Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 4

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Todays episode start with sanskar and swara kissing and after some time they break the kisd swara get shy and they spend some quality time with each other and then sanskar drop swara to badi and goes to his house both are thinking about their date and their kiss and sleep happily
on the next morning ragini wake up and see lucky and think about what happen last night and get shy but happy also and goes to bathroom and take marwadi dress from wadrob and thinks how lucky tell that she look beautiful in marwadi dress and a smile come in her face and she goes to washroom and after some time come wearing a marwadi dress and sit beside dresing table and from behind lucky come and ragini smile seeing him and lucky goes near her and put magtika and then make her were earring and then neckpice and then kamar bandh and then put palu on ragini head a tear come from ragini eyes

lucky wipes the tear and tell no ragini no more tears only smile and look at her and say now you are looking my old ragini and theu share an eyelock suddenly a knock on door and they break their eye lock and come im senses and lucky goes to open the gate
lucky: ji kaka
kaka: beta your envelop
lucky take the envelop and goes inside and close the door
ragini: lakash can you do something which i ask
lucky : yeah tell

and ragini take sindoor box and foreward towarda lucky
ragini: please apply it by your hand
lucky think i have to do it to gain her trust
ragini: what happen lucky
lucky: nothing
and lucky.put sindoor on her hairline and then goes to wash room to get ready and ragini gets happy ad she get her love
after sometime both get ready and come to hall and and see all members ready as they are going to badi taking sagun

ap see lucky
ap: come fast lakash we are getting late
and lucky and ragini come to hall
as dp,ap,rp,sujata,sanskar and lucky started to leave ragini intrupt them
ragini: ma if you dont have any problem can i come with you
sujata: when you are with us then problem will definatly come
ap: sujata
sujata:what jiji i said only truth
ap:sujata quit and ragini ok come
and they all leave for badi
they all reach badi and shekar and sumi welcome th em and they all sit
dp: shekar ji we want swara hand for sanskar
shekar: if they both are agrer then i am also agree i only want my daughter happyness

sanskar: papa i make sure that i will make your daughter veru happy i cant let a tear flow from her eyes its my promise i will give het world all happiness and i will never left her
shekar gey happy hearing this and bless sanskar
shekar: i am so happy that i got a besy son in law
and then swara come with sumi
dp: lets staty the rasham
but a voice come stop it
and all see towards the voice coming from and shocked to see the person

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