Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 20

Suhani goes in the garden and starts singing

Barso re megha megha and starts dancing
Yuvraj looks at her lovingly
Soon everyone comes out hearing suhani’s voice and everyone gets drenched in water and

Soon rain stops amd everyone goes to change
After changing in YuvAni room

Suhani is drying her hairs with towel infront of mirror

Yuvraj folds his hand and says looking at suhani
Yuvraj – you look beautiful in rain
Suhani looks down and says
Suhani – thank you

At evening
Suhani gets ready in a pink and golden anarkali
looking stunning

Soon everyone applies mehndi
Suhani and gauri dances on mehndi hain rachne wali

After some time
Suhani is seen in kitchen struggling to drink juice
She thinks
Huh ragini bhabhi , menka bhabhi and bhavana dii are helped by there husband for eating and
here my husband is busy making his shanu baby
eat . We promised each other that we will live together for this 4 days but then also…

Yuvraj comes with a empty plate in kitchen and sees suhani
Yuvraj – do you need my help for eating or
drinking ?
Suhani – no no you go and help your shanu baby
Yuvraj – ohh someone is jealous
Suhani – i m not jealous
Suhani struggles to hold glass from her hand but fails

Yuvraj comes to her and tucks her hair strades behind her ears and makes her drink juice
Suhani – i m hungry
Yuvraj – toh what should i do ?
Suhani – aree made me eat
Yuvraj – say plz
Suhani – ok fine
Yuvraj – say
Suhani – plz yuvraj help me to eat food
Yuvraj – wow this actually suits
Yuvraj makes suhani eat
Suhani – thank you
Yuvraj – say loudly
Suhani shouts in yuvraj ears – thank you
Suhani runs from there saying thank you

at night
everyone washes there mehndi and sits in the garden
(guys only younsters are sitting in garden )

everyone are chatting
just then
yuv stands up with shanaya
bhavana – aree yuv what happend
yuv – i m bored here i m going in my room with shanaya
barbie – suhani can you stop yuvraj from going with yuv ?
suhani – ofcourse
barbie – then stop

yuvraj and shanaya are walking inside home
just then suhani starts singing with her guitar

Dil charkhe ki ik tu doori
Dil charkhe ki ik tu doori
Sufi iska rang haaye

You are the only string of my heart
Spinning wheel
Its color is sufi

Is mein jo tera khwab piroya
Is mein jo tera khwab piroya
Neendein bani patang

Stringing your dreams in it
My sleep becomes a kite

Dil bharta nahi
Aankhein rajti nahi
Dil bharta nahi
Aankhein rajti nahi

My heart doesnt not content
My eyes are not satisfied

Chahein kitna bhi dekhti jaaun
Waqt jaayein mein rok na paun

No matter how long i keep looking at you
The time passes and i cant stop it

Tu thodi der aur thehar jaa soniya
Tu thodi der aur thehar jaa
Tu thodi der aur thehar jaa zaalima
Tu thodi der aur thehar jaa…

Stay for some more time , beloves
Stay for some more time
Stay for some more time , o cruel


Yuvraj stops and YuvAni smiles at each other

Next day
Yuvraj is doing work in terrace and suhani is working down in garden

Yuvraj pov…
Since morning i havent saw suhani
He sits on railing of terrace with his phone

Haaye din tere bin ab jeena na paaye
Din tere bin ab jee naa paaye

at night
Girls are chatting in bhawana’ room

Yuvraj goes to sleep but cant sleep without seeing suhani beside him

Saans na leti raat

My days cant live without you
My nights cant breath

Next morning
Yuvraj and shanaya are talking in garden but yuvraj only talkes about suhani to shanaya

Ishq karein mere honthon se
Ishq karein mere honthon se
Bas ik teri baat

Love only talkes about you from my lips

Shanaya – yuv if you love her tell her
Yuvraj – i dont love
Shanaya – your behaviour tells that you love her
Yuvraj – i just like her
Shanaya – fine

Yuvraj goes in his room and takes suhani’s pic from side table and sees the pic and starts recalling every moment spend with her

I hadnt talked to suhani for one whole day

Teri doori na saahun
Door khud se rahoon
Teri dorri na sahoon
Door khud se rahoon

I cant tolerate being away from you
I Stay away even from myself

At dining table

Barboe serves yuvraj parathas
Suhani stops her and gives him his juice and salad

Tere pehlu mein hi rahein jaaun
Tu hi samje mein jo kah naa paun

I was adoring suhani
She knows what i want even before i speak

May i stay under your protection
Only you understand what i want

Suhani was about to leave in kitchen but i held her wrist and made her sit beside me for eating

Tu thodi der aur thehar jaa soneya
Tu thodi der aur thehar jaa
Tu thodi der aur thehar jaa zaalima
Tu thodi der aur thehar jaa


All girls goes to see village around the farmhouse

YuvAni feels restless without each other

Nahiyo lagna nahiyo lagna
Tere bin dil mera (×4)

My heart doesnt not feel good without you

At evening
Pratima gives suhani bhawana’s lehenga
Pratima – beta plz go to temple with this lehenga and keep it infront of god and pray
Suhani – but maa temple is far away from here
Yuvraj – we will go together
Suhani and pratima looks at the door and finds yuv standing there
Pratima – ok fine you both go

Car journey was long amd quite
YuvAni reached temple
Suhani kept lehenga infront of idol
YuvAni prays

Dil minnatein karien
Na tu jaana parein
Dil minnatein karein
Na tu jaana parein

Yuvraj opens his eyes to stare at suhani who was praying
Suhani opens her eyes and yuvraj again started praying

Suhani completed her prayer and started to leave
Yuvraj held her hand amd made her wear a bracelet
YuvAni shared an eyelock

Suhani – thank you
Yuvraj smiled at her
Suhani took the lehenga and started to go down

Tere jaane se jee naa paun

My heart pleads
Dont go away
I cant leave

Tu thodi der aur thehar jaa soneya
Tu thodi der aur thehar jaa
Tu thodi der aur thehar jaa zaalima
Tu thodi der aur thehar jaa

Tu thodi der aur thehar jaa zaalima
Tu thodi der aur thehar jaa … thehar jaa
Tu thodi der thehar jaa zaalima
Tu thodi der aur thehar jaa
Tu thodi der bas thodi der aur thehar jaa

Precap – yeh mausam ki baarish...

Guys i m sad coz i got less commets in falling in love with my psychologist episode 2
Guys it hurts when other writters get 9-10 commets and i dont get even 6 comments if you dont like it i will stop that ff

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  1. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode….love yuVani ….waiting for next episode

  2. i like ur way of writing dear… u write whole episode with a song i just love it.

  3. awesome epi.song part was nice

  4. Yuvani

    Episode is very cute………Yuvani is just wow……Loved Yuvi very much today…….and about comments,I personally love that ff and wish you will continue it. Don’t bother about number of comments, look what is written as comments.

    1. Avanikamdar

      I think you are right i should not think about no. Of comments by the way thank you ??

      1. Yuvani

        You are welcome dear

  5. nice yuvani r awesome

  6. Lovely episode really written well

  7. superb superb superb song episode…

  8. Srilakshmi-Sri

    i like ur all ff and the way u writer episodes with songs i just love it. this epi is super ,first part i like the most.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you very much

  9. Awesome dear..

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