Hatred by Amore (Chappy-3)


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Guys here are the faces of the characters.

Sorella Maggiore Karma/ Huma (Both Anushua Chowdhury)
Fratello Maggiore Venegene/ Teji (Both Jason Tham)
Father/priest/ Bigupt (Manish Wadhwa)
Mother/ nun/ Maham (Ashwini Kalsekar)
Ammo/ Trisha (Niti Tylor)

Guys now names on the left side is the original name of the character or you can say without mask and when they wear mask they are called or known by the name on the right

Sorella Ragini Lazarus (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar)/ Swara Kapoor (Helly Shah)
Sorella Samaira McKeon (Kashmira Irani)/Radhika Khanna (Monica Sehgal)
Fratello Laksh Lazarus (Namish Taneja)/ Sanskar Mittal (Varun kapoor)
Fratello Neil McKeon (Shrawan Reddy)/ Arjun Malhotra (Aham Sharma)
Fratello Raghav Mec (Parth Samthaan)/ Randhir (Param Singh i.e Randhir of sadda haq)

Here’s the previous chappy
Chapter 2

Venegene has tears of happiness in his eyes listening to his ‘Wife.’ He hugged her tight knocking her lungs out and they fell on the floor with the sudden jolt. Venegene was unable to stop the tears that were flowing through his eyes. He was so happy that he didn’t even realize that they are on the floor or let’s say Venegene is lying completely above Karma and hugging her tight… so tight that she has got senseless. She was shocked with his action but she came into her senses hearing his chokes and feeling her crook of her neck where his head was buried wet. She was having different emotions flowing within herself… Happiness, Overwhelm, Shy and others… She stroked his head softly and rubbed his back to calm him down… But there was someone who had tears in her eyes watching them that was; “SPARK”. Spark was so happy to see Vengene like that. She had a satisfied smile and the face which was famous for expressionless face was actually showing all her emotions… and why would it not as now her Figlio was happy… and now she was satisfied with herself for choosing Karma for him… and proud of him that he never retorted her back…

Spark’s Monologue: I’ll never let anyone take your child from you Figlio. You made me feel the motherly feeling which I had lost. You proved yourself to be MY SON now it’s my turn to prove that I deserve to be YOUR MADRE… It’s a promise… from a MADRE TO HER FIGLIO…


We see Maham feeding Trisha whose eyes are filled with tears. Bigupt goes inside and calls Maham. Trisha smile watching them. Maham came out after a while and the scene made Trisha feel amused.

Maham was wearing Bigupt’s dress. Maham was making faces. (But the funniest part was still to come)

T: (Amusingly) what happened?
M: (Irritatingly) dunno he always does this; I’m getting late and this man… URGHH!!!!
T: But what… (Before she completes Bigupt shouts)
B: MAHAM!!!! (Maham and Trisha are startled and hurry down to see what has happened and the scenes made Trisha go ROFL and Maham was numb and her jaw was almost underground)

Bigupt was wrapped in Maham’s sari and was rolling and rolling and rolling and… (DASHHHH!!!) He fell on the bed. Trisha was red with laughter and Maham was red due to anger. She went towards the sari roll (Bigupt in sari) and tries to free him but he makes her fall over him instead…

B: (Teasingly) Maham what are you doing over me?? Look if you want to romance let me come out dear why are you so impatient???

Maham nods her head in an unbelievable manner watching her shameless husband who is flirting with her even in such an embarrassing moment. She straightens herself and makes and pulls the end of the sari with such a force that Bigupt rolls as if he is an empty water tank. All this while Trisha is lying on the floor for the support which is of no use as she is on the floor as a ball and laughing like a mad watching these two… Bigupt who is now free gets up but falls the very moment he steps front as he steps on the skirt he was wearing. Trisha is laughing very badly clutching her stomach and wiping her tears of laughter…but she still is unable to stop her tears. Bigupt signs Maham smilingly and she nods at him teary eyed and both have satisfied smile watching Trisha like that which was unnoticed by Trisha who was busy laughing.

-_- 8 years back -¬_¬-

Radhika sitting in a well furnished cabin engrossed among papers. She is a newbie of the ad agency bird song. She is called by her friend Teji who is also one of the employ there and head of administration. Radhika knew only Teji as he had suggested her to join Bird song because he was also there. Radhika had recently gone through a big trouble. She had joined Salvation 3 years back and she was living her dual life since then. While going through some papers she was called by her boss as she was new to the job. Whole marketing team was called by the boss and she being a new assistant head had to go for the meeting with the boss. The moment she enters in the meeting hall she took her seat and everyone introduced themselves but the moment her boss arrived she stood speechless. The boss was non-other than someone whom she never wanted to face… She went to her past and this was what happened to her…

SARAL JOSHI and she shared same high-school. He was a brat whereas she was lost within herself. On the very first day of her college she was ragged by her seniors. Saral was among them. Radhika was really sensitive till then as she was new on Salvation. She was wearing simple blue jeans and white top. Her hands were heavy with books as she was being ragged and the seniors made her carry so many books that she was tripping.
They were paired up as project partners to represent their high-school in a seminar. And he used to rag her even during the project. Saral was really cunning and he even once locked her inside the morgue… Radhika was always afraid of him and was mum as he used to torture her very much. Radhika was so scared of him that she would even see him in her nightmares… Saral was a TERROR for her…

Once when she was in her dorm someone dragged her out and kept her inside a sack. She couldn’t shout as her mouths were tied. She was later thrown out of the van and then dragged again. She was then tied to a chair where then she saw Saral who was giving her a lustful glare… She was trembling with fear but he stood in his track when he was only an inch away from her. THERE SHE SAW HIM… ARJUN – whom she had a relation of HATRED. Arjun was her senior and shared same batch to Saral. Arjun was red in anger whereas Saral and Radhika were shocked to see him as from the very first day of her college she and Arjun didn’t share good bond and whole college was aware of this. The anger that Saral saw made him tremble and Arjun freed Radhika. Fearful Radhika sighed in relief and sobbed crashing on Arjun’s chest. Arjun kept her aside and beat Saral’s men black and blue injuring men of Saral. He took Radhika and ran away as there were many men of Saral and he had to keep Radhika safe so he chose to run rather than to fight. While running her mask fell down after it was scratched from a thorn and she was revealed to be Samira in front of him. They were in a pretty good and safe distance by then when this happened. Arjun froze there. He did not believe his eyes when he saw Samira behind mask.

Arjun: (Shocked and spoke under his breath that she couldn’t hear because of the distance) SAMIRA!!!!! (Gains his sense and asks her still shocked) are you Salvationain??? (He asked her senselessly just to clarify that he is not hallucinating)

Samira got startled and stood numb…She then requests him not to tell anyone about her. She was scared as Arjun saw her face.

Samira: (Terrified) please don’t tell anyone please. (She pleads him and he nods positively).

She wore her mask again but Arjun was numb he was just moving beside her. He was unable to react anything now. As Radhika was terrified with recent happenings Arjun took her to his home. She was shivering with fear so he escorted her to a room and asked her to rest whereas he goes towards his room to freshen up.

A month later

We see someone sitting inside Arjun’s room on the couch and fiddling within himsef. Randhir open the door of his room with the bang and folded his hands across his chest. The man sitting on the couch seems to realize his presence but ignored which was understood by Randhir so he called him out to make him (man on couch) see towards himself (Randhir).

Randhir: NEIL!!! (The man is revealed to be Neil)
Neil: Speak up RD (He spits annoyed)

Randhir: When are you proposing Samira??? (RD asks out of the blue making shocking Neil and he starts to fumble)
Neil: (Shocked) propose?? (Acting annoyed) c’mon man why will I propose her??
RD: (Irritatingly) oh! Shut up Neil. We all know how much you love her and even Radhika loves you so what’s the deal??? Go and tell her.
Neil: RD she loves me but hates Arjun and I (RD cuts him and says)
RD: You both are same Neil… You loved Samira so when you got attracted to Radhika you pretended to hate her as you were feeling guilty on cheating your love and she is doing the same thinking that Arjun is distraction and she is guilty too as she feels she is cheating her fiancé.

Neil: Listen bro. I and Samira are engaged I want Radhika to accept Arjun too…
RD: (Randhir now was quiet knowing what actually Neil was trying to say but told him) before I go… I wanna tell you something that… She loves you but is unknown that YOU ARE ARJUN whom she pretends to hate. Unknown to the fact that NEIL AND ARJUN ARE SAME ONLY THE FACES DIFFERS… (Neil smilingly nods and goes to get ready for the college whereas Randhir leaves)

Neil had soft corner for Samira since the moment they met in the party where he had been to catch his culprits. He had not worn mask to trap them when he met Samira and they had some talk (cover pic’s left pic). Later on i.e. after almost a month he saw Samira crying on the death of her friend which was actually a day before she had joined Salvation that was the moment he fell for her completely. Arjun unknowingly had crush on Radhika who was Samira for real whom he was head over heels in love with being Neil. He was shocked to see Samira behind the mask of Radhika whom he loved from past 6 months and was happy to know that he found his true love. Neil was the one who saved Samira and brought her to the salvation. Whereas Radhika was also falling for Arjun but restricting herself as she was unaware of him to be a Salvationian and her secret crush Neil whom she was engaged some weeks back. Yes Sam even had crush on Neil unknown of the fact that he is only Arjun whom Radhika loved…
Neil freshen ups and comes out and gets ready. He finally wears his mask and comes out of his house as Arjun and drives off to college as it was the day of the competition. He knew that Radhika was nervous as today she has to face Saral once again. After that incident which happened a month back Saral was nowhere to be seen. Radhika was standing on the stairs lost as she was scared to face Saral. She was shivering with fear when Arjun arrives. He goes towards her who is so lost that she had all written on her face. When she realized his presence; she noticed a man in black with mesmerizing eyes comforting her without any words (right pic of cover pic)… They stood there reading each other and she visibly relaxed. She took a deep breath and he cocooned her on his arms which she reciprocated. There were many people around who would have been shocked to see that as whole college was the witness of their enmity, but they reacted nothing as they did a month back when Ardhika were spotted together with a smile on their face. After this incident Ardhika became good friends. But she tried to avoid Arjun as much as she could because she was committed to her crush Neil but here she was falling for this devil.

They moved towards the stage but were shocked to see Saral withdrawing his name from the competition which means she could not participate as well as it has to be two to participate. The competition was important for Radhika and it would decide her future as she was a scholarship student and if she would not participate her scholarship would cancel which she could not afford… She was on the verge of crying. Arjun again came as her savior and joined the competition for her.

Arjun being the branch captain was not allowed to participate so he gave up the post and joined the competition making Radhika fall for him once more… in-fact than before… The results were announced as a success for Ardhika… Arjun decided to propose her the very same night as from the next day she would leave to complete her studies to the place where she will be allocated to do so as now she was a scholarship holder and he was scared that he would never meet Radhika again. He took her to the lakeside which had become their junction these days and proposed her in a simple way… exactly the way she liked. Radhika stood breathless and hugged him. She wailed hard and REJECTED him without letting him speak further and ran away… He followed her but she went missing… He didn’t get a chance to tell her that HE IS HER NEIL…. The next day SHE LEFT… And he was DETERMINED FOR ARDHIKA NOW…

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