Hate…Evil…Revenge…Love?? (TS….Part 3)


Hey guys…so as per ur demands we r not ending it …donno wht turn will the story take ….u guys just be ready with yr seat belts ….kuch bhi ho sakta hai ?

Let’s start the epi…
It’s morning..
Nd twinkle nd kunj are to be seen sleeping with still kunj showing his back to twinkle…whereas our twinkle couldn’t stop herself frm changing her positions every single minute (she is like me ..hehe) kunj woke up as soon as the rays touched his face

He slowly opened his eyes nd turned to The other side just to find the most beautiful girl sleeping beside him with all the innocence a girl could hv …..his lips couldn’t stop frm forming a huge cure ….it should be called a blush

Kunj (monologue): she looks freaking damn cute yaar….I just don’t knw y I torchered her this much….but now she is like my tea without it…I just cant live even for a day
Admiring her secretly… Admiring her ‘bachkani harqatein’ (childish antics) has became my glass of bear …hold on kunj….hold on…..aftr wht u did to her…do u think she will even stay with u for a minute nd today she is going in uv’s marriage… I just hope she doesn’t end up staying there life long…I too will hv to accompany her
I want to see her at every blink of my eye
Kunj was busy in his ‘admiration’ when he found twinkle moving a bit…a frown took over on his face as he still wanted to admire her without any obstacle
He became happy when twinkle unknowingly shifted towards him nd within a fraction of second she digged her head in his chest nd engulfed kunj completely like a small girl hugging her teddy bear

Butterflies took over kunj’s stomach… Nd the lips…they s had their curve maintained… Finding a perfect opportunity he too hugged her with full force

Twinkle woke up bcus of the sudden pain on her shoulder…making kunj realise his mistake. He cursed himself in his mind for breaking the wonderful moment

As soon as when twinkle completely gained her senses she parted frm kunj
“Distance pls” she groaned to which kunj rolled his eyes
“But I hv my full rights on u” he said pulling her towards him…holding her waist like a wild beast
“Oh…who gave u tht right…can I hv his number pls!” Asked twinkle arrogantly

Nd throwing away his hands frm her waist….she stood up nd went towards her cupboard…..taking her clothes she rushed to the bathroom
Kunj lazily slept on bed…his gazes still towards the bathroom door waiting for her to cm out

……aftr a while…..
It seemed tht god had finally shown sm mercy upon him
Twinkle came out…looking drop dead gorgeous in her traditionals.

She wore a designer saree with off shoulder’s black blouse (guys m not good at describing sarees actually)
She marched towards the mirror nd sat on the comforting stool. Kunj already had his eyes popped out

He stood up nd walked towards twinkle who was busy in her make up stuffs….she wanted to look like The Yuvraj Taneja’s sister.
Kunj came nd stood behind twinkle…. Made her wear the holy thread…which was ofcource indigestible for twinkle. The very next moment she got another shock when kunj made her wear vermilion.
Standing up…she turned towards kunj who was continuously looking towards her neck region
“Wht?” Twinkle asked
“Too exposive ….isn’t it?” Kunj asked looking at her off shoulders wala blouse.
“No…not at all actually the fact is tht…”
“The fact is tht u love this blouse but it has become too small for u” kunj said controlling his laughter
“Wht the hell…wht do u mean…my bre*asts are perfect in size…not too big nor small so pls uh!” Said twinkle out of arrogance.
“Shit” twinkle thought the very next movement ….her gaze directly moved down …to hide tht unreasonable blush…a strange one actually… Strange as it had guilt nd shame too….
Here kunj couldn’t stop frm arching his eyebrows “ya ur right by the way” said his naughty mind
“M getting late” said twinkle turning towards the door….ready for an escape
But she held her hand pulling her towards him
In no time his chest nd twinkle’s perfect bre*sta met. Twinkle was still looking down
Kunj finally placed his hand on her chin pushing her face a bit upwards. With no other option left she fixed her eyes on him.
“Wouldn’t u wait for me?” Asked kunj
“But ur not invited” said twinkle freeing herself.
“Does a son in law…a damad needs invitation?” Asked…actually said kunj.
“Arrgh….10 minutes nd thts all u hv I don’t wanna miss bhai’s wedding” said twinkle making kunj smile at his victory.

Without wasting tym he rushed to the bathroom.
He came out exactly aftr 5 minutes making twinkle shock “did u really had yr bath?” She asked to which kunj smirked “men r men” he said combing his hairs as he only had 5 minutes in his hands

“9 minute nd 45 seconds!” Kunj exclaimed looking at his mobile
“Nd whts tht” twinkle asked uninterestingly “wow twinkle I got ready 15 seconds early!” He said grabbing twinkle by her shoulders behaving like a 5 yrs old kid
“Shall we move” said twinkle freeing herself nd rolling her eyes at him….this was enough… Kunj had tolerated enough though he was trying to be calm but her acts made him somewhat irritated
He again hold twinkle by her shoulders but this tym pinned her to the wall “aaah…kunj!” She yelled
“Wht!” Kunj asked angrily “it hurts” she whispered “same pinch” kunj said with a voice which was barely audible “uh!” Twinkle asked
“Leave me kunj” she said trying to free herself frm his clutches “first answer my question…. Whts the need to be soo arrogant uh…can’t u just forgive me?” He said moving close to twinkle’s lips

But twinkle pushed him harshly “do u think I will be able to forget yr torchers nd forgive u?” She asked “I’m really sorry for tht twinkle…. I mean it” kunj begged
Twinkle started moving towards the door again….again she was pinned to the wall “now wht do u want!” She groaned “forgiveness” he replied immediately. “Pls twinkle… I beg u…pls forgive me” he said
“Let’s go..we r getting late” said twinkle finally reaching the door “twinkle I love u!” Shouted kunj making twinkle freeze ….her eyes widened which was not noticed by kunj as she was facing her back to him. “Driver is my car ready” she asked frm her phone trying her best to ignore him.
She could feel him coming towards her….she ran out of the room full of tears “no…its not right… Its not love…its just his attraction” she thought wiping her tears “twinkle listen” she heard a voice not far behind frm her. She increased her speed nd ran out. She was not hvng the strength to face him….she finally reached her car nd took a seat behind.

And saw kunj coming out. She expected him to occupy the front seat with the driver but he sat beside her. Making her heart beat even faster….her breaths even more. It was visible tht she was freaking nervous. Twinkle moved her face towards the window still feeling sick …..the driver started the car.
……….Twinkle’s POV…..
I was looking towards the window when I felt a cold hand on my palm..the touch was so soothing …so relaxing tht I forgot all the worries nd tension. But suddenly it striked me “kunj!” I murmured “hmm” I heard….I faced towards him just to see my palm taking a massage frm his comforting hands. He had taken my palm in his both the hands nd was continuously caressing it…has he gone crazy…I really feel so….”control! ” I exclaimed taking my hand away frm him when he was abt to kiss it.

The car stopped “thank god!” I thought nd rushed out.

Precap: the story of a possessive devil starts

Ritzi’s msg
Hey guys…m extremely sorry for not posting my ff ….was really busy nd then was not able to write due to author’s recognition
But now the link has broken ….do u want me to continue… M thinking to end it …nd if I.continue then also will not be able to post soo soon really sorry for tht…pls drop yr comments below abt the epi nd also abt yr opinion.

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  1. Ramya

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  4. Ritzi

    Hey guys ..u got me wrong. .m talking abt my ff “this is when the feeling sinks in” not this one…should I end tht

    1. Adya

      Nooooooooooooooooooooooo……dare u end it……I’ll kill u……if u r not getting time… we’ll wait…..Bt dare u end it…..plssssssssssssssss

    2. Chiku

      Hey ritzi. Its ok we can wait for ur ff. wenevr u are free plz post it. Dont end it

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