Hatred by Amore (Chappy-2)

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Arun turns to Trisha who was sleeping but he got stiffened to hear a sound from the bush. He moves towards the bush only to be welcomed by a pair of cute rabbits who ran away getting scared from him. Arun then hears Trisha’s sleepy voice who was calling him. Arun reached to her and she questioned him.

T: Uncle, where is he? (And the scene changes)
10 years later… i.e. 5 years back

We see a girl in a complete black following a man in the dark at night. The man senses her present and vanishes to which the girl groans. She gets a call and then starts blabbering within herself.

Girl: Look! Now he is calling me. I don’t understand what is his problem (humphh) let him come home I’ll not let him enter inside. First he irritates me and goes somewhere missing (urghhhhh). Be ready Fratello Laksh to face me…

Next morning…

We see the same girl putting mask of another girl and leaves with her bag. She goes to college and smiles widely watching someone.

Girl: (Goes to another girl and taps her back and calls excietedly) SWARAAAAAA (Yes she is swara)
Swara: (Angrily) who the hell are you miss RADHIKAAAAA? (So the girl is our radhika)

Radhika closes her eyes tight and bites her tongue and speaks: Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy Shonaaaaaaaaa but you are also at fault as you called me Radhika (childishly pouts)
Swara: If you call me Swara instead of Shona then I even can call you Radhika instead of Chasni.
Radhika: Ok! Ok sorry. Now let’s go.

While moving towards class Radhika looks At Swara worriedly and pulls her towards and empty class. Swara is startled and asks her what happened.

Swara: Chasni? What happened?? You look worried. And why you dragged me inside like this???
Radhika: (Seriously) Shona you have to be careful see your mask can be identified.
Swara: (Arranging her mask) Sorry Chasni. I don’t know how this happened. (Asking terrified) What if someone recognize me?? Did anyone saw me? (She etarts sweating)
Radhika: (Assuringly) No Shona it’s ok. You are new to it so it will be tough for you and nobody has seen you so calm down. (Watching Swara’s face she continues) You can even apply face glue till you are habitual to the mask but please be careful. (To which Swara nods). Now let’s go to class.

On the other side we see Laksh (same boy whom was being followed) wearing a mask of another boy and coming out of the jungle. He drives his BMW and stops near an office… KARMA. His employs are terrified as one of them named Randhir informs them about the arrival of their boss.

Randhir: (Running inside) Guys Sanskar Sir arrived. (Turning towards another employ) Bring Mishra file (To which he nodded and handed him) and guys be careful today as we have to finish Menon file today only. (And all started working)

Sanskar entered the office and directly entered inside his cabin and Randhir followed him. After settling himself on his chair he gave a look to the Mishra file and turned towards Randhir. Watching Randhir fiddling he asked the reason.

Sanskar: Randhir? Is all ok?
Randhir: (Sweating) Y..ea..h! Ooo..ffff..ccc..ourse (showing his 32 teeth)
Sanskar: Don’t tell me I’m in any mess because of you…
Randhir: (Smiles sheepishly) actually yeah you are.
Sanskar: (Exhales a deep breath, keeps the file aside and asks) tell me now what you did.
Randhir: (Preventing himself) Oh no! No! This time it’s not me. It’s all because of Teji.
Sanskar: (Shockingly) WHATTTT? Teji?? Are you nuts??? DAMN now I’m dead
Randhir: Yeah! He asked me about your life.
Sanskar: (Unbelievingly but controlling his temper) and. what. Shit. Did. You. Spill??? (Says in anger)
Randhir: (Innocently) just that, that finally there is a girl who made you quiet.
Sanskar: (Knowing Randhir too well) and???? (Raising right eyebrow)
Randhir: (Ready to run out) aaaa..nnnn..ddd??? and… and… and…
Sanskar: And what??
Randhir: And that sheisbeautifulperfectforyouandyouloveherandsherespectsyou (Tries to run but Sanskar catches him)
Sanskar: Tell me properly Randhir.
Randhir: She is beautiful, perfect for you and… you love her and she respects you. (He runs after this before the shocked Sanskar could react)

(Randhir’s Monologue): Humphh! Saved finally… (Watches his wrist and widens his eyes) Damn I’m late. I must leave now. (Picks his cell and does something and moves to his cabin) (Comes out with his stuffs)

Here Sanskar gets Randhir message saying that he has to leave for the Menon’s project (Sanskar’sMonologue): (Smiles) you are right Randhir I do love her but she can’t as she admires Laksh. She does respect Laksh but not Sanskar as both are poles apart… We are Salvatations and we have two lives and two faces and I can’t destroy her life as we are warriors and there is only danger that prevails around us…

At the same time we see a guy entering a room with a girl. They meet another girl.

Guy: (Calls the girl with a mask) Shalom MADRE! (So the guy is Fratello Maggiore Venegene and the girl is SALVADOR SPARK) Laksh has finally found someone for him.
Spark: Shalom Figlio (son) (With deep voice) (To the girl who came with venegene) what is her name bambino (child)??
Girl: RAGINI….
Spark: RAGINI (shocked and happy)????? Karma! Are you sure??? (To which she nods +vely)
Venegene: Grande is right Madre. He likes her and so does she and I myself have confirmed with Randhir.
Spark: Good job bambini (children) both are actually perfect for each other.
Venegene: But Madre he will never accept her as we have two lives and two faces.
Karma: Grande is right mother. We know him and the way he behaves makes me worried now.
Spark: Don’t worry their fate have joined them and now when she is new comer as well so Laksh will accept her.
Venegene: (Frowns) Madre! Don’t you think we are being too fast? Aren’t you forgetting anything?? (Raising his both eyebrows wiggles numerously as if to remind her something)

Karma slaps her forehead watching her husband’s antics and looks at Spark who is having amused expression watching her Figlio. She smiles at him and turns to go but Venegene stops her by jumping to her side and says.

Venegene: (Childishly) this is unfair (pout) he should also learn a lesson. I also want to trouble him like he did to me (he says all this with a cute babish pout).

Spark nods her head unbelievingly looking at this 24 year old child and son of hers. She permits him to trouble Sanskar but not much to which Venegene smirks evilly and nods like an obedient child and goes out of the room dancing and singing as if a baby has got his favorite chocolate. After he goes…

Spark: (Amusingly) he is such a baby. I wonder how he handles juniors. Watching him no one says that he is FRATELLO MAGGIORE VENEGENE – THE RUTHLESS SAVIOR and is married man of THE RUTHLES JUDGE – SORELLA MAGGIORE KARMA…
Karma: (Giggling) he is unbelievable WHEN IT’S YOU. He is your son so will always be baby for you, mother… (Spark nods positively with a slight smile) (Karma’s Monologue – And he is the only one who can make you smile from your heart. Although you both are not biologically related your bond makes me proud that HE IS MY MAN…)

Karma gets a call which brings a wide smile on her lips. Spark saw her and nodded her as if permitting her to speak. Karma lifts the call and puts it on the speaker to talk.

Karma: Wha.. (Before she speaks a kid on the other side interrupts her)
OS: GRAND-DEE!!! I WONNNN (Sparks laughs loud and asks)
Spark: Oh wow! How did you know I’m here kiddo??
Kiddo: I can identify your presence like you do mine. (Spark laughs again)
Spark: Okay! Okay!! You won I lost. Now talk to mamma we’ll talk later without any disturbance. Bye Kiddo
Kiddo: Love you Grand-Dee bye. (Hangs up)
Spark leaves and Venegene enters)
Venegene: (To Karma) what’s up Grande?
Karma: (Worriedly) you look tensed Grande all ok??
Venegene: (Tensely) what if he takes champ??? He is his father biologically Grande… will I lose my champ??
Karma: (Rudely) no! Never!! I will never let that happen. Champ is OUR SON. Even though he is his biological dad you are his real dad. (Venegene’s eyes twinkle with happiness) He is YOUR SON Grande… (Venegene has tears of happiness in his eyes)

We see Radhika and Swara moving out of the class.

Rad: Now?
Swa: Now??
Rad: (Irritatingly) Urghhhhh!!! Now what to do??
Swa: (Apologetically) Sorry Chasni I gotta go I.. (A girl dashes them making Radhika fall but go even without glancing or saying sorry) BL**DY RICHE RICH (and turns red with anger)
Rad: (Getting up) Chill Shona it happens. Leave them they are also our friends.
Swa: (Angrily) this is the reason I hate rich peoples (Radhika is shocked listening this) and what did you say??? FRIENDS? Remember that THEY ARE ONLY MY COLLEAGUE NOT FRIENDS?? It is better to be alone than being with rich. They are brats. I hate them.
Rad: Shona why do you hate them so much?? And just think what if you knew I am rich when we met???
Swa: They have no feelings and only know to insult others.. And if I would know such thing then I would never have been your friend (Swara goes whereas Radhika is dumbfounded)
Radhika: (To herself) she hates rich people??? WHAT IF SHE KNOWS THAT I’M SISTER OF SANSKAR MITTAL – THE RICHEST ENTERPRENUR IN THE WORLD and also the co-owner of BIRD SONG with ARJUN MALHOTRA??? HELLLL (sighs) it’s good that she don’t know it. I must hide it from her. (And she goes)

Swara reaches home with tears in her eyes. Flashes of past was running on her head. She opens her mask and she is revealed to be RAGINI…

(Guys I’ll write the name according to the face so if she is wearing mask I’ll write Swara and if she is not I’ll be writing Ragini and this follows with everyone)

Ragini rolls down to her past (Monologue):
I was never allowed to do anything on my own. I was treated as a trash in this village. Turf is a famous nation but here are 15 different villages inside this nation but all have same story. This nation has a culture to treat women as only a mere object. I, RAGINI SINGH; the only daughter of LEADER SEKHAR SINGH who is known to be the richest person in our village, as well as the leader of the village. I was treated differently at school being the daughter of the leader but at home I was not more than a trash. Mr. Singh use to teach me as I was the daughter of a leader not because I was his daughter. I worked hard just to get a single appreciation from my father but he never noticed me. That was when I met him.. Actually not met but only seen… LAKSH LAZARUS.. One of the Salvationian. I don’t know what attracted me but I respect him al lot. He respects women and protects them with other Turfians. That doesn’t mean that others don’t do it. There are many but I admire him the most.. He made me realize that I too have a life and I can live it fully.
One day a goon chased me and tried to force himself upon me but before he could do anything I was saved by Salvador Spark. (Hero is a Salvationian guys he don’t have enough time to save only his heroin 😉 hehehe.) I was in trauma and expected to cry in the shade of my father and tell him about the guy but what happened was really unexpected. Mr. Singh threw me out of the house stating me to be impure (she cries) he never loved me and then what I heard broke me. My so-called father agreed to throw me out not because I was impure but he did so to save his money. The guy who tried to force me was the son of my so-called father’s partner refused to do business if his son would not get me. So this creep man disowned so that his partner’s son can abuse me. Mr. Singh disowned me as it is the rule of turf that any girl who is disowned can’t marry and is treated as a sl*t. She can be abused and misbehaved by any one and anywhere and nobody will stand for her… I was about to be violated when Maggiore Karma whom we call huma outside the world saved me this time and Maggiore Venegene who is known as Teji outside Salvation, treated me like his sister.. That is when they took me to meet Salvador Spark… Salvationians call her Mother except for Teji who calls her Madre. He is different when he is with mother. They introduced me to Radhika. Radhika is also one of the victims of the society. Except for Huma, Teji and Mother herself no one knows the background of the victims. All are treated equally and positively. I really like all this now. Now I want to live. (Determined) I’ll serve and help people and save others now. The trust mother has shown me, I’ll never break it.

Here Radhika reaches her home and is welcomed by NEIL. Neil hugs her and asks her to fresh up. Radhika moves up to her room and takes her mask off. She looks herself at the mirror and she is revealed to be SAMAIRA. Neil comes with two cups of coffee and sits beside his beloved wife.

Neil: Sammy! What’s up? Why are you so upset?
Sam: Shona! (She says sadly)
Neil: Shona?? The newbie, isn’t she?? What she did??
Sam: She didn’t do anything.. It’s just that (she says everything about Swara and her hatred towards rich people and her own fear of losing a friend like her Shona if she finds out about her identity)
Neil: (Listens carefully and says) ohhhkayyy I get it. She must have really bad past and maybe it revolves around rich people so she hates them (Sam nods positively). (Again says enthusiastically) but you are her friend and she knows about you so you so you don’t have to fear.
Sam: Urghhh! You are actually an idiot, whenever I feel you have brain you prove me terribly wrong. (She says irritatingly) I wonder how I never considered about you before our marriage.
Neil: Now what I did??? (Asks confusingly with an innocent pout)
Sam: (Melts but says after composing) idiot! She clearly said that “And if I would know such thing then I would never have been your friend” she repeats Swara’s words.
Neil: (Smiles) ok! Then you don’t have to worry as media has not seen either Sanskar or Radhika it’s only office people that to only some have seen them and regarding Bird Song I’ll handle it. I can do this much for my beloved wife, can’t I?
Sam: (EXCIETEDLY) IDIOTTTT! You know you are the best husband ever… (And hugs him tight)
Neil: (Widens his eyes in shock) DAMN Sammy I’m the only husband of yours so where this EVER came from (squints his eyes narrow)??

Sam shakes her head at the impossible nature of her possessive hubby… and hits him his arms to which he hugs her tight and she reciprocates the same…

We see a guy sitting in a bench nearby his face is not seen

He speaks: I miss you AMMO (So guess who he can be???)

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Guys here are the faces of the characters.

Sorella Maggiore Karma/ Huma (Both Anushua Chowdhury)
Fratello Maggiore Venegene/ Teji (Both Jason Tham)
Father/priest/ Bigupt (Manish Wadhwa)
Mother/ nun/ Maham (Ashwini Kalsekar)
Ammo/ Trisha (Niti Tylor)

Guys now names on the left side is the original name of the character or you can say without mask and when they wear mask they are called or known by the name on the right

Sorella Ragini Lazarus (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar)/ Swara Kapoor (Helly Shah)
Sorella Samaira McKeon (Kashmira Irani)/Radhika Khanna (Monica Sehgal)
Fratello Laksh Lazarus (Namish Taneja)/ Sanskar Mittal (Varun kapoor)
Fratello Neil McKeon (Shrawan Reddy)/ Arjun Malhotra (Aham Sharma)
Fratello Raghav Mec (Parth Samthaan)/ Randhir (Param Singh i.e Randhir of sadda haq)

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