Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 18


Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 17

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Todays episode start with sid coming to school and see rashya standing their and goes their
Sid: come princess lets go
Rashya: ladu tell mamu that I am not talking to him
Sid: what happen mohit why my princess is angry on me
Mohit: uncle bcz today you are late and we are wating for u
Sid: but I bring ths chocklates for my forgivness but what should I do
Rashya smiles: your princess forgive you now give me
Sid give her and mohit chocklates

Sid: mohit come you will stay with us today
Rashya: yeah ladu it will be fun
Mohit: ok cutie
And sid call at mohit home and take them home
Here snalak is searching swara as they park car they see kavita their
Lucky: bahi see kavita and point towards a auto sanky see her
Sanskar: so she is here
And they start following her taxi but missed her
Sanskar: shit we again missed her
Lucky: don’t worry bahi we know she is here we will defiantly find her
Sanskar: hope for good only
Here in khanna villa rashya and mohit come with sid home
Swara: so mohit also come today
Mohit: yes teacher
Sid: my clients are coming at evening ok
Ragini: ok bahi we will make everything ready
Swara: and you know mohit I am making your faviourate dish gajar ka halwa
Mohit: thnk u teacher and smiles
Rashya: for me
Swara: well how can I forget my princess
Ragini: we are making your favourte ladu
Rashya: really thnku ma massi ma
And swaragini goes in kitchen and sid start playing with rashya and mohit
At evening sanlak in car
Sanskar: its come we have to go for dinner
Lucky: yeah bahi lets go

And they headed towards khanna vill and enter the villa with a bookey and see two children running and suddenly a girl fall lucky goes and make her stand
Lucky: don’t you get hurt na
Girl: uncle you
Sanskar also come and see her
Lucky: rashya right you live here
Rashya: ya uncle
Mohit comes their
Mohit: I am soory cuite I make you fall soory and make a sad face
Rashya: its ok ladu and now smile
Lucky smiles: ladu
Mohit: uncle please my name is mohit only my cuite can call me ladu ok
Sanskar: ok we understand and both noded like a child
Sid hear sound and ho their and see them
Sid: oh you both please come in
And they greet each other
Sid: what are you both talking with them
Rashya: mamu I tell na they are the both that function incident
Sid: oh thanks u for that
Lucky: its
Sid: come lets in

And they go and sit on sofa and sid also sit with them
Sanskar: so she is your sister daughter but who is that boy
Sid: he is rashya best frnd
Lucky: oh besty so rashya now we can become frnds
Rashya: yeah sure and give hi fi to each other
Sanskar: so we have bring a small bookey for you
Rashya take it and say thnk u uncle
Sid: you wait here I will introduce you to my sisters
And he goes to kitchen and sanlak busy in talking to rashya and mohit
Sid: come you meet them
Swara: ok
And they both go out and see lucky and sanky and get shocked and see each other
Sid: guys these are my sister swaragini
Sanlak stand up seeing them and smile come on their face and see each other
Rashya runs and go to ragini
Rashya: ma see that uncle gave me this bookey
Lucky hear ma word and see ragini all 4 has tear in their eyes sid is confused seeing this
Sid: hey what happen to u all
They come in senses and lucky hug sanky
Lucky: bahi she is my daughter bahi I have a daughter
And he runs and hug rashya sanky also go and hug her
Lucky: rashya I am your dad and see he is your bade papa
Rashya goes behind ragini
They both stand up and sanky hugs swara and lucky hugs ragini sid is shocked seeing this
Sanlak hugs them tightly and swaragini also hug them but then in their hattness overruled love so they make them apart
Lucky: rashya please come out just once tell me dad please
Rashya come out behind ragini
Rashya: you are my dad
Lucky: yeah beta

And sanky is seeing swara
Ragini shout you are his dad you understand
Lucky: what are you telling ragini
Swara: ragini si telling right you both betrayed us go away from here
Sanky: swara please listen to
Ragini: so now you both have something to talk but we are not interested in it
Lucky: but ragini she is my daughter
Ragini: dare mr. laksh maheswari to take her name from your mouth she is only my daughter
Lucky: ragini I am soory for my deeds I know I did mistake please forgive me I love you dammit
Ragini: oh so you stared loving me but now I only hate you just hate u
Sanky: cuite please listen to him I have seen him repenting for his mistake swara you tell na
Swara: what should I tell even I just hate you
Swaragini: that much we love you now that much we hate you
Both fell on knees
Sanlak: please don’t leave us we cant leave without you all four are crying
Ragini: no way lakash you played with a girl dingity and for a girl her dignity is more than anything
Rashya ans mohit get scared and hud sid
Sankar: swara please you are misunderstanding me please listen to me
Swara: we don’t want to listen you you go from here
And ragini hold rashya hand and take her in and swara also goes and they close the room and start crying hugging rashya sanlak come aand knock
Lucky: ragini please give me one chance
Sanky: swara please once
Swaragini: no way you are betrayal go away from here
Sanky: ok fine now I will show your face when I take my innocence prove come lucky
Lucky: but bahi ragini and my daughter
Sanky: no lucky you have to be strong
And hold his hand both are crying and go out sid goes and
Sid: please open the door sonu rago
Swaragini open the door and hugs sid and mohit goes to rashya she is crying and hug her

Here outside
Lucky: bahi please tell her na forgive me I cant live without her I want to play with my daughter and fall on knees and cry
Sanskar is also crying remembering swara words ans sit on knees
Sanky: your brother is promising you I will make cuite that she forgive you
Lucky: really bahi
Sanskat noded and they hug each other and cry
Screein splitain swaragini crying hugging sid and sanlak cryin hugging each other

Credit to: pari

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