Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 13

Hello frnds
Sorry for short update i m not well amd i have to complete my projects
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Here is the epi…

Yuv and suh leaves for goa

At goa
YuvAni sees honeymoon suit for them
They look at each other
Suh – hey bhagwaan where i m stuck ?
Yuv – in goa with the most handsome person in the world
Suh – dont appreciate yourself
Yuv – yaa fine
Suh goes to change
Yuv opens suhani ‘s bag
He sees her dairy and opens it
He starts reading it
Yuvraj sees a page and starts reading it

I want a husband like this
He smiles reading the topic and starts reading it
*stands out in rain with me
*cook with , or for me
*let me sing along the radio
*keep surprising me
*watch movies with me on lazy days
*remember the little things of my
*help me to face my fears
*start play – fight with me – with water , or food , or pillows , or anything
*write me post – love letters
*always say what’s in his mind
*let me wear his clothes
*shut me up with kisses
*not calling me baby shone
*hug me and say me you are not fine when i say i m fine
* treat me sometimes like a child
* treat me sometimes like a adult
* love me back

Yuvraj smiles seeing it
Suhani sees yuvraj reading her dairy
Suhani snatches her dairy from yuvraj
Suhani – dont you dare read it
Yuvraj – why i should not read it
Suhani – coz you can never be like this
Yuvraj – i will prove you that i can be this type of husband
Suhani – done prove it
Yuvraj – and i will also add some things in your list which i m dame sure you will love
Suhani – ok…

Precap – YuvAni are seen holding each other hand near beach…

Plz comment on ek main aur ek tu as well as this ff…

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  1. Yuvani

    Cute, Suhani’s idea of husband is nice, loved yuvi’s attitude through out.
    By the way birth date thing is so cute, mine is feb 24…Thank you for the epi

  2. Yuvani_saraj

    wow so cute..nice episode….
    my bdy is on july 16

  3. Superb epi..Cute one..Precap was awesome..My birth date is february 1st

  4. Woow YuvAni cute Mikhail was awesome

  5. Akankshanna


    1. Avanikamdar

      I think you are new here . Thank you for reading my ff ??

  6. lovely n cute epi.. my bday is on 31 dec

  7. i like that part when yuvraj read suhani dairy. my birt date is sep18.

  8. suhani’s idea for a husband is nice nd yuvraj definatly prove himself as a good husband.. mine birthday is august 16.
    update soon

  9. so sweet suhani’s ideal qualities list of her husband is too cute and i love last part that yuvraj challenging and his attitude .precap is awsome i’m waiting for it.
    My birth date is september 15 .

  10. So sweeeet dear.by d way i think suhanis ideal husband qualities are from ur heart.anyway every quality is sooooo lovely dear.no problem if it is a short update but pls try to update regularly.its going very nice dear.all d best fr all ur exams and get well soon sis.my birth date is july 4th.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you dii and yaa its a page from my dairy and i felt to add it in my ff

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