Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 16


Really really soory guys for laye update hope you guys like todays episode and please comment

Todays episode start with swargini get ready for charity function and rashya also get ready and they headed towards the venu where fuction is organized

Here sanlak are getting ready and they want to look best as today after 4 years they are metting their lady love both come out and see each other
Sanskar: lucky how I am looking
Lucky: my bahi always look best
Saskar: you too bro
Lucky: but bahi they will forgive us na
Sanskar: I have belive on my love when they see us they will run and hug us you see
Lucky: sure na bahi
Sanskar: yeah
But he has also fear in his heart but he don’t want to make lucky sad as after 4 years he smile

And they also headed towards venu
Swaragini with sid and rashya comes to venu first and they go in suddenly sid get a important call
Sid: I have to go I have some important work in office
Swara: but bahi you promise you will attend the function
Ragini: yeah bahi today is our performance also
Sid: soory my sonu and rago if work is not important its about my dream project
Rashya: mom and massi let mammu go na I am here to cheer you
Swaragini sadly: ok go
Sid: but I want smile on my sister face otherwise I will not go
Swaragini smiles and say you go
Sid: ok I will take u after function get over ok
And sid goes from their and swaragini with rashya goes in and principal told them to welcome guest and they take the bookey to welcome guest and rashya is standing with them suddenly a boy come and rashya gets happy seeing him

Rashya: mohit you here
Mohit he is rashya best frnd he come to learn music in school and their they both meet
Mohit: teacher tell her I don’t want to talk to her
Rashya: what happen to my ladu why you are angry on me
Mohit: you r ladu is angry bcz tommarow you don’t come to meet me
Rashya hold her ears and say
Rashya: don’t you forgive your cuite
Mohit see her and smile
Mohit: how can I angry for more time to my cutie right
And both shakes hand
Mohit: teacher can take my cuite
Ragini: ok beta but take care of her
Mohit : ok
And he hold her hand and and take her and swaragini smile seeing them
They go out and play and suddenly mohit tell something to rashya
Mohit: you stay here cuite I will go and drink water
Rashya: ok ladu
And mohit goes and rashya standing their and see a puppy on gate and smiles and go to take him at that time a car comes and about to hit rashya but the man sitting in car break on right time and two men come from car

Here swaragini felling restles as something is going to happy
The two men come and see the girl the mens are our sanlak
Lucky: are you fine beta
Sanskar: don’t you get hurt
Rashya: relax uncle I am fine
Lucky: but beta you should be careful if something happens to you then
Rashya: what can I do uncle see this puppy is very cute so I come to take him
Sanskar: come we will drop to your mom dad
Rashya: but I don’t have dad
Lucky: oh soory beta
Rashya: no no he is alive but he left me and my mom
Sanskar: whats your name beta
Rashya: rashya my mom told me that I my name is made of both her and dad name and smiles
Lucky: he left you don’t you hate him
Rashya: no my mom tell that we should not hate anyone
On the mean time mohit come and hold rashya hand
Mohit: come cuite I tell not to go anywhere na
Rashya: see this puppy na ladu I want to take him
Mohit: no cutie you come with me
And take her from their and sanskar hearing word cuite remember ragini teasing
Here rashya come inside and they go and sit on chairs while swaragini are welcoming guest
Sanskar: come be ready to meet them
And they step inside swaragini on gate and they step in and see them but swaragini are taking bookey so they cant see them they take the bookey and see them and shocked
All four are shocked seeing each other they don’t have words to talk they are asking from eyes only why you give this much pain to me and why you left me

Ragini get bach and swara hold her and they rememeber their moments together and swaragini remember their betrayal and their love turn into hatness and sanlak about to say anything pooja come their
Pooja: thase are our special guest
Swaragini see them with hatness
Swaragini: welcome sir hope you like the fuction and give them bookey
Sanslak are shocked as they are talking them like stangers
Swara: sir would you like to move all are wating
Sanskar: but swara
Ragini: sir please
That time principal come

Principal: welcome mr.lakash and sanskar please come in
And they go in but they are seeing swaragini and a drop of tear come in their eyes but they wipe it
Here swaragini run from their and started crying
Ragini: why they come again in our life swara
Swara: ragini we have to be strong we don’t show them we have any effect due to their presesnce
And both wipe their tears but from inside they both are crying
Here sanlak sit on chief guest chair but their eyes are searching swaragini
Suddenly program start and all prerform and now next turn is of swaragini they come on stage and sanlak see them and swaragini show like they don’t get effect by their presence and it hurts them both

Swaragini start their jugalbadi all are enjoying but swara sanskar and ragini lakash are lost in their eyes and remmembring their past their happy moment and then swaragini remember their bertrayal and they stop both at the same time and a drop of tear come in their eyes which is seen by sanlak and they also have tear in their eyes all clap for them and then the host come and request lakash to sing a song swaragini goes in audience and take rashya and about to go but they stop hearing something
Lucky: this song is for my mistakes that I have done and I want forgiveness for my mistakes hope I will get it from that person which I hurt more and lucky start singing

Haan Ho Gayi Galti Mujhe Main Jaanta Hu..
Par Ab Bhi Tujhe Main Apni Jaan Maanta
Ek Aakhri Mauka De Mujhe..
Aaj Bhi Main Tujhe Apni Shaan Manta Hu..
Sirf Saanse Hi To Baaki Hai Jb Teri Yaad Aati
Yaad Me Teri Sath Ye Bhi Chord Jaati Hai..
Galti To Sabse Hoti Hai Galti MujhseBhi Ho
Ab Maaf Bhi Krde Mujhe Kyu Dur Itna Ho
Ek Galti Ke Liye Kyu Sath Chord Tu Kyu
Muh Mord Gyi Tu..
Kyu Be Nishaan Sa Nishaan Chord GyiTu..
Haan Ho Gayi Galti Mujhse Main Jaanta Hu..
Par Ab Bhi Tujhe Main Apni Jaan Manta
Jaan Maanta Hu
And ragini hearing song tears are coming from her eyes and rashya see this but don’t talk anything
Ek Aakhri Mauka De Mujhe..
Aaj Bhi Main Tujhe Apni Shaan Maanta Hu..
Shaan Manta Hu..
Jab Chupi Kr Tujhe Bhula Dunga Par Pi Kr
Bhi Yaad Aayi Tu..
Itni Si Baat Pr Chord Gyi..
Jaana Hi Tha To Aayi Kyu Jeena Mera Asaan
Tu Mil Ye Ehsaan Kr Yaad Teri Satati Hai..
Ab Aaja Baat Maan Kr..
Jab Jab Tu Chali Jati Hai..
Aisi Nami Cha Jati Hai..
Jaise Gir Prde Ho Badal Mujh Par..
Ek Aas Dil Pe Aa Jati Hai..
Jab Aakhen Band Hoti Hai Bas Tu Sath Hoti
Tere Yaado Ke Takiye Pe Bas Raat Meri Soti
Soti Hai
Ters also start coming from lucky eyes he see ragini but she turn her face and lucky stop singing and closes his eyes suddenly sanskar comes on stage and put his hand on lucky shoulder and start singing
Tu Kyu Door Hai Yun Mujhse Tujhe Chahta
Hu Pure Dil Se..
Sun Le Meri Aarzoo..
Tu Hi Meri Jaan Hai Tu Hi Mera Jahaan Hai..
Tu Hi Hai Sab Kuch Mera
Adhoora Tere Bin Dil Ye Mera..
Kyu Tu Samajhti Nahi..
Ye Dil Hai Sirf Tera..
Haan Ho Gayi Galti Mujhe Main Jaanta Hu..
Par Ab Bhi Tujhe Main Apni Jaan Maanta

Swara hearing his singing start crying and rashya is seeing both of them crying and get sad and look towards mohit who is also sad seeing them crying
And they both sing at once
Ek Aakhri Mauka De Mujhe..
Aaj Bhi Main Tujhe Apni Shaan Manta Hu..
Shaan Maanta Hu..
Jaan Maanta Hu…..
All clap for them but they are seeing swaragini with teary eyed here swaragini are also teary eyed they didn’t see rashya with them as she is standing some bit distance with mohit
They come from stage and program get over and they are going towards swaragini but some people stop them and start asking question
Reporter1: sir which mistake you are talking please tell us
Lucky: you please excuse us
They are trying to go but fails
Suddenly swara phone rings it was sid
Sid: sonu come I am outside
Swara: ok bahi
Swara: ragini come sid bahi has come
And both wipe tears and hold rashya hand and start going sanlak see them going and they started to go behind them
Sid came out of car and rashya go and hug sid and she is looking sad and sid see swaragini red eyes
Sid: they what happen to you both
Ragini: bahi please lets go from here
Sid take rashya in arms and she hide her face in his chest as is she sad and they stared going in the mean time sanlak also come out and see them going and they see a man and a girl with them also
Sanlak shout their name they turn but sit in car but sanlak couldn’t see the face of sid and rashya
Sanslak run but at that time they go from their
Lucky: bahi they left us they didn’t get effect by our presence
And sit on knees and tear start flowing from their eyes
Sanskar: no lucky their tears are showing that they love us but their hatness cover their love so we have to remove their hatness we cant lose hope loike this

Lucky: but bahi that man and girl should they move on in their life no bahi I cant live with out my ragini please bahi bring her to me please
Sanskar hug lucky
Sanskar: this cant happen lucky I know they love very much they cant love anyone else what if she is your daughter
Lucky: sachi bahi
Sanskar: we have to meet them
Lucky: bahi yes you are sying right I cant live with out her now
And they both hug each other
Sanskar : we will take them with us
Lucky: yeah bahi
Here swaragini goes in house and sid and rashya also come
Sid: now tell me what happened
Swaragini: bahi don’t ask we cant tell you
And runs in their room andthat they they cry hugging each other whole night while rashya sleep with sid
Here sanskar seeing swara pic cry and lucky seeing ragini pic cry


Credit to: pari

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