Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 17


Episode 16

Thnks guys for liking my ff and supporting it
Todays episode start with sid make rashya sleep and goes to swaragini room and see them crying and a drop of tear come in his eyes and he goes to his room but cant able to sleep
There is all sadness sanlak are crying and here swaragini are also crying for their love but cant express their pain to anyone

Next day start they come to breakfast swaragini see sid and rashya sad as aarti is not at home she has gone out of town so they want to lighten the mood
Swara: what happen to my princess
Ragini: where is her naughty smile goes
Rashya comes and hug swaragini and cry
Ragini and swara sit on knees
Swara: what happen to my princess
Ragini: why she is crying
Rashya: I cant see you both crying promise me you will not cry from now
Ragini: promise now smile
Rashya smile then sid come for breakfast
Rashya: what happen mamu we are missing your smile
Sid smiles a little and give chocklates to rashya and she get busy in it and sid goes to swaragini
Sid: what happen tell me
Swara: bahi please we don’t want our past to destroy our futre
Sid: its ok I will not ask but if you want to tell then u can tell me
Ragini: you know you are worlds best bahi we got
Sid: no buttering now ok
And swaragini hug sid rsahya see this
Rashya: you three forget me not fair

Sid: how can mamu forget his princess come
And rashya come and sid take her in arms and she kisses on sid cheeks
Ragini: then what about mom and massi ma
Rashya: your princess love you all
Swaragini kisses on rashya cheeks
And they both go and sid tell them that there is ameeting of his and he invite the delars to dinner tonight and goes from their after their going swaragini sit in hall
Ragini: I think they will come to our musical school
Swara: yeah ragini and don’t want to see their face again
Ragini: I have a idea we will not go musical school from now ok
Swara: yeah
And swara calls the principal and tell him that they are giving resingnation from school as they are shifting from their
Here sanlak come ready and go to musical school and go to principal cabin
Sanskar: sir can we meet the techers name swara and ragini
Principal: soory mr.sanskar they leave this school today only
Lucky: what

Sanskar: I know they did this bcz they know we will come here
Lucky: what we will do bahi now
Sanskar: sir please can you give mr their adsress
Principal: soory sir its official
Lucky: please sir we are requesting u and folds their hand we have waited for them 4 years please sir try to understand
And tear come from their eyes and principal see this
Principal: ok I am telling you
And give them their address and they go their and knock the door a lady open the door
Sanskar: we want to meet swara and ragini
Lady: but they not live here
Lucky: but we have this address of them
Lady: they might be leaving before us
Lucky: means
Lady: we have taken this house from a family two years ago
Sanskar: do you know about that family where they are now
Lady: no
Lucky: thnk u
And then they go and sit in car
Lucky: what we will do now bahi how we will search them
Sanskar: destiny bring us here then destiny make them meet with them ok
And sanskar get a call
Sanskar: yes mr.sid khanna
Sid: so mr. sanskar maheswari I thought that we should conduct our metting today only
Sanskar: yeah that’s fine we are coming
And cuts the call

Lucky: bahi what happen
Sanskar: we have to go for metting I tell you na
Lucky: ok bahi after that we will continue our search
They headed towards khanna company they gone in sid pa take them to sid cabin and sid greets them and they sit and start the meeting and time flew and its time for to take rashya from school sid get tensed as metting is going and he cant left metting sanskar see this
Sanskar: anyproblem mr. sid
Sid: yeah I have to take home rashya my sister daughter but I cant and I cant let her go with driver if you don’t have any problem we will continue metting tomarrow
Sanskar: its ok we understand
Sid: thnks for understanding shall we leave
Lucky: nice metting you
And they shake hands and about to go sid remember something
Sid: wait please
Lucky: yeah
Sid: if you don’t mind can you both come for dinner at my home as I want to celebrate this deal as its my dream project
Sanskar: yeah ok and sanlak leave for in serch of swaragini and sid to take rashya from school


Credit to: pari

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