAni goes down with the help of ladder

They sit in the car
Yuvraj starts driving the car
Yuvraj – will you miss me ?
Suhani – ofcourse not who will miss a sadu like you

Yuvraj – huh
Suhani – aacha yes i will miss you
Yuvraj smiles

Suhani pulles yuvraj cheecks
Suhani – you dont look bad when you smile
Yuvraj – thank you

YuvAni reaches farmhouse
YuvAni comes out from car
Suhani huges yuvraj
Suhani – thank you yuvraj for braclet and this long drive
Suhani breakes the hug and climbs the staircase to go inside the farmhouse
Yuvraj – suhani
Suhani turns

Yuvraj – nothing
Suhani smiles and goes inside
Yuvraj puts his hands inside his pant pockets and smiles

Next day
Bhawana was wearing a red lehenga and suhani was wearing a light blue lehenga
Sharad was wearing a golden sherwani and yuvraj was wearing a red sherwani

Wedding starts and now it was turn for pheras
Everyone throws flower petals on ShaWana
YuvAni were standing beside each other and yuvraj throws petals on suhani
Suhani looks at yuvraj shockingly

Gauri sees this
Gauri – bhaiya stop romancing and consentrate on wedding of sharad bhaiya and bhawana bhabhi
Yuvraj looks down and throws petals on ShaWana
Everyone laughs at yuvraj
Yuvraj gets angry seeing suhani laughing

Wedding completes and everyone except pankaj and lata goes to birla house
Post marriage ritulas gets completed and ShaWana are sended to there room
Ragini – suhani you go with yuvraj to airport
Suhani – fine bhabhi
Everyone bids bye to yuvraj sadly

In the car
Suhani is driving the car and yuvraj was sitting beside her
Suhani – someone is angry
Yuvraj- no one is angry

Suhani – what i did ?
Yuvraj – you were laughing at me
Suhani – but what were you doing
Yuvraj – spending time with my gf
Suhani – but everyone doesnt understand that
She again started laughing
Yuvraj fumes in anger

They reached airport
YuvAni comes out from park
YuvAni hugged each other

Suhani – take care of yourself
Yuvraj smiles
They broke the hug
Suhani – bye

Yuvraj – bye
Yuvraj starts to leave with his luggage
Suhani shouts – yuvraj
Yuvraj turns
Suhani goes to him and kisses him on his cheeck
Suhani wispers in his ears – i will miss my boy frnd
Suhani leaves from there

Yuvraj smiles
Yuvraj leaves from there

Precap – ho gaya hain tujhko toh pyaari sajna…

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  2. Yuvani

    Avni dear you are just amazing….how do you manage two ff at once…………..!! Thank you so much….loved the epi to the core

  3. Yuvani_saraj

    superb episode…yuVani moments r lovely…

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    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you and thats a surprize

  8. superb epi

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