Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 5


Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 4

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Todays episode start with all are shocked to see the person and and the person come she is kavita
Kavita: hey what happen to you all can I cant come its my frnd marriage
Swara: why not
And kavits goes and hug swara
Kavita: I am happy for you swara and congras sanskar
Sanskar: thnks kavita
Kavita: so uncle lets start the rasam
And they give sagun to swara and after the rasam sanskar goes to kavita and lucky also go with him and ragini goes to swara
Ragini: swara by which face I tell you soory for my deeds but swara I am really happy for you
Swara: its ok ragini and thnks
Ragini: cant we be swaragini again
Swara putting ragini hair on front side to hide something
Swara: ragini we are sisters and I have forgaven you and I am so happy that you have move on with lucky

Ragini: how did you know swara
Swara: the mark on your neck showing
Ragini get shy
Ragini: swara I want to tell you a truth
Swara: yeah tell
Ragini tell her how kaveri balmail her to torture the family members
Swara angrly: come with me we will tell this to all of us
Ragini: wait swara I want to tell this to lakash first and I will tell after your marriage
And swara and ragini hug each other
On the other side sanlak and kavita
Sanskar: soory kavita for what I did but please try to understand
Kavita: its ok sanskar don’t fell bad
Sanskar: but
Kavita: ok lets start with fresh and become frnds
And extend her hand and sanskar also join her hand
Lucky: and me
Kavita: ok come join us

And they 3 shake hands
Dp call them in hall and said panditji has come to fix marriage date
Panditji: subh maurat for engagement is tomarrow and for marriage day after tomarrow
Ap: is not any another murat panditji
Panditji: yeah but after 2 years
Dp: its ok panditji we will fix engament tomarrow only
Ap: but how we will do these much prepration in this much less time
Sumi: yeah
Ragini: don’t worry its my sister marriage we will do it
And all shocked to see ragini
Lucky: then its ok engagement is tomarrow
And on the other side kavita thinking swara you have snached my sanskar from me then today is your last day be happy you want to be bcz tomarrow is your last day and smiles
Lucky: ok lets divide the work

Lucky: ragini and me see all the decoration work and music system and adrarsh bhayia you will invite guest and uttra pari babhi and kavita you 3 see cattring work ok
All say ok
Lucky: then lets start to work we have less time
All get happy seeing their old lucky
Sanskar: then what we will do
Lucky: you only dream of swara babhi ok
And swara get shy and all smile

All go to do their own works and screen splits on sanskar and swara happy face

Credit to: pari

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  1. can u plz post the links of the previous episodes as i ma unable to find

  2. Kavitha is negative …
    Don’t separate swasan

  3. wowwww superb

  4. It was cute?keep goin? Poor Ragini☹

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