Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 17

Next day
Suhani gets ready in a yellow sari with light makeup
Suhani comes out from room and sees saursv doing decorations
Suhani – bhaiya you take ragini bhabhi for checkup i will do this
Saurav – thank you suhani
Suhani smiles and saurav leaves with ragini for checkup
Suhani starts instructing workers
Suhani – bhaiya wait you go on another side i will do this
Suhani climbs the chair for putting flowers vail
Yuvraj comes out wearing a yellow kurta and white pants

Yuv sees suhani struggling to keep the flowers properly
Yuv goes to suhani
Yuv – suhani i will do it you come down
Suh – not needed mr.monkey i will do it
Yuv – come down
Suh – no
Yuv pulls suhani ‘s leg and pulles her down
Suh falls on yuv and falls in his arms
They share a eyelock
Flower vails falls on YuvAni
A worker sees YuvAni
Worker coughs
YuvAni breaks the eyelock and yuvraj puts suhani down

At evening its shawana haldi
Everyone applies haldi to shawana
Pratima – the girl and boy who applies haldi after the groom and bride they get married soon and haves a lovely married life ahead
Ragini applies haldi to suhani
Ragini – suhani you will have a lovely married life ahead
Suhani – bhabhi
Saurav applies haldi to yuv
Yuv – bhaiya
Saurav – aree mere bhai you will have a lovely married life ahead

Suhani leaves for cleaning haldi from her face
Yuvraj doesnt see suhani and goes to clean his face
Suhani entere the bathroom and cleanes her haldi
Yuvraj also comes inside and cleanes the haldi from his face
YuvAni doesnt see each other bcoz of curtain between them
Suh removes the curtain and shouts – what are you doing here ?
Yuv – i came here for cleaning the haldi from my face
Suh – ok
Yuv comes near suh and cleans haldi from her face
Yuv – elephant cant do this much also ?
Suh – monkey i can do everything
Suh leaves from there
Gauri – aree bhabhi you will have a lovely married life ahead
Suhani just smiled

Precap – lots of fun is coming

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  1. Yuvani

    Sweet epi……. Yuvani is cute as ever

  2. Wow i loke it very much.iam eagerly waiting to see fun.

  3. cute epi. waiting to see fun and yuvani love very much.

  4. yuvAni scéně was cute n sweet.i enjoyed ur ff.

  5. so cute nd sweet episode… excited for precap

  6. lovely epi luv to c more fun pl continue ur ff n tis s my most fav one of urs

  7. Yuvani_saraj

    cute episode….waiting for the next episode

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