Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 14

In evening
Suhani is seen walking near the beach
She was wearing
Like This

Her hairstyle
Like This

Suhani is walking on the side of beach and was thinking about yuvraj challenge
She smiles thinking about yuvraj

Yuvraj comes beside her and holds her hand
Suh looks at him
Suh – you here ?
Yuv – yes
They both start walking holding each other hand
Yuv – soon i will prove you that i can be a best husband
Suh – we will see

They see a camp fire near see and goes to sit near it
They sit there

After sometime couples gathers there for a couole dance
They also make YuvAni stand for dance

Yuvraj holds suhani from her waist and suhani keeps her hand around yuvraj shoulder perfectly

They slowly start moving
Suhani while moving starts singing

Dhani dhani si
Sharbati pani si
Dheere dheere se
Teri chahat chadti hain

Of a light green color
Like some sherbat like water
Your love intoxicates

YuvAni were smiling seeing each other happily

Thodi nadaani si
Thodi shaitani si
Dheeme dheeme se teri aadat badhti hain

A little like naivety
A little like mischief
Your habit catches me up

Suhani recalls yuvraj lifting her when she fell down

Yuvraj twirls her and sings

Tu hain toh mere rubaru
Par kya karoon
Yakken hi nahi aata

Yuvraj pulles suhani more close to her

Shaam se subha karoon
Dekha karoon
Raha bhi nahi jaata

You are infront of me
But what do i do
I cant believe
Evening changes into morning
I keep looking at you
I cant even stop

Yuvraj twirls suhani and both sings together

Afeemi afeemi afeemi hain yeh pyaar
Afeemi hain tera mera pyaar

Khumari khumari na aaya re karrar
Afeemi hain tera mera pyaar

This love is like opium
This love of me and you is like opium

There is just intoxication and no peace
This love of ours is like opium

YuvAni thinks of each other and smiles

Thodi pighalti hoon
Thodi sambhalti hoon
Gash kha ke teri hi bahhon mein girti hoon

I melt a little
I slip a little
I lose my unconscious
And fall into your arms only

Yuvraj twirls suhani again and suhani was about
To fall but yuvraj holds her

Thodi sarakti hai
Thodi khisakti hain
Niyat bigad ke yeh tujhse hi sambhle

It moves a little
It moves away a little
When ever my intentions go bed
Only you can control it

Suhani smiles and hugs yuvraj

Yuvraj breaks the hug and starts moving slowly

Tere mere fasle
Bas aaj se
Saanson hi saanson mein gumne lagein

Tere mere raste
Bas aaj se ho…
Aankho hi aakho mein milne lagein

Our distance from today
Have started getting lost within breathes
Our paths
From today
Have started merging within our eyes only

Afeemi afeemi afeemi hai yeh pyaar
Afeemi hain tera mera pyaar

Khumari khumari na aaye re karaar
Afeemi hain tera mera pyaar

YuvAni completes the song

Suh pov…

Ohh god what m i doing ?? M i falling in love ? No no suhani you cant fall in love

End of pov…

Precap – dont know
Thank you for your support guys

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  1. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome…too good

  2. Yuvani

    Wow, it was a superb episode……Yuvani feeling for each other…….it is very cute,,,,,

  3. love started for yuvani.. super epi.. song s so nice

  4. Nice epi…Seems like love is blooming..

  5. wow yuvani fall for each other ..superb
    waiting for next.

  6. nice epi.yuvani stated feeling for each other.

  7. Fantastic finally they began to feel for each other

  8. awesome

  9. Hi avani song is very nice.ur doing veryyyyy well.

    1. avani kamdar

      Thank you

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