Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 12

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The episode start with next morning in Mumbai swara and ragini wake and comes out of room and see sid and aunty wake up and greets them gm and aarti gives them cooffe and after cooffe
Swara: aunty we will go now
Ragini: thnks aunty for all the help
And they was about to go in room to take their laugage aarti stops them

Aarti: beta I don’t ask u what pain u both are facing but you can stay here
Swara: no aunty please we have to go
Ragini: yeah aunty we cant stay here
Aarti: then beta where u will go I know u both are new in this city and don’t have home and swara your sister is pregent and in this condition where u take her
Swara see towards ragini and think for some time
Swara: aunty we live here but we will pay the rent
Sid: rent but why u both are like my sisters
Ragini: aunty we have respect your words so please understand us also
Aarti: ok beta I cant stop u
And they both goes in their room and sid happily hugs her mom
Sid: thnk u so much mom I am so happy
Here swaragini in room
Swara: ragini don’t know this much nice people are still existing in this world
Ragini: yeah sona they are pure hearted people
Swara: hoe they clearly understand our pain
Ragini: yeah swara

After sometime sid come to their room and see both of them talking
Sid: mom has tell both of u to come for breakfast
Swaragini: coming bahi
Sid hering bahi wird get emotional
Ragini: what happen don’t u like it we calling u bahi
Sid: no that’s not like that I am just emotional type u can call me bahi
Swara: ok
Sid: ok come fast
And they both come for breakfast during break fast
Swara: so bahi can u tell me is their any musical school near by
Sid: yah its their why
Ragini: we have think to teach their
Sid: ok I will take u their today ok now take break fast
Aarti hearing word bahi from their mouth gets happy for sid

On the other side in Kolkata sanlak are again start searching swaragini suddenly a thought come in his mind and stop the car
Lucky: what happen bahi
Sanskar: is that vedio camers is with u
Lucky: yeah bahi its on back seat of car
Sanskar turn and take it and see
Sanskar: I have seen this bracelet in anyones hand but whome I don’t rememeber
Lucky: bahi remember we can get the clue of your innoceness from this

Sanskar thinks a while
Sanskar: yeah got it I have see this bracelet in kavita hand I think she is that girl
Lucky: bahi kavita but she is moved on na
Sanskar wait luvky I have a plane if I will call kavita and tell her about that I know how she made the vedio and tell her to come at xyz place I she tell yes then she is the culprit
Sanskar calls kavita with different number and tells her according to plan and then sanskar cuts the call
Lucky: what she said bahi
Sanskar: she is coming
Lucky: means she is behind all this
Sanskar: yeah lucky I cant belive this
And they both headed towards the place which they have given to kavita to come

Aftr some time kavita come their
Kavita: hello anybody their
Sanskar and lucky are hiding
Sanskar: I know u have made the vedio of sanskar maheswari I have a proof of it
Kavita panics : who are u come in front of me
Sanskar and lucky come in front of her kavita shocked seeing them
Kavita: u both here
Sanskar: shocked seeing us what happen now
Kavita: what are u saying sanskar
Sanskar: stop your drama kavita we know everything but one question why u do this with me tellme
Kavita: ok then if u know all thing that’s great and your question I will defiantly give u answer sanskar maheswari u betray me how can u love some one I cant see u with some one but u betray me how can u love swara so this is my punshisment to u now u have to leave without swara and laughs

Sanskar and lucky gets angry and they are coming towards kavita but suddenly someone hitted from back
Kavita: ma you here
Sanskar and lucky turn and see kaveri and falls
Kavita: ma what are u doing here
Kaveri: to save my child
Both laughs

Kavita: sanskar now live without your swara
And both laughs loudly and goes from their and sanlak faint

On the other side in Mumbai after breakfast sid take swaragini to to a musical school and they get admission their and outside musical school
Swaragini: we get the job bahi
And hug sid in excitement sid gets happy
Sid: congress to both my sisters
And they return to their home
Here in Kolkata sanlak gain consoius ness and see no one their
Lucky: shit now how can we prove your innocence sansskar they run away
Sanskar: lucky one day they will come in our hands
And they go from their

As time passes sanlak searching swaragini but they didn’t find them and they started a company on their name sanlak but they are still wating for swaragini and all of their life get disturbed all are living like they are doing their duty to live sanlak become a machine there is no emontios left in both of them they were living in the hope that one day they will meet swaragini and here swaragini joined the musical school as teacher and living their life they get very close to sid and aarti and treating sid as their bahi and aarti as ma and sid tell them about his sister but they also not forget about sanlak but now their hate has hidden their love for them
They all are living but they are incomplete without each other destiny will surely make them meet with each other and they will start their love story again from hateness to love


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