Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 10

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Todays episode start with all members come in room and see sumi faint and shekar angry
Dp: what happen shekar ji where is swara
Shekar goes to sanskar and hold his collar bcz of you my daughter gone to do sucide
And all are shocked hearing this and sanskar is super shocked
Sanskar: don’t talk like this papa it doesn’t happen
Shekar: don’t call me papa and slap him hard
Dp: shekar ji first tell me what happen
Shekar: then see your sons work and hand over the vedio camera and dp start it
The vedio start with sanskar is seen putting his hands on some girl shoulder but face of girl is not shown only of sanskar face is shown

Girl: hi sanky you know how I problem I face to come here
Sanky: its ok baby and kisses on her cheeks
All are shocked seeing this and sanskar is super shocked
Girl: why are you marring that swara
Sanky: you know the baby I love her
Girl: really
Sanky: you know na firstly I love her but she always insult my love in front of everyone now only I hate her
Girl: then why are you marring her
Sanky: I only marring her to make her life hell I will use her and throw then she realize what I fell
Both laughs and sanky unbutoon the shirt and hold girl and lie on bed but her face is coverd with cloth

Sanky: now remove this cloth from your face na no one is their
Girl: first swith off the light then I will show you what I can do
Sanky : really baby and goes and turn off the light
All are shocked and seeing sanskar ap goes and slap sanskar
Ap: how can you do this with a girl sanskar I ashamed you calling my son
Sanskar: please belive me this is not true I love swara very much please bade papa ma belive me
dp: after seeing this vedio you are telling us to belive you how it is clearly seeing you are their
lucky: papa something is fishy bahi cant do this
shekar: then what about my daughter and handover the note to sanskar
sanskar read it and last word I hate you sanskar is written tear start flowing from his eyes and he felling like something pinch his heart

sanskar: I want to save my swara
and runs from their and lucky flows her and they start the car and gone in searching of swara
here shekar come to sumi and take water glass from side table and sprinkle it on sumi face
sumi: swara where is swara shekar please call her na
shekar: nothing happen to her I have called the police they will serch her
and then shekar is about to put glass on table he see a paper he open the paper it ia written by ragini
shekar read it
dear papa na dadi dada and my sister swara swara today is your weeding I am so happy when you all get this letter that time I will go away from you all
this is another shock for them and tear start flowing from their eyes shekar continue reading letter

I am soory this time also I not come in your marriage sister but what should I do I get the worlds biggest betrayal I cant have strength to face it any more I kknow I have done lot of mistakes but now I want to become old ragini but destiny doesn’t want me to happy I get the punishment of doing but this hard punishment you know swra lakash is doing drama with me of love bcz I torture his family but swara you know na who kaveri blackmailed me but lakash doesnot listen anything you know swara he played with my dignity with my self respect and I cant bear this I am not a doll that I can bear his all betrayal so now I have one option to get rid of it by going away from you all and from this world
Last bye from your sister ragini
Dadi: mari lado sona

Sumi: thay cant leave their parents like this
sumi see their maheswari family: your both sons destroy my daughters life that they want to go away you all go from here
ap: but sumi ji
dadi: suna nahi just get out
and shekar goes and give letter in dp hand read it then you will fell the pain of my daughter and goes and console sumi and they all leave from their
on the other side sanskar is like life less searching for swara asking every one and here shekar also go to police station and they also start searching both ragini and swara
next morning they didn’t get the clue so sanlak come home and is about to enter ap stop them
ap: you both ashmed us you both destroy both the girl life
and goes and give letter of ragini
ap: you can only come here when you enter in house with both of them other wise you are dead for us and closes the door
out side lucky and sanskar read the letter and lucky is shocked by reading letter and sanskar gave her a tight slap
sanskar: lucky how can you do this with cuite

lucky is in deep shock
sanskar: she changed now
lucky fell on floor what I did I have again betray her I kill her bahi better you kill me bahi just kill me kill me
sanskar: stop it lucky we have to find them lets go
lucky: that day we find them then we come here I want to ask forgiveness and I want to all happiness
and they go in serch of them but didn’t find them
and here wara and ragini are in train both are crying bitterly holding each other while in Kolkata both boys are full shatted lucky after knowing the truth how badly he treated her both are shatterd
the day almost get complete but they didn’t find them they sreach over all the area of Kolkata then sanky get a call from police station and they call them
they reach their and see shekar and dada also their
sanskar: what happen inspector
inspector: maheswari ji and gadodia ji we have searched all places but don’t find them but here is a guy who see them last
shekar: where is he
inspector call him

inspector : tell them what you see
person: sir I was at my tea stall then I see two girls that insecptor show me firstly this girl poiting towards ragini and then this girl poiting towards swara goes towads cliif I fell something weird so I go behing them but suddenly my phone ring I get news that my wife is in hospital so I go from their
inspector: so we think that they did sucide as we seach whole city no information about them come till now

sanskar hold inscpetor coller : thay cant leave us like these
dad and shekar are broken and lucky after hearing this news runs from their sanskar see him and go behing him lucky is running on road and a truk hits him and he fall on road with the pool of blood sanky imeddatly take him to hospital
here in train
ragini shout lucky name
swara: what happen ragini
ragini: I felt something happen to him
swara hugs her
on the other side shekar and dada go home

sumi: where are my daughters
sheakr and dada stay mumb
dadi: shekar ke bapu where are my lado and sona
shekar tell them what inspector tell them sumi get a paralysis attack all take them to hospital and doctor tell tham that she get paralysis attach so now she cant talk all started crying here lucky is admitted his condition is critical and sanky is fully shatterd bcz he lost every thing his love his sister and now his bahi he is praying to god
here swara and ragini reach to Mumbai
ragini: di now where we will go
swara: where destiny takes
and they go out to railway station and walking on road and suddenly swara see a man walking on road talking on phone and a car is coming towards him swara runs and save him
swara: don’t you have eyes

now the face of boy reaveld it is sid (you can think him ranvee of veer ki ardash veera)
sid: thnks miss for saving me
swara: its ok
sid : by the way my name is sid
swara doesn’t reply
and sid see her bridal dress
sid: so you have run from your marriage
ragini: that’s none of your business
sid: you are looking new come with me you have save my life my mom gets happy knowing that you save my life
swara: we are not interested
and they about to go ragini fell dizzy and faint swara hold her
swara: ragini wake up

sid: my offer is still
swara is confused but seeing ragini condition she tell him yes
sid stop the taxi and they drove towards his house
here in Kolkata in hostpital
doctor come out and sanskar goes to him
sanskar: how is my bahi doctor
doctor: we cant give to false hope he is in danger I think he don’t want to live as he is not responding to any medicine
tear start flowing from sanskar eyes and he goes in ot
don’t know that lucky will alive or not don’t know they will meet again or not its all destiny game we cant do anything


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