Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 1


This is my first ff hope you guy like it
I start my ff when swara bring kavita home and lucky save ragini from kaveri and kaveri get aressted
lucky: ragini are you fine
ragini see lucky emotinally and lucky hold hie hand and takr him in front of family and ragini goes to dadi

sumi: see ragini you have insl*ted his family so much but he saved your life think about it
and then sanskar comed their and kavita and swara see and kavita goes and hug him and swara see this and stunnend hearing kavita name and then kavita goes to swara and thnks him and ask him his relation witj sanskar and sanskar tell that she is his wife
kavita: how can you do this sanskar you love me na
sanskar: i know kavita i love you and your death break me but you are my past and swara is my future
swara get teary eyed hearing this
sanskar: and i love her kavita
please understand
kavita get break down hearing this and tell sanskar
kavita: i have my wishes for you for your better life and goes from their and swara sanskar hug each othet and family members get happy by their union
on the other side raglak room
ragini comes to room and thnks lucky

lucky: ragini i dont have power to continue this fight i get tired please stop this none of us will get peace by this
ragini is touched by his words and see wound on his hand and goes abd take first aid box and do bandage on lucky hand
lucky: you also put in in your neck as you get hurt na
ragini gets happy from inside as for first time lucky has tensed for him and lucky see his face and go in balcony and think ragini this is the starting of game now i will show who i am and smiles and on the other side kavita on road thinking that sanskar i will never left you if you were not mine then i will make sure i will take away swara from you and smiled evily

Credit to: Pari

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  1. very nnnniiiicccceeee !!!! pari but write a little long ones

  2. Nice..keep it up

  3. Nice but make clear him/her etc.

  4. Nice…

  5. Very nyc…

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