Why she hates love ? Episode 1

It’s a beautiful morning. A girl enters the collage (her whole look will be same as shraddha’s in the begginnig of the song baarish & she enters like that only) she then finds her friend sitting in the cafeteria & goes to them she then finds two of her friends having a cute fight.

Girl: Adarsh we should wear yellow it’s so cool.

Boy: Swadheenta we should wear red color .

( So this couple is swadarsh they were having a small nozzle(nok-jhok) & their 3 friends including the girl who entered right now are watching them)

Girl 2(annoyingly): Guys can you plz be quiet and tell me what really happened.

Boy 2(acting to look confused): Naira chup reh kar kaise bataenge ki kya hua.

(So the girl is none other then our naira)

Naira: Abhay yaar plz don’t show us your knock (gheesa pitta) sense of humour .

Everyone started laughing……

Naira: Yukti you tell me what happened.

Yukti: They both are fighting for which color dress they’ll wear for freshers party.

Naira: That’s it. Ismey baccho ki tarah kyun lad rahe ho. Adarsh you’ll wear yellow & freedom you’ll wear red.

Everyone started staring at her.

Naira: Why you guys are staring at me like I have said something wrong.

Abhay: Arey topper tu toh genius nikli.

Adarsh,Swadheenta & Yukti together: Right.

Swadheenta: Aakhir beti kis ki hai akshara aunty kin hi na.

Naira: Absolutely right.

Adarsh: Accha listen topper who’ll be your partner for fresher’s party.

Abhay: Yaa Ayaan is in New York so he’ll not be able to come.

Naira: Hmm….. I too was thinking that every year ayaan bhai becomes my partner but this time he is not here… I think I souldn’t come to fresher’s party.

Four of them together: Kya bakwaas kar rahi hai.

Yukti: Tu nahi jaegi toh mai bhi nahi jaungi….

The trio together: Me too

Naira: Why you guys are spoiling your mood just bcz of me.

Everyone: No means no tu jaegi toh hi hum jaenge

Naira: Ok I’ll think of it but for now hurry up lecture ka time ho raha hai.

PRECAP- A smart & really cute boy enters the lecture room every girl except naira losted in him. Abhay & Adarsh got happy on seeing him & gave him a high-five….

Guys how’s it please tell me through your comments. I’ll write the next part as soon as possible & abandon my mistakes.

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  1. Aliza111

    O loved it . Is this Ur first post on this ff . Any intro is there just asking to know that have I missed any part because I loved this ff . I don’t watch this series but I loved Ur ff .?

    1. Ipshita1217dA

      Thank you so much aliza yaa there is a intro….

  2. Vedanshidwivedi

    Wow soo good

  3. Shivaya khanna

    Wow nice chapter Naira was really cute waiting for Karthiks entry

    1. Ipshita1217dA

      Thankx alot shivya & kartik’s entry will be in the next part……

  4. Shrutikapoor

    Wow so cute chapter waiting for Kartiks entry .

    1. Ipshita1217dA

      Thank you so much shruti & your ff is really nice

    2. Ipshita1217dA

      Thank you so much shruti

  5. Wow superb ff

    1. Ipshita1217dA

      Thanks sethidisha002

  6. Vinni05

    Wow NYC one
    Waiting for next one

  7. Madhuag

    So the guy who entered the class room is that karthik…its really good..continue soon

    1. Ipshita1217dA

      Yaa will upload the next part soon

  8. It’s awesome loved it… waiting for the next part…

  9. Wonderful…. please write the next part soon..

  10. Fenil

    Cute one.
    U did Great job by introducing Swadarsh they are mine favourite pair too.
    Loved it.

    1. Ipshita1217dA

      Thank you so much

  11. WTH ?! How the hell are we supposed to know that what was shraddha’s wearing in song Barrish?! Everybody doesn’t see music videos

    1. Ipshita1217dA

      I know that but you could see it on youtube & if you don’t want to search for it you could imagine a dress on your own


    1. Ipshita1217dA

      Thank you so much Prachi…

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