Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 13

Thnks guys who are commenting and silent readers nut I think I story get bored that’s why I am not getting good response please comment if u like my ff
Todays episode start with leap of 4 years all are living their lives with remembering each other and now ragini has a daughter of 3 years named rashya she is very naughty and jaan of all the family member specially sid

In Mumbai now sid has his own company and they 5 members are living in a mansion but swaragini work in the musical school
Ragini is trying to sleep rashya and when she get sleep she stated seeing her face
Ragini thinks you know rashya you are like your father naughty but I know I am bad I kept u away from your father but I cant forgive him he played with my dignity if he hate me this much then he should killed me rather playing with my respect I cant forgive him and cant tell you about your father I am soory my princess I will give u all the happiness of world and I know I cant make u meet your family bcz ok him I hate u lakash I just hate u I wish I could not met you have alwys betray me u again and cry bitterly

On the other swara is stitting in study room and writing diary
Swara: dear diary it has been 4 years but still I cant forget the pain which he has given me I make me to lost the belif on love I have no reason to live but after seeing rashya, ragini and sid and ma face I am living for them his betrayal has brek me so much from inside but this time I have to live for my sister and my cute little daughter and yeah u know diary I miss my baba and ma a lot don’t know what happen their but I don’t have strength to go their and cry and this all bcz of u sanskar I hate u I just hate u I wiah I could not meet u again and close the diary and come in room ragini see her and wipe her tears
Swara: so my princeess sleep

Ragini: yeah your all love make her naughty badi mushkil se soyi ha
Swara laughs
Swara: so what she is my daughter I love her
Ragini: ok ok
And then sid come to room
Ragini: bahi
Sid: I have to come to gn to my little princess
And sid goes and kiss on rashya forehead
Swara: so you forget us so bad bahi
Sid: how can I forget my two little dimonads

And say gn and hug them and then go
Ragini: swara he is such a nice guy how he love our child and take care of us
Swara: yeah ragini don’t know what happen of us if he will not meet us
Ragini: I wish god give all happiness to sid bahi
Swara: yeah ok gn
Ragini: gn
And they both kisses on rashya forehead and sleep facing opposite side and cry its their regular they both cry but don’t show each other their pain so that anyone of them can fall weak
In the other side in Kolkata sanlak open a company and its get very high success and lucky is also playing concert for orphan childerns I give some happiness other wise they become machine they don’t celebrate anything they become stone emtinoless and watinig for their love and bcz of this hope they are alive

In lakash room he is holding ragini photo and crying and sitting in floor near bed and reciming all the moments with ragini and how ragini pleaded him and how rudely he left him
Lakash: ragini please come back now I realize how u important in my life now I understand the pain when uor love is not with u I know my love makes to bad but when u try to become good I again betray u i played with your reapect I cant even ask u forgiveness as I has lost thet right I know but ragini give me punishment but please come I cant live like these plase ragini come give me punish ment of my deeds please I love u a lot ragini please come back and cry bitterly
In sanskar room he is sitting in his study room and on table there is a photo of swara and he is writing diary

Sanskar: I know I am not like this I don’t belive in writing diary but she belives she think that it will lessen our pain I think she is right it has been 4 years I have seen her and my family and my brother I have comletly lost him don’t know where my smiling lucky has gone its smile gone with ragine and mine with swara but swara you have to wait for me confert me but you go without telling me anything without listening my side why swara that day in my life I lost everything swara plase come back to my life I am living only for my bahi and hoping that one day I will find u swara I love u swara

And he closes the diary and go to lucky room and see him sleeoing beside bed its daily he sleep their holding ragini pic while crying
Sanskar goes to him and put him on bed and cover him with blancket and see him
Snaskar thinks I know lucky you are dieying day by day bcz og gulit but we will find them and goes to his room and try to sleep
In the lakash room laksah seen a dream in which he see ragini going and he is following her and suddenly ragini stop near a cliff and turn back and see lakash
Ragini: laksh bye you only wanted this na
Lucky: no ragini please come back
And ragini jump from cliff and lucky shout ragini and wake up and start shivering with fear and see ragini pic and then drink water and then start seeing ragini pic
All are remembering each other but situation are different swaragini ia remembering them with hateness as their hateness has hide their love for them and sanlak with love hoping to meet them again

Situation is what but their love will bloom and they will defiantly meet to turn their hateness into love

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