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Hello Allies

It’s me Amore yet again with another chappy of Hatred… Actually not chappy actually its character sketch of the story.
Let me tell you all that it is not… I mean NOT a love story. It’s the story of feelings.This story will have everything fear, pain, terror, anger, flirting, HATERED as well as love but not much ROMANCE. This Chapter-series of mine will be different from my previous chap-series (Smile by Amore).Hope you like it guys.

Well… Sweetie thanks for your excitement and I really dedicate this story’s publish to you. Your responses always work as a veto power. I was in no mood to write it but your expression is priceless and I can’t afford to lose it. Sorry for being late but I wanted to finish Smile first and then continue it so was writing the chappies and saving it.


Character Sketch

Salvador Spark: A savior of peoples of the nation ‘Turf’. She is Mysterious,dangerous andleader of Salvation. She do have a terrible past which is responsible for her to be what she is now. She is the most complicated personality one can imagine. Her cave like dark past haunted her and forced her to turn cold. She is really cruelest at times that even her own team i.e. Salvationians are scared of her except for Fratello Maggiore Venegene who knows her so well that he can turn her anger and calm her down. Except for him Sorella Maggiore Karma is the only person who can lessen her anger. Spark shares a special bond with Grande Fratello and bows only in front of Father Bigupt and Mother Maham. All her mysteries will unfold later 

Sorella Maggiore Karma/ Huma (AnushuaChowdhury): Lead agent of Salvation She is really cunning woman and most intelligent among Salvationians; wife of Grande Fratello and calls him Grand. She is really loyal to Salvador and knows the depth of Salvador and Grande’s relation. She is well known to the secrets of her husband and supports him like a backbone. She worships Salvador but except her husband no one knows the reason why.

Fratello Maggiore Venegene/ Teji (Jason Tham): Second Lead agent of Salvation, closest to Spark, really loyal to her and calls her Madre (Mother). He is the only person who calls her that and knows Salvador inside out. He is one of the most intelligent agents after Grande Sorella Karma and calls her Grande. He respects his wife and supports her like a backbone. He is often known as “SAVIOR FROM SAVIOR” because he saves others from Salvador’s anger.

**Note- Salvador is cold but not with the Salvationians. She gets angry whenever any innocent is either hurt or if there is injustice or if they are unable to protect any innocent **

Sorella Ragini Lazarus/ Swara Kapoor (Helly Shah): Simple girl full of positivity and member of Salvation team; married to Laksh Kabir Lazarus and is really tough. She is known as Ragini Kapoor for the world.

SorellaSamairaMcKeon/Radhika Khanna (Monica Sehgal): Girl with aspirations and is extremely talented. She has a golden heart because of which she is the favorite of everyone. She is wife of Neil McKone known as Radhika Khanna outside Salvation.

Fratello Laksh Kabir Lazarus/ Sanskar Mittal (Varunkapoor)

Fratello Neil McKeon/ Arjun Malhotra (Aham Sharma)

Father/priest/ Bigupt (Manish Wadhwa)

Mother/ nun/ Maham (Ashwini Kalsekar)

Ammo/ Trisha (Niti Tylor)

Fratello Raghav Mec/ Randhir (Parth Samthaan)

Here it’s done.

Guys about the characters, I’ve a reason to choose these characters. Regarding HelTejVaMi and RaSamArNi I think the character would suit them as per castings. And talking about Jason I JUST CAN’T IMAGINE MMZ casts without Jason urfff Teji. He was my favorite from the times of Just Dance to D3 where he was paired with Anushua and I feel their pair suits too. I even like Niti and Parth so here are they…

And Guys Ashwini Mam and Manish Sir are out of my words. I just admire them. Both are always the best either it’s +ve or –ve they are the life of the screen. Manish sir rocked every time and you know what? Whenever I hear the name CHANAKYA I can never imagine others. He made me admire chanakya more than before and Ashwini Mam… Guys give me words to complete please I am lack of words for her. She made me admire Mahamanga more than Rajat or Paridhi did to their respective characters. The way she played reporter in Singham 2 I liked her more. She had very less role in the film which became major one because of her performance. SHIT if I keep on writing about them I’ll forget my story…

So tell me guys how much you like the characters here and yeah you have liberty to chose your pair you can imagine them as either swasan or ragsan or raglak or swalak. And here in MMZ Castings you can imagine Ardhika or Nesam or Arsam or Raneil. And please let me know your views too…

And let me tell you I’ll write on the basis of feedbacks. Yeah I won’t stop in middle but the length as well as chappies will depends upon feedbacks.. Guys I really want honest feedbacks so that I can improve myself. I have recently found my inner passion and hidden happiness that I was literally unaware of so now when I’ve found it I wanna keep it alive within and make it live alike a fire in the jungle. So please Allies help me to fulfill my dream. This is not only mine but somebody else’s too.
And I’m extremely sorry guys for that romance part but I can’t portray that emotion. Guys I only write on those emotions that I can feel by myself. It is not that I can’t feel romantic writes I do feel it there but I can’t feel it within me and I don’t want to write what I don’t feel as I won’t be able to present it like the same way as it should have been. So hopefully you will support me and pin my mistakes out and help me improve. And yeah all your suggestions are welcomed so you can suggest me anything freely.

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    Amore,I’m really happy to see another story from you dear.. 😀 Well the storyline is damn gripping.. 🙂 And I do want to know more..I agree MMZ is nothing without Teji,I don’t know anything about other shows because I’m not much in serials.. 🙁 The pairs I must say you are way brilliant,haa.. 😀 We can imagine our fav pairs,lovely.. 😀 But Ardhika,NeSam,SwaSan and Raglak for me,always.. 😉 Anyways waiting waiting sweetheart.. 😀 Thank you so much for the dedication,and when you find true calling and inner peace you should never ever leave that dear,so keep up the high spirits for you and for the other person you were talking about.. 😀 All the best for this story.. 🙂 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

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