Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 18

At night
Yuv gets a email from a company to join him for 2 months in america
He gets happy as it was his dream job before joining birla company

He gathere everyone in hall for sharing this news everyone gets happy and congratulated yuvraj

Ragini – yuvraj go share this with suhani she is out
Yuvraj – ok

Guys sorry i didnt told you but shawana wedding is in pankaj farmhouse which is out from the city

Suhani is seen sitting near a pond keeping her legs deep in the water

Yuvraj comes near her and sits with her deeping his legs in pond

Suhani sees him
Yuvraj – elephant get ready we are going america
Suhani – monkey i will not come with you
Yuvraj – aacha sorry suhani for calling you elephant infront of everyone
Suhani – its ok i m also sorry for calling you monkey infront of everyone
Yuvraj – so now you are coming with me
Suhani – no yuvraj
Yuvraj – why ?
Suhani – coz yuvraj i wanna be here only with ragini bhabhi
Yuvraj – but our plan of girlfriend and boyfriend ?
Suhani – yuvraj its like a joke we are not meant for each other
Yuvraj – i dont feel that
YuvAni shares a eyelock
Suhani breakes it
Suhani – ok fine when you are going ?
Yuvraj – at the night immediately after sharad wedding
Suhani – ohh
Yuvraj – can we behave like bf gf for this 5 days ?
Suhani – ok done
Suhani leaves from there
Yuvraj pov…
Suhani is being like my habit day by day may be i m falling in love

Precap – YuvAni are jealous…

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  1. Superb one dear..

  2. super epi…i like last few lines most.

  3. Ohho yuvani foreign trip.veryyyyyy cute.

  4. Yuvani

    Superb epi……..excited by the precap,……eagerly waiting…..

  5. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode

  6. awesome

  7. wow yuvi feels for suhani too good…
    waiting for next

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