Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 2


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Todays episode start with swara happily goes with sumi and shekar and sanskar and all other goes to their rooms
In raglak room
Ragini come with dadi and see lakash standing
Ragini: lakah I want to ask you something
Lucky: yeah
Ragini: lakash tomarrow is ma barsi and there is a pooja in which husband wife sit together so If you don’t mind you will come
Dadi: don’t ask her lado he will not come
Lakash: when we have to go
Ragini: at 8:00 am

Dadi get shocked and take ragini out and tell
Dadi: ragini don’t belive him again
Ragini: dadi you go I will come with my husband tomarrow and goes to her room
Dadi stand there and sujata come and smiles on her and then she gone
In sanskar room
Sanskar is dancing in happiness that today I have get my swara back I so happy I cant express my happiness in words and by chance lucky passes from their and seeing sanskar get happy and thought that thank god some one has get his love and leave from their
On the other side in swara room
Swara telling sumi that she is so happy today ma she has got all the happiness and sumi bless him and tell her that tomarrow is ragini ma barsi so sleep we have to wake up early and swara in sumi lap
Next morning is beautiful for ragini,swara and sanskar as they get their love
Ragini while waking up see lakash and think I thought lakash has start caring for me and smiles
Swara while waking up think thnk god you have give my love back and smiles
Sanskar wake and think that today he will go to meet swara and goes to bathroom
In badi sumi tells swara to be fast and swara come and sumi tell him to go market and gave him list of bringing these things
And swara goes to market and bring the things and she is coming to badi then she see sanskar car and sanskar also see her and stop the car and come out
Sanskar: so where is my sona coming from
Swara: oh hello who are you and why you calling me sona only my ma call me sona ok
Sanskar: I am sanskar maheswari

And extend his hand
Swara: for my frndship you have to impress me ok
Sanskar says impress and coming towards her and swara going back and at back car come now swara and sanskar are near each other that there is no space for air and swara closes her eyes and sanskar smiles and moves back saying so sona you come on date with me
Swara open her eyes and smiles and tell yes and sanskar tell him the address and time and goes and swara happily goes to badi
On the other side in maheswari house
Lucky: ragini get ready other wise we will get late
Ragini: ok coming
Lucky: why does ladies take som much time to get ready
Ragini comes and hear this and say bcz you boys are so lazy that you don’t shower well and come
Lakash get angry and say this is not happen you girls take time time in getting ready and bringing our fault
Ragini: so now we are not getting late
Lucky: yeah and see you girls started fighting anywhere and anytime

And goes from room and ragini follow him while smiling
Ragini and lucky sit in car and in car after sometime silence
Ragini: thnks lakash for coming with me
Laksh: its ok ragini iam your husband its my duty
Ragini emotionally sees him and tell
Ragini: I have done this much with you and your family and you have forgiven me laksh thnks for it
Laksh : ragini I am equally responsible in all this and don’t say soory again and again and forget the past
Ragini smiles and lucky star thinking that ragini I will forgave what you did with me but I will never forgave for what you did with my family and both reach badi

Credit to: pari

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