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It’s me Amore yet again with First chappy of Hatred…

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The girl is shocked to the core watching the goon’s state. She was unable to utter a single word. Her mouth was left open and her eyes were wide with the shock. The goons who were chasing her were on the floor with bruised body. She shockingly saw towards the person who was smiling at her expressions.

Person: Trisha my child; come here. You must be hungry, have food your mother is cooking (To someone inside) Maham Trishu has come.
Maham: (Fake anger) Bigupt can’t you tell me a bit earlier?? Because of you my Trishu had to stand out for so long.
Bigupt: Sorry dear but what to do…
Maham: (Cutting him) and you must have started your lecture standing in the cold?? Biupt can’t you see she is so tensed.
Bigupt chuckles listening this and says: My dear lovely wife Trishu is not tensed but is shocked as Spark was punishing those chepsters.
Maham: Really? She is back?? Let her come tomorrow I’ll punish her. How dare she not inform me about her arrival? (Pouts)
Bigupt: (Dramatically) Ahhhh! You know Maham, you look so beautiful when you pout (teases) and I feel myself go zoooooommmmm when you do it so please I have no intention to romance in front of our GRAND CHILD (winks).
Maham: (Blushes and shyly) Shut up Bigupt you are so shame less. (Turns to go but says before going) By the way Bigupt it is proved now that you have become old because your eyesight has weakened as Trishu is not our grandchild but GREAT GRAND CHILD. (Laughs)

Trisha’s jaw touches ground watching the hubby-wife duo. Her eyes were wide as if ready to pull out of the sockets watching Bigupt smiling sheepishly and watching his wife lovingly. She had never seen anything like this ever in this village. This was the Second time she had seen LOVE between husband and wife in the village. Her uncle loved his wife and when she was in the city she had seen loving hubby-wife relationship but in the village where wives are treated like a slave is different.

Trisha was also a Turfian and belonged to a family where women are treated as a trash. Her father never spoke well with her mother whereas her mother was always quiet in front of her father. She was shocked to see Maham and Bigupt. Trisha was from the same village and was known as but being a girl she was always rejected and was tied inside her house. She had spent 15 years with her maternal uncle who loved her like anything but she was brought back after he died. Trisha always wanted a loveable family like his uncle and aunt but her family was narrow – minded. Trisha was married in her childhood to one of the same kind of the family. One day when she was 6 she had been out to pick the grains for the cattle when she had a serious fight with a boy named Dhiraj of 8. After half an hour when their families came to know they decided to make those two innocent flowers married the very same day. Her mother didn’t want her daughter to spoil her life so after she got to know that so she called her brother who was in the city. Her brother Arun was a rebel. He never supported such society so he was thrown out from Turf (Village). He then went to the city which was actually 3 hours distance so that he can be updated to his sister. Trisha’s mother never let him act against anything as she was not taught to do so but when her daughter’s life was getting spoiled she called him and made him aware of the situation. Arun left the place immediately for Ammo’s rescue but till then she was half married. There was a rule of the village that a husband and wife should give each other a name and tie a similar band in their arms to get married completely. Trisha and Dhiraj had already adorned them in their respective arms http://www.hottopic.com/product/disney-beauty-and-the-beast-belle-cord-bracelet/10518738.html (Bands they adorned each other) and only one ritual was left that was to complete 7 vows. Arun entered with police officers before 7th vow and took Trisha away. While going both got lost from each other and Turfians took Trisha away that is when the Dhiraj made her escape and took her safely to Arun. Trisha was a child and so was him but when Arun asked why he did so as he can lose his life if the people find out the answer of the Dhiraj made Arun speechless.

Dhiraj: I know whatever our families did was wrong and they have spoiled her life but I vowed to protect Ammo (This was the name Dhiraj gave her during their marriage) before you come while taking vows. I know we didn’t complete our marriage but for me she is my wife and she will always be. I have given six vows to her and I’ll always fulfill it at any cost. (Both saw towards Trisha who was sleeping)

Arun was shocked to hear such a thing from the mouth of a child of 8 and was numb but the shock didn’t end here. Further words of Dhiraj made him feel like he was in coma.

Dhiraj: Uncle! (Arun looked at him still unable to revive from the shock) uncle I want a favor from you can you do that please (Arun nodded and he continued) Please love her so much that she forget all these. Make her forget all bad memories and please don’t remind her of our marriage if she forgets. Give her the life she wants to live and even if she would want to get married to someone else in the future make her do that but please don’t let her spoil her future. NEVER LET HER COME BACK.

Arun: (Completely shocked as till now he have understood what kind of boy was Dhiraj) and what about you? Dhiraj you are so different from these people. Come with me and stay with us and protect her yourself. (To which he declined)

Dhiraj: Sorry uncle I cannot. If I’ll be with her she might never forget her HALF-MARRIAGE and she might never move on. I’ll stay here only and moreover they must have got to know by now that I’ve taken Ammo to you.

Arun: (trying to convince him) and do you think these egoistic people will let you live here? They must have come to know that you have saved her and now they will not leave you. I can’t put your life in danger.

Dhiraj: No uncle they can’t do anything to me because I have someone who can never let anything happen to me… MY GIUSTIZIA

Arun: (Thoughtful) I’ve heard this name somewhere.

To which Dhiraj replied: Yeah you have her name is SALVADOR SPARK.

Arun: Salvador Spark? A revolutionist; She is awesome I’ve heard a lot about her and even heard that she will come Turf next month. But.. How do you know her?

Dhiraj: She is someone who is really close to me uncle. And now it’s time for her to return back to her land for the justice of all those Trishas’ and Dhirajs’ who have suffered a lot (looks towards sleeping Trisha). Good bye! (And leaves)

Before going Arun gave Dhiraj his number so that if he would want to come to the city he could contact Arun but both were unaware of a pair of wet determinant eyes filled with HATRED witnessing their conversation.

Huffff done here.
How is it guys??? I don’t understand what to do coz whenever I write I can’t stop myself from writing more and more… Everyone will have their role to play and each of them do have their own story…

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  1. Sweetie

    Awesome and awesome sweetheart.. 🙂 Definitely I’m going to enjoy this and every of your other story.. 😀 I loved Dhiraj character here,but who is watching them with hatred??Waiting for the next chapter..Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

    1. Amore

      Thank you dear. You will get to know who was it and why very soon… Take care dear…

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