Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 8


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Todays episode start with ragini and sanskar come in hall and lakah and ap see them
Ap: where are you coming from so early
Sanskar: ma vo went to jogging
Ap: but you didn’t tell us before going
Ragini: vo ma sanskar has told me I forget to tell you
And smile seeing sanskar and sanskar gesture her thnk u
Lucky: now bhai go and get ready swara family is coming any time
And kavita is seeing all of them and think enjoy the happiness from tomarrow you all have to cry I will destroy all your happiness and smiles

Here sanskar goes to get ready and laksh take ragini to room
Ragini: what happen lakash I have lot of work why you take me here
Laksh make a pout face: you don’t have time for your husband
Ragini smile seeing his face and give a kiss on his cheeks lakash is shocked by this
Ragini: now happy
Lakash: double happy and I have a surprise for you
Ragini smile : what surprise
Laksh goes and takes a file and come to her and ask her to sign
Ragini: what is in this papers
Lakash: I have planed our honeymoon in paris so for your passport I have to take your sign
Ragini: ok but after marriage ok
Lakash: yeah
Ragini sign the papers and go from their and lakash smiles and think lakash you get successful now swra and sanskar get married and I will get my property and get free from this unwanted relationship and come with file to hall
Ragini see him
Ragini: lakash where are you going
Lakash: a small I will come early
Ragini ok

Laksh goes and after some time sanskar come getting ready and only seeing towards entrance ragini see this and smile and then swara and family come and sanskar see swara and lost in her
Ragini: sanskar close your mouth otherwise mosquito will enter and smiles
Sanskar come in senses
Sanskar: cutie you
And ragini goes from their running and hide behind swara and sanskar come their
Ragini: swara save me
Sanskar: no one will save you cutie now
Sawra put her both hands on waist: really
Sanskar see this: I am just joking how can I do anything to cutie she is my sister
Swara and ragini started laughing joinig all of them laugh
Ragini: look sanskar how you scared
Sanskar make a pout face and swara see this
Swara: ok cutie now don’t tease my husband more
Sanskar gets happy and show thumb to ragini: see cutie she loves me more
Ragini: no way she loves me more
Sanskar: I am her going to be husband so she loves me more

Ragini: I am her sister before you
All listen their cute fighting
Ap thinks god save my family from evil eyes
Swara: stop you both I love both of you equally ok
Sumi: and ragini and sanskar we are also here
ragini and sanskar smile looking at each other
ragini goes to sumi an hug her then shekar and then dadi
dadi: god always make you happy like this only
ragini: don’t take tension dadima when I get a such a loving family and a bro like sanskar I will always become happy
swara: what about husband
ragini smiles and blushes
sanskar: someone is telling me noe she is blushing

ap: ok now begain the haldi function
and they all go to hall and put a parda in btw swara and sanskar and start the haldi function all put haldi on them
and here lucky goes to vakil and tell him to submit the paper and I want divorce tomarrow only and
goes from their
and here after haldi mehandi function starts and ragini is teasing sanskar and swara smile seeing her sister this much happy
ragini: aunty you write sanskar name in swara hand like this that he will not find it
sawara smiles
lakash comes their and see ragini and thinks how can see do this nautanki I know she will never change and goes in sanskar see him
sanskar: lucky where you have gone
lucky: some work now its complete
ragini comes their and see laksh
ragini: when you came
lucky: just now
ragini: sanskar you come with me and take him but holding his hand lucky also come
ragini: you have to find your name in swara hand and you have only three chances and if you lost you have to do what I said ok
sanskar: ok cutie
and sanskar start searching her name in first chance lost in second chance also lost
ragini: this is last chance sanskar
lucky: yeah bahi you have to find

sanskar finds her name but didn’t show it
ragini: yeah sanskar you lost now you have to do what I said
lucky: kya bahi
sanskar: ok cutie what I have to do
ragini: that I will ask you on right time
after chit chat and after that mehandi fucyion get over and now sanet function get to started

precap: mahaepisode

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