Why she hates love ? Intro

Hi guys this is Ipshita. Me & my bff are die hard fan of kaira. We arejust 13 & mad over kaira. We are reading many ff’s since many months & always thinking of writing one by us. So here is the


There will be two couples on which I’ll concentrate they’ll be kaira & keesh.

Naira Singhania: A most adoreable & cute girl. Fashion icon for many young girls . Very popular in whole collage every boy had a crush on her but she ignores them bcz she hates love (why she hates love the reason behind this will be revealed later) Sheis a great kathak dancer & singer. Her voice is magical. Sissy of Naksh. Pampered by the whole family .

Kartik Goenka: A smart & intelligent boy. Who believes in love but waiting for his true love. He’s a friendly boy. Loves his family. Younger brother of Keerti & loves her a lot.

Naksh Singhania: A handsome boy. Loves his family . Handles his family business . Loves his sister like anyone could ever can do anything for her.

Keerti Goenka: A beautiful girl with a sweet smile. Loves her family . Belives in dreams come true. Pampered by the whole family . loves her brother Kartik the most.

Very tired in writing this much. I know this just intro & I have to right more but I’m writing for the first time so…..

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  1. Ipshita1217dA

    Guys I forgot to write this so plz ignore the mistakes and plz support me as this my first ff

    1. Ipshita1217dA

      Thanks alot….

  2. shivaya khanna

    wow nice intro story seems interesting eagerly waiting for the chapter

    1. Ipshita1217dA

      Thank you so much will post it soon..

  3. Go on ahead.
    I’m sure that this will be a khidkitod ff

    1. Ipshita1217dA

      Hahaha thanx alot & I’ll make sure that it will be a khidkitod ff…..

  4. Fenil

    Cute intro.
    Waiting for start.
    Looking forward for this story.

    1. Ipshita1217dA

      Thaank you Thank you so much for your support…

  5. keep it up girl it’s good.

    1. Ipshita1217dA

      Thankk you so much

  6. Vedanshidwivedi

    Excited for coming chapter

    1. Ipshita1217dA

      Thanx will surely write asap

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