Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 15

Sorry guys for being late but i was having some issues with internet so…

Here is the epi…

YuvAni reaches the room
Suhani gets a call from bhavana
Bh – ohh my lil sis enjoying your honeymoon ?
Suh – shut up dii
Bh – suhani now i dont think you want a divorce
Suh – no dii i dont know what i m going to do
Bh – suh you both should behave like gf bf
Suh – dii really ?
Bh – yee suh you should do this i m sure you both will fall in love

Suhani pov…
I dont know why but i wanted that me and yuvraj behave like gf bf . My heart said me that give a chance to your relationship

I said yes to bhawana dii and hanged up the call

I saw yuvraj coming outside from washroom
I called him
He sat beside me

Me – yuv lets give a chance to our relationship
Yuv – are you sure
Me – lets try to be gf bf
Yuv looked at me
I saw that he was in shock
Me – yuv bhawana dii told me thats why
Yuv – ok if you want this then we will date each other if it will work we will not gibe divorce to each other
Me – done

Dont know why but i gave him a side hug
He too reciprocated the hug

Next morning

I woke up and saw yuvraj smiling in his sleep
He was looking too cute
I started to leave from the bed but yuvraj held my hand in his sleep

Yuv – dont leave right now
He pulled me more close and i fell on him
After few seconds
I shouted in his ears
Yuvraj wake up

Yuvraj waked up with sudden jerk

I stood up

Me – who were you seeing in your dream ?
Yuv – alia bhatt
Me – really yuv you are mad

I said him that and left from there

End of pov…

Yuvraj pov…

What i was doing how could i dream of suhani
I lied to her that i saw alia bhatt in my dream but actually i saw her in my dream and dont know why but i liked this dream

I switched on the tv

I saw a anchor speaking that if you see a girl in your romantic dream that means you like her

I switched off the tv immediately

What means i like suhani

I again recalled the dream

A beautiful set up is shown there are candles , red roses , red hearted ballons
Yuvraj was on his knees
Yuv – suhani i love you
Suh – what !!! I dont love you
Yuv – no you love me
Suh – no not at all
Suhani starts to leave
Yuv – plz dont leave me
Yuvraj stoods up and held suhani tightly

Yuvraj comes out from his dream

Ohh what is this dream
No no suhani will never leave me and i will never propose her

Precap – dont know

Plz plz plz comment guys
What if yuvraj dream is going to be true ???
For knowing this stay tuned to my ff

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  1. Episode was fabulous….want yuvi dream to come true…plz dont make them confession their love so quickly…sorry for commenting irregularly..im busy due to exams…update asap

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you and its ok . Best of luck for your exam ??

  2. hahaha superb dream.. yuvraj s awesome.. update nxt..

  3. superb episode

  4. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode….nice dream

  5. nice epi

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank youcand keep commenting

  6. awesome epi

  7. A.Tejaswi

    Superb epi..dream part was gud

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you and keep commenting

  8. nice epi…i wish yuvraj dream come true but suhani shuld accept she too love him.

  9. Superb dear.all those incidents are very very cute and lovely.i like yuvi dream sequences very nice .

  10. Awesome

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