Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 16

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Guys i will like to know that do you want me to continue my ff bcoz ssel is going to off air soon
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Here is the epi…

Suhani gets a call from dadi
Suhani – yes dadi
Dadi – ladki come fast from goa we all will need help of yuvraj and you for bhavana and sharad wedding
Suhani – yes dadi tommorow only we will come back
Dadi – fine now
Suhani hangs the call

Suhani sees yuvraj coming out of bathroom
Yuvraj – i heared everything
Suhani – chalo then lets start packing
Yuvraj – no i love goa i want to be here for atleast 2 more days
Suhani – you are like a small kid
Yuvraj – hahaha i m not like a small kid
Suhani – then lets start packing i wanna be in my di wedding preparations
Yuvraj – fine

Both packs there stuff and leaves for allahabad

Birla house
YuvAni meets everyone and gives gift to everyone

At night all are gathered in drawing room
Dadi – so i think after one week its sharad wedding
Everyone – yes
Dadi – so lets start discussing
Saurav – i will see decoration
Anuj – i will see food
Ragini – i will decide what we all will wear
Menka – i will handle gifts
Gauri – i will handle wedding invitation card design and all
Barbie – umm i m getting an idea
Dadi – yes say barbie
Barbie – lets give a theme to sangeet like we will exchange partners
Barbie thinks – then i will dance with yuv
Sharad – no barbie not needed we will plan a different theme
Everyone – yes sharad is right
Barbie ( angrily ) – fine
Everyone starts thinking about theme
Just then
YuvAni together – what about rain theme ?
YuvAni looks at each other
Yuvraj – huh elephant why you always keep my ideas with you
Suhani – monkey same for you
YuvAni looks away
Ragini – aacha stop you both done for rain theme
Everyone agrees
Suhani – i will see haldi , mehandi and sangeet theme
Yuvraj – i will help you all
Barbie – i will help you yuvraj

Everyone goes for sleep
YuvAni room

Suh is sitting on bed angrily
Suh murmurs – huh what he thinks of him he called me elephant infront of all
Yuvraj enters the room
Yuvraj pov…
Uff now i m in a big trouble i called her elephant infront of everyone now she will not leave me easily
End of pov…

Suh sees yuv
Suh – huh you monkey just leave from here i dont wanna see your face . I mean you called me monkey infront of everyone how could you do this . I mean you called me elephant infont of that barbie
Yuvraj goes to suh and sits beside her
He pulls her towards himself and slowly kisses her lips
Suh tries to push him away but yuv kissed her gently for 2 min

Yuv looks at suh
Suh – how dare you kissed me ?
Yuv keeps his fingure on suh lips
Yuv – shhh how much you speak so i completed your wish i shuted your mouth with a kiss
Yuv takes his fingure from suh lips and leaves from the room

Suh touches her lips and a unknown smile comes on her face

Scene splits in yuv and suh smiling face

Precap – haldi for ShaWana

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  1. Avani ur wow my lovely darling.how cute this episode is.it’s very nice.especially that kissing scene was superb dear.we are also missing yuvani as self is going off air.we miss our yuvani moments very much.but avani dear pls post ur ff regularly dear.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you for this long comment i love long comments

    2. Avanikamdar

      Thank you for this long comment i love long comment

  2. nice episode..
    plz avani continue ur ffs..

  3. Yuvani

    Such a cute epi

  4. yuvAni kissing scéně was cute.superb epi.

  5. Yuvani_saraj

    wow…awesome episode…

  6. cute epi ….. plz continue writing ssel show can air off but our love for yuvani will never go off.

  7. Superb epi..

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