Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 11

Thnks guys for support and love for my ff
Todays episode start with sanskar come in ot and see lucky lying wearing oxygen mask goes and sit beside him and hold his hand
Sanskar: lucky please get up I don’t have strength now to loose some one please wake up today I lost everything family love sister but I don’t have power to loose you for my sake wake up lucky please and cry hardly how can I live alone lucky please for sake of ragini please wake up lucky after hearing ragini name a sensation run in lucky body and he slightly move his hand and sanskar observe it shout doctor and docter come and tell him to wait outside sanskar go outside
On the other side in Mumbai taxi is stop at a big apartment and sid come out of taxi swara is trying to let ragini ut but fails
Sid: may I help you
Swara thinks sometime and then nodes and sid take her out and holding her in hands and they go towards apartment and swara ring the bell a lady come and open the door and see questinaly at sid she is sid mother aarti

Sid: ma I will tell you everything first let me in
And sid goes in and take ragini to guest room and put on bed swara and that lady also come their
Sid: I will call doctor
And sid goes outside room and call docter and swara sit beside ragini and start caring her face that lady also go behind sid
Aarti: who are these girls beta
Sid: don’t know ma and tell her the whole incident how they save him and how that girl faint
Aarti panics: are you fine na beta
Sid: yeah ma
Aarti: thnks to those girls
And they see them and saw swara crying
Aarti: looking like they have face life biggest pain
Sid: yeah ma its correct it is looking in their eyes
And suddenly doorbell ring and sid goes and take docter in and she shecks ragini and tell she is pregnant
Swara get shocked: what docter she is pregnant
Docter: yes and write some medicine and goes from their
Aarti: beta thnks for saving my son
Swara: its ok aunty
Aarti: beta whats your name

Swara thinks and tell: aunty my name is swara and her name is ragini
Ragini is getting consciousness and she see the lady and then see swara beside her and hug her
swara: its ok ragini
swara: thnks u both of u now we will go
Aarti: but at this time wait until morning
swara: no aunty we will manage
Sid: its ok you can stay its not safe at night so please and ragini you tell your sister
raagini: ok we will stay
Aarti: you are wearing very heavy clothes come I will give you my daughters cloth
Firstly they hesistate that but after some insistence they agree and change and goes to room aarti has send their food to room
Now they both are alone in room
Swara: ragini are you fine na
Ragini: yeah sona
swara: ragini how nice these people are
ragini: ha swara
swara: I want to tell you something ragini you are pregnant
ragini stunned hearing this and tear start coming from her eyes
ragini: really swara
swara: yes ragini
ragini: now I will live for my child and I don’t get his shadow on my child
swara: we gave this chils all happiness
and hug each other and cry
aarti and sid are seeing both of them
aarti: I think destiny has played a game with both of them

sid: yeah ma you are telling right you know ma when I saw them I get the picture of riya di in their faces I thought that I got my di back
and tear come from his eyes
aarti: don’t cry sid you di is with us only
sid: ma cant they stay with us as I know they are alone and in this big city where they will go
aarti see sid eyes: ok beta I will talk them tomarrow ok
sid gets happy and hug his mother
on the other side in Kolkata docter come out of ot
sanskar: now how he docter
docter: he is fine now
and they shift lucky to ward and sanskar goes in and see lucky unconscious and goes and sit beside him
here maheswari family got to know about lucky they all go to hospital and see lucky lying on bed and sanskar near him

ap: no we cant break they have to bear their punishment I cant forgive them and goes from their
sujata pari and uttra goes behind them
dp: rp pay the bill of hospital and goes from their
adrash and rp goes to docter and inqiur about lucky and pay the fee and tell not to tell them
here lucky is getting conscious ness and murmuring something
lucky: I killed her bahi I am a murder I play with her emotions
sanskar : lucky open eyes
lucky shouts ragini and open hiss eyes and see him in hospital and see sanskar beside him
lucky hold sanskar hand: bahi I killed her its all my fault I don’t have right to live even last I cant tell soory to her bahi bcz of me all these happen and started crying
sanskar: nothing happen them lucky I know if I am alive my sona is also alive as we are connected through hearts if one start beating other automatically stops nothing has happen to them
lucky: come bahi we will search them

sanskar: not now lucky you are very weak now take rest
lucky: but bahi
sanskar: now I cant loose anything
lucky: then we will go tomarrow
doctor come their and checks lucky
sanskar: docter your fee
docter: mr. Maheswari fee is paid
sanskar: how
docter : that we cant tell
and tell lucky to rest and give him a unconsouse ness injection and he sleep and then docter goes and sanskar thinking who had paid fee


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