Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 7


Thnks guys for support but soory for late update as I am having fever so I cant update it
Todays episode start with all the prepration are going in maheswari mansion as haldi and mehandi and sangeet function are on same day ragini even having hand injury working ap see this
Ap: ragini beta you take rest
Ragini: no ma today is my sister life important day I want to make it special for her
Ap smile : but you take care of your
Ragini see ap concern and remember her torutering and hug her
Ragini: ma I am soory for what I did
Ap break hug and wipe her tears
Ap: no beta todays is happy day and that is past so forget it now smile
Ragini smile
Ragini see something: oh no who put this flowers here swara has allery of it and go towards their
And ap see her going and smile and thinking she is changed god give her all happiness which she deserve
On the other side swara and sanskar are sleeping sanskar in swara lap suddenly sumi come to wake up swara and open the door and shocked to see the scene after sometime she get out of shock anda smile come on her face and goes near her
Sumi: swara beta wake up we have to go maheswari mansion
Swara: ma 5 min

Swara: you forget today is your haldi and tomarrow marriage
Swara wake up and see sanskar and shocked and then see sumi who is smiling
Swara: sanskar wake up
Sanskar: ma please let me sleep
Swara: sanskar and start shaking him
Sanskar: what happen
And see swara but not sumi
Sanskar: wara what are you doing in my room in early morning
Swara: first you look around
Sanskar look around and remember last night incident
Sanskar: if any one see us like this I go
And he turn to go and see sumi standing and smiling sanskar get shocked
Sanskar: ma voh
Sumi: sanskar cant you wait till tomarrow and smile
Sanskar: no ma I cant live without her a moment
Swara blushes and sumi see this and smile
Sumi: ok you go if dadi see you here then your marriage is in danger
And all 3 smile
And sumi takes him to back door of badi and he leaves from their
Sanskar come to maheswari mansion ragini see him and goes near him
Ragini: so jiju from where are you coming
Sanskar: jogging
Ragini: really but I think you so so early to jogging at 10:00 pm
Sanskar: how do you know
Ragini: vo ma tell me to give you milk tomarrow so I go in your room but does not find you
Sanskar: did you tell ma
Ragini: not till now but I will tell her now and about to go

Sanskar: no please
Ragini: then tell me where are you
Sanskar: ok I am at swara house
Ragini: ooohhh now I have to tell mom about this
Sanskar make a pout face
Ragini see this start laughing and sanskar see her laughing whole heartly and sanskar smile seeing her laughing but ragini stop lauging remembering something
Sanskar: what happen ragini
Ragini: I have done this much with this family with you and swara but all forgave me so easily thnk u and tear come from her eyes

Sanskar: ragini you are like my small sister ok and you have done mistakes so elders should forgave for their mistakes so that they come on right path and you know tear don’t suit in my sister eyes

And they both hug each other and after somre time they broke the hug
Ragini : I have some work you also come and get ready today is your haldi
And they both go in house


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  1. awww how cute ragsan

  2. ragsan part is adorable

  3. Wow awesome

  4. I love this episode especially that sis – bro bond b/w ragsan ???……….waiittt…….but I was angry on u for not posting the episode for so many daysss ???…….and it vanished as soon i saw ur epic and updates regularly plzz……….???

  5. I Loved RagSan bonding??

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