Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 9

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Todays episode star with sangeet function both sisters are looking angel and sangeet program start with dance of dp and ap all stunned seeing dp dancing and gets happy dp and ap dance on roop ha tere sona sona and after that sujata and ramprashad dance on salame ishq and then lakash take ragini to dance floor and they dance on sun sathiya and dance romatically now uttra dances on song mehandi ha rachne vali
Ragini hold sanskar and swara hand come lets dance
Swara: no ragini
Sanskar: but cutie its ok with me I will take it
Ragini: ok and sanskar hold swara hand and they go and dance on mere hath me tera hath to
And after they comlete dance they come to their place

Ragini: so swara how you felling
Swara blushes and smiles and both hug each other and sanskar see
Sanskar: so cuite you don’t me me I know and make a pout face
They both smile
Ragini: no sanky and goes and hug him
Ragini: I love you more than her you know na
Sanskar: yeah and winks at swara
Swara smile seeing them
Lucky comes swara you don’t take tension your frnd is here na they have made their team we made our
And they all 4 smile kavita see them and think tommarow these laughing face turn into sadness
And she goes on dance floor and dance on song tere ho ke rahegye
And after all dance on song hum saath saath ha
And in these sangeet fuction get over and they do dinner and then swara and ragini hug each other and they go to badi

Sanskar in his room talking to swara
Sanskar: so tomarrow you will become officially mine
Swara: yeah sanskar
Sanskar: I cant wait till tomarrow I am coming badi
Swara: no way
Sawara: love u
Sanskar: love to 2 3 4 infinite
And they cut the call
Swara: pagal ha but I like this pagal
And sanskar smile then he hear a knock on door its kavita
Sanskar: kavita you here
Kavita: I bring milk for you aunty told me that you cant sleep without drinking milk
Sanskar: but where is ragini
Kavita: she is in kitchen doing work so I think I give it to you you don’t like that I bring it
Sanskar: nothing like that
And take the glass and put it on side table
Sanskar: gn
Kavita smiles: gn sanskar
And goes and see from window sanskar goes and freshen up and then drink milk and kavits see this and smile and goes to her room and thinks sanskar I know now you don’t love me but you betray me I will not let you live happily with swara and thinks how she added drugs in milk and smiles
On the other in raglak room ragini is sleeping and laksh think I have to bear today night only after that you will go from my life
Next day in badi all the preprations are going and all are pampering swara and at maheswari mansion uttra and ragini teasing sanskar at evening sanskar get ready and barat is about to leave
Ap: lakash kaha ha ragini
Ragini: ma he is room getting ready
Ap: phir se late

Ragini: ma you all go I come with him
Sanskar: pakka cutie
Ragini: yeah and she goes to room and here barat started to leave
Ragini goes to room and see lucky standing and goes to him and hug her from back
Ragini: you are ready then why you not come all are wating for you come lets go
Lucky gets angry listening this turn and hold ragini and jerk by this she fall on groung
Ragini: what happen lakash
Lucky: enough ragini stop your drama now of benig good ok
Ragini: what drama lakash I love you
Lucky: but I hate you
Ragini: then what was all that
Lucky: it’s a drama just like you are doing
Ragini get shatterd by listening this and fell on floor and start reqesting
Ragini: please lakash don’t leave me please
Lucky: I can forgive you for what you done with me but what you done with my family is not forgivable
Ragini: listen lakash there is a reason

Lucky: you can make everyone bewkuf by your fake tears not me
And these are the dirove papers and throw it on her face ragini take it and see her sign and think about incident when he sign papers
Lucky: now go from my life
Ragini hold laksh legs : I love you so much don’t leave me like these plese I will die without you plesase
Lucky: so die I don’t care and jerks her and go from their
Ragini start crying vigorously and shout why god why this again happen with me and remember all her moment with lucky so that all was drama ragini is totally break by this now there is no more tears in her eyes she experiencing great pain in her heart and sitting like life less body suddenly her phone ring she see swara name flashing
Ragini: hello swara
Swara: what happen ragini any problem
Ragini: no
Swara: then where are you please come na
Ragini: ok I coming in 5 min

And cuts the call and ragini think I cant become hurdle in my sister happiness this time and wipe her tear and goes to badi and she goes to swara room swara he her and hugs her
Swara: I am so nervesous ragini but I am happy by hugging you
Ragini smiles so that her sister don’t know the pain which she is hiding
Ragini: I will make you get ready and send other girls out and ragini make her ready and but a black dot
Ragini: my sister get all the happiness of life
Swara smiles : ragini I come in a second and goes to wash room
Ragini write a letter and put it on a bed side table and cry and think soory sona I am going away from all of you but I don’t have any purpose to live and goes from their without noticing anyone
Swara comes for washroom and see ragini is not their and thinks mom has call her suddenly a child came with a parcel and give it to swara

Swara: what is this
Child: someone has given you as wedding gift
And runs from their and outside barat has arrived so all go their and swara closes dorr and open parcel and see a vedio camers and a letter your wellwisher
Swara: who is it what is in this recording
Swara start the vedio camers and this part is muted after completing the vedio swara fell on fllor and shatterd and cry vigorously why god again why this happen to me I don’t have strength now I cant bear this much pain so I am commig to you and write a letter in which
she write I am soory ma baba dadi dada and my sister ragini but I again cant bear this I am a human I also get hurt so soory I am leaving you all like this and sanskar I just hate you what you did with me from the core of my heart

and she put ltter on bed and above it vedio camers and goes out of badi no one sees her as she go from back door she is walking on road like a lifeless body and on the other side ragini is also walking like a lifeless body both are crying both of their happiness turn into sadness at same time
and here in badi all are happy and all welcome sanskar and they come in and after some time pandit call swara for exchanging of varmala
dadi: where is ragini sumi
sumi: she is room only with swara I go and take her
and she go towards room
on the other side ragini come to hilly type are and swara also come their but doesnot see her
ragini: lakash I love but you again btray me but now I don’t have strength to bear it I will go from your life I hate u but I love you
swara see this and shocked seeing ragini and ragini is about to jump swara hold her hand and take her back
ragini: swara let me die don’t stop me

swara slaps her hard and ragini break down and fell on floor
swara: ragini what happen
ragini hugs her : swara he again betray me he again play with my emotions I will not forgive him
swara: what happen ragini tell me
ragini tell her how lakash tell that he is doing all these to get property and divorce
swara is shocked
ragini: but swara after your marriage I am going to tell him truth and give his property but for this he play with my dignity
and both cry hugging each other
ragini: but swara why are you here don’t sopil your marriage for me
swara break down by this
swara: what marriage ragini there is no marriage happening
ragini: what happen tell me swara
swara tell her the whole incident which is muted
ragini: how can he do this with you I cant belive this
swara: me also ragini but its true
ragini: these to boys make our life game when they want they play
swara: but now we also don’t make them to play with our emotions
ragini wipe tears: yeah swara you are right why we die bcz of them
swara: yes they didn’t get effected by it
ragini: we will go far away from them that they cant reach to us
and they both stand up and goes and take bus and then after that they take train and start their joruny to Mumbai

both are crying thinking of sumi shekar dada dadi and their moments with sanlak and thinks swara thinks I hate you sanskar I will never ever forgave you ragini is thinking lakash you played with my dignity na now I hate you just hate you and both cry and hug each other
on the other side sumi is tensed as she is knocking door but no one is opening it
sumi: swara ragini open the door its not the time to play prak please beta I am getting tensed
here pandit ask to bring bride so dadi goes
dadi: jaldi kar sumi
sumi: ma they sre not opening door don’t know why
dadi also knock but no one open door

dadi call sheakar and tell him that they are not opening door so shekar break it and see no one their and read the letter and see vedio shekar gets angry and sumi shout swara and faint they all hear sound and goes in room and see sumi faint and swara is not their and dadi is holding sumi and a letter in shekar hand

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