Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 10

At night

Suhani was packing her bag .
Yuvraj enters the room .
Yuvraj – ahh my hands
Suhani ignores him .
Yuvraj – actually its my fault only i only lifted elephant
Suhani – what you called me elephant you monkey
Yuvraj – hey dont call me that
Suhani – i will monkey monkey monkey monkey
Yuvraj – stop it
Suhani – i will not
Yuvraj – you will pay for it
Suhani – what you will do ?
Yuvraj holds her by her waist and comes close to her
Suhani gets shocked and stops laughing and speaking monkey
Yuvraj – now what you will do ?
Suhani tries to free herself but yuvraj helds her more tightly
Barbie passes from their room and sees this . She gets angry .
She goes to dadi .

Suhani frees herself from yuvraj’s grip
Suhani – mr birla be in your limits
Yuvraj – same to you
Suhani sees yuvraj’s hand mark on her hand .
Suhani thinks who helds someone this much tight

YuvAni pack their bags and sleeps .

Dadi ‘s room .
Barbie – dadi suhani is getting close to yuvraj day by day
Dadi – i want to check if they have a husband wife relationship or not
Barbie – dont worry dadi we will get to knkw about this soon
She smiles evily .
Barbie and dadi shares a plan which is muted .

In the morning
Everyone gets in their cars .
Yuvraj takes out his vintage car
Suhani – hahaah yuvraj i want to reach today itself
Yuvraj – dont worry you will
Suhani – no not at all
Barbie – if you dont trust him lets have a race
Suhani – sure

Suhani takes out her car in which gauri , ragini , menka and pratima sits
In other car dadi , anuj , sharad , saurav , and barbie sits
Suhani also takes snoppy with her .
They start the race .
Suhani sees that yuvraj was driving rashly
Suhani (from car) – yuvraj plz take care
Gauri – bhabhi you are really very caring
Yuvraj ( from car ) suhani you too
Saurav teases yuvraj for being caring for suhani

All reaches farm house together .

Gauri – yaar its a tie
Pratima – its ok

Everyone enters the farm house and finds it dirty.

Ragini – its ok we will clean it
Suhani – no bhabhi you , dadi and maa will sit outside and we will clean it
Everyone agrees .
Suhani starts cleaning the walls .
She sees yuvraj childhood pics
Suhani – hahahaha monkey still didnt changed
Yuvraj hears this
Yuvraj – ohh mrs.suhani i was cute
Suhani – yes i can see it
She laughs
Yuvraj comes close to her and and pulls the dirty curtain down
It comes on suhani
Suhani sneeze
Yuvraj laughs
Suhani gets angry on him and throws the curtain on him
Suhani stumbles and curtains fall on both of them and they fall down
They share eyelock inside the curtain .

Barbie comes searching for yuvraj

Suhani ( inside the curtain ) – i think someone is calling us
Yuvraj – yes
They get up and comes out from the curtain
Barbie gets shocked seeing them together coming out from the curtain
Barbie leaves from their angrily .

Farmhouse gets clean and everyone goes for getting fresh .

Precap – dance …

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  4. Awesome…. Really enjoyed YuvAni….

  5. Sarita

    superb superb yuvAni scéně.yuvAni was cute n sweet

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    awesome episode

  7. really u brought old ssel infront of us.. lovely dear..

  8. Their nokjhok was cute…besides getting angry barbie doesn’t have any other work?….update asap

  9. super episode…their cute fightings r so cute.i like the curtin scene so much.really very nice u bring back old ssel moments we miss them soo much.

    1. Avanikamdar

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