Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 14

Episode 13

Really really soory for late update and I will unite them but not raglak easily as lucky did with ragini is bad and he should get punishment of it
Todays episode start with next moring in Mumbai swaragini is helping aarti in making break fast
Ragini: ma I will go and wake up rashya as she is getting late for school
Aarti: ok beta and swara you go and wake up sid
Swara: ok ma
And ragini goes to wake up rashya and swara to sid
Swara: bahi wake its already 7:00am you are getting late
Sid: don’t disturb sonu let me slep
Swara: bahi please wake up
But sid doesnot wake up and swara thinks something and pats her shoulder
Swara: you are great
And goes to bathroom and take buket of water and goes and throw on it on sid and sid wake up immedetly
Sid: swara flood and stand up on bed
Swara start laughing seeing him like this and sid see her
Sid: sonu ki bachi I will not leave u
Swara: accha so first hold me
And swara start running and sid also running behind her and swra goes to aarti and hide behind her
Swara: ma save me from this devil
Sid: I am devil ma you don’t come btw us
Swara from behind aarti show him thumb
Swara: come na
Sid is about to come

Aarti: sid stay their don’t you dare to touch my sona
Sid: that’s not fair ma u always take her side
Swara: yeah u know I am her princesses na
And their ragini come with rashya get ready and rashya goes and hug sid
Rashya: mamu gm and give kiss on his cheeks
Ragini: what is happening here
Sid: wait my team also come sonu
And sid tell ragini incident
Ragini: swara don’t u dare to irritate my bahi ok
Rashya: yeah masi ma
Swara: that’s not fair rashya u love her more than me
Rashya goes and hold swara hand and then sid hand
Rashya: I love u both
And they both kisses on rashya cheeks
Aarti: now if your fight over sid u go and freshnup and you 3 do breakfast you are getting late
Rashya: wait massi ma and mamu you are missing something
Sid: what do you remember sonu
Swara: no bahi
And rashya make face and sit on dinning table
Sid and swara smiles and goes to her
Sir: what happen to my doll
Rashya: mom tell them that I am not talking to them
Swara: aaww by princess get angry but whom we will give these chocolates bahi
Sid: yeah sonu

Rashya hearing chocklates name get happy
Rashya: don’t take tension mamu I will take it
Swara: but you are angry on us na
Rashya: I was angry but not now
They give her chocolates and she gets happy
Ragini: bcz of your both love she is getting naughty day by day
Swara: so what she is our little princess
Sid: yeah sonu is right she can do anything ok
Ragini: in rashya matter bother come together
Swara and sid : yes
Aarti: now you go and freshn up
Sid goes and freshnup swararagini aarti and rashya do the breakfast and sid comes getting ready
And do the break fast and they all go towards the car its their routine sid leave swaragini to musical school and then rashya to school and then leave for office
Their car stops at musical school gate swaragini came out and rashya give them a good bye kiss and they both go in while sid takes rashya to school and kisses her on cheeks and then sid leaves to office
Sid goes to his cabin and his assistant come(pooja)

Pooja: sir may be come in
Sid: yes
Pooja: sir sl maheswari company has accepted our project with patner ship and they are ready as they are coming to Mumbai for meeting
Sid: that’s a great news pooja
And pooja goes from cabin and sid thinks his dream project will get completed now
Here in Mumbai sanskar and lucky are in cabin
Lucky gets and call he recive it
Lucky: hello
Person: may I talk to mr.lakash maheswari
Lucky: yeah whose this
Person: we are calling from xyz musical school we have oranised a charity function for orphanage children we wanted that you become the chief guest of fuction and perform also
Lucky: ok I will come to Mumbai
Peson: thnk u so much
Lucky: its ok

And he cut the call and goes to sanskar cabin
Lucky: bahi I have to go Mumbai as I have a charity function their
Sanskar: I was also going to Mumbai as I have a meeting their
Lucky: ok bahi I will book two tickets of Mumbai ok
And goes from cabin they are normally talking like this after swaragini going
Lucky goes to his cabin and book the tickets and then open his side table drawer and see ragini photo
And here sanskar think lucky I cant see u dieying by guilt cuite where are u plase come and then he also open the drawer in which both swaragini photo are their
Here in Mumbai swaragini goes inside musical class and all students gather after some time the principal of musical school call all of them
Principal: as you know we are oranising a charity function so I have call to for that to give you work
Principal: swaragini you both have to welcome our chief guest and u both have to perform also
Swaragini: ok sir
Principal: I will go and take guest welcome them at airport they are coming tomarrow ok
All say: yes sir
Principal: pooja and radhika you see the decorations and all items ok and riya and nisha you will invite remaning chief guest and give them list
All goes from their and started their work
Swara: don’t know who are the chief guest
Ragini: let it be na swara we have to go class
And they both go to classes
They 4 don’t know destiny has played his game to meet them again

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  1. Please i know that ragini shouldn’t forgive Lakshya easily but atleast let him know about his child. As always u rocked it. Please try to post ur ff regularly. U really have good writing skills.

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  13. I have an suggestion..! according 2 me sanskar must also be angry on swara..as she didn’t give any chance to sanky to say the truth behind his side..! She din believe sanky even Dis tym..so..make sanky also 2 hate her..and then make them realize their love 2 each other..and raglak.! It’s. So gud! Keep on cntnue dr

  14. Hey pari plz update next episode yar .I’m missing ur ff plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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