Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 15

Thnks guys for your support and love for my ff
Todays episode start with lucky and sanky leaving for Mumbai and here swaragini come home and sid come home with rashya
Sid: ma sonu and rago I have a good news for u
Swara: what tell
Sid: the dream project which I tell u is going to be completed
Ragini: wow such a great news
Aarti: go bless you beta
Swara: so we want treat what say my princess
Rashya: yes massi ma

Sid: ok so dinner outside ok
Rashya: thnk u mamu I love u
Sid: I love u to my cuite
Swaragini: and what about us
Sid: yeah I love u both not more than my cutie
And rashya show thumb to swaragini and they smiles and swaragini go and hug sid and aarti see this and gets happy
They break the hug and see aarti having tears ragini go to her and tear also come in her eyes
Sid: oh god sonu and cuite they again started
Swara: yeah before flood come lets run from here
Rashya: yeah massi ma and mamu and I am small come fast
And aarti and ragini smile hearing their talking
Ragini: stup u 3 ok na

Rashya: ma your emontinal drama is over than give me lunch I am very hurgy
Swara: me too ladoo
Ragini: ok meri ma come you 3
And they sit on dinning table and did their lunch and stared their fun again
At evening they plan to go out sid and rashya get ready wating for swaragini and aarti to come
Sid: mom sonu rago come fast we have to do dinner today not tomarrow
Rashya: yes plese come I am hungry here
Sid: don’t know why ladies take this much time to get rady
And they three come and sid and rashya see them
Sid: rashya today two ghost are looking like princess na
Swaragini: sid we don’t leave u and start hitting him
Rashya: stop ma and massi ma don’t hit my mammu ok
Ragini: so mamu protecter talked and puuled her cheeks
Aarti: ok ok come lets go
And they sit in car and goes towards xyz restaurant and sit on their table
Here sanky and lakash come to airpost of Mumbai and see a person holding lakash maheswari name plate and they goes towards him

Lucky: excuse me I am lakash maheswari
Person calls some one
Person : he the the collage principal of musical school
Principal: its nice meeting you laksh maheswari
Lucky: same here by the way he is my brother sanskar maheswari
Principal: oh hello sir
Sanky: hello
Principal: sir you also come with your brother to function
Sanky: its my pleasure
Lucky: so we come tomarrow to your school now we have to go
Principal: yeah see u tomarrow
And they came out of airport and fell something in their heart and become rest less and here swaragini also fell the same but all 4 ignore their felling
Here swaragini is enjoing and sanlak come to hotel in their rooms and did their dinner rest on their bed they take sleeping pills to sleep

After doing lunch they all come home as all are tired so they change and sleep
Next morning they all wake up do break fast and swaragini tell about their charity fuction to them at evening and sid left swaragini to musical school and rashya to school and then goes to office at school all preprations are done now teachers are taking their classes and their sanky and lucky come and put their foot at school door and feel something as some one near their heart is presnt their and same swaragini feel but they ignore and sanky and lucky come and goes to principal room and talk to them and here school get over as sid has not come swaragini are wating some chidren come and tell both of them to sing firstly they resist and then ragini started playing her vilon and swara her guitar and they are playing swaragini tune and remembering their old memories they both are playing and sanky and lucky sitting in the room hear the voice and fell something and see each other
Sansky: swara

Lucky: ragini
And they run from room and start searching them in each class as they are sitting in the class which is some what outside the class and here swaragini are playing and remembering their old memories suddenly swara think about sanskar and ragini about lucky and they stopped singing and tear come in their eyes but they wipe it
Child1: who win
Child2: our both teacher stopped at same time so both are winners and started clapping
Child3: yeah our both teacher are best
Swara: aaww thank u

Ragini smiles
And here sanlak are searching them who is playing music and in class room swaragini smile seeing children happy and a voice came
Rashya: massi ma ma
And go and hug them and say hi to all children as she know them as she come with swaragini their she also know principal also
Sid come from back

Sid: come sonu rago lets go home and put rashya in arms and come out of class with swaragini and goes to gate at that time sanlak reach that class and ask children about who is playing music and children point their figure towards swaragini but sanskar see their back only and they cant see rashya and sid as they sit in car and as were going towards them swaragini sit in car and go from their and sanlak cant see their face
Lucky: bahi I am sure they are swaragini our hope is finally comes true
Sanky: but sanky we caant see their face

Lucky: my heart is telling bahi she is my ragini
Sanky: mine also she is my swara
Principal come their and see them
Principal: what happen to you both
Lucky: sir we want to know the name of the girl who are playing music now
Principal goes to children and ask them they all tell swaragini name and sanlak hearing swaragini gets happy
Lucky: bahi we find them
Sanky: yeah lucky its our love win
And they both hug each other and goes to principal and ask their addres
Principal: we cant give their address as its our rule
Sanky: please sir its question of our life

Principal: soory but we cant tell its official
Sanky: plase got dam it its important
Lucky: bahi cool down soory sir from my bahi side
Principal: its ok mr. maheswari but you try to understand my problem
Lucky: ok sir tell me if they are coming for function
Principal: yes

Lucky : thank u sir we will meet in the fuction
And principal goes from their
Sanky: lucky why don’t you ask the address
Lucky: bahi cool down they are coming in the function we will meet them
Sansky: yeah
Lucky gets happy but a guit came in his mind
Lucky: bahi how can I face ragini

Sanky: lucky I have see u bearing the punishment don’t worry cuite will forgive u
Lucky: really bahi
Sanky: yeah and I will meet swara after 4 years
Lucky: yeah bahi its been 4 years and now we get are life back
And tear coming from their eyes and they hug each other


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