I Hate U But You’re Only Mine (part-4)

i my amazing readers back with the episode 

shivaay sits in the car 

anika tries to come along with him

shivaay ” wait where rr u coming ?? ”
anika ” for office ”
shivaay ” i can see that but here im ur boss out outside  not ur husband so better take ur own vehicle ”

anika ” this is too much shivaay ??”

Shivaay ” what ever mrs.oberoi I will meet you soon in my cabin remember I hate the people who come late to the work so come fast” by  saying that he left from there Anika was stunned by his behaviour

Anika takes her scooty to the office
She reached in time

Anika pov

Thank God I came in time ?? if not this  Bagad Billa ? don’t know what else he planned don’t worry Anika be strong I should face so many  things like this in future  but I’m also Anika shekwat ,? I will see what this Shivaay Singh Oberoi can do for me

She goes to her cabin

Shivaay calls her

” Welcome mrs.oberoi ,so without wasting your time finish all this work ”
He gives her a bundle of files to finish

She was like ” OMG ????? these many files ”

Shivaay ” shocked haan ?? ? still more shocks r waiting for you sweet heart ”

Anika ” stop calling me like that and when should I finish the work ”

Shivaay ” that’s my girl I want it b4 lunch ”

Anika ” Shivaay are u mad these. Many files within short period of time it’s not possible ”

Shivaay ” stop calling me Shivaay I’m Ur sir here and u have to do it didn’t I say yesterday it will be restless day for you today get ready for that ”

Anika ” fine sir I will do it ‘

She takes the files she was about to fall Shivaay holds her by waist
All the files are flying in the air they are lost in eachothers eyes ? they are. Still like that for 15 mins

Anika realises her position and starts picking the files

Shivaay ” be careful mrs .Oberoi ”

She fake smiles and leaves

Time for lunch

Anika being Anika finished the work soon

One boy noticed her he came forward ” hey miss beautiful u look new here ?! Are the new pa of our boss !!”

She smiled and said  Yess

He forwards his hand ” I’m Sameer so nice meeting you miss .?! ”

Shivaay saw this he was like fireball ??

He shouted ” mrs .Anika come to my cabin ri8 now ”

Sameer “mrs .Anika !! R u married ?!”

Shivaay ” why do u have any problem with that ?! Mrs anika didn’t u listen I asked you to come to my cabin ”

Anika ” yes sir I’m coming ,nice meeting you Sameer will meet you later ”

Shivaay pov
Meet you later I will see how she meets him ?

Anika gets in his cabin with the files

Shivaay ” so u finished the work ”

She nodded yes

He comes close to her takes away the files from her he keeps it on his table  he  then gets more close to   her their lips are just inches away

Anika ” what are you doing sir ”

Shivaay ” shhhh ” he comes more close holds her waist more tightly

Shivaay”Anika what were you doing with that jerk !?”

Anika” Jerk who !?”

Shivaay ” Don’t act I’m speaking about that idiot Sameer ”

Anika “Oh Sameer I don’t even know him he was just introducing himself that’s it ”

Shivaay” Don’t forget Anika you are my wife just mine I can’t see you with anyone else did you get that ?” he twists her hand

Anika “Ahhh u r hurting me sir pls leave me ”
Shivaay “Next time I don’t want to see u talking with Sameer he is such a jerk ”

Anika ” ok fine pls leave me ”

Shivaay realised what he was doing he released her
She winces in pain

He takes her hand ” are you fine I’m sorry I was a bit angry ”

Anika pov
I’m not able to understand what are you upto  Shivaay u only hurt me u only heal me but I don’t understand why this bitterness among us all because of this Tia I just hate her I won’t leave you this Time Shivaay how much ever we hate eachother but still I will only love you
Pov ends

Shivaay pov
I can’t see u like this my Jaan but what you did with me I can’t forgive you for that too I’m sorry to hurt u but it’s nothing infront of the pain which you gave me  but I won’t let you go this time u will be mine only mine
Pov ends

Shivaays lunch comes
” Did u eat Mrs .Oberoi !?”

Anika ” no ”

Shivaay ” then come eat with me ”

Anika ” it’s ok sir I will eat in canteen ”
Shivaay ” I didn’t ask u I’m saying you and Shivaay Singh Oberoi don’t have the habit of listening NO so better sit here and eat ”

Anika “hmm ok ” she tries to take the plate but she feels pain in her hands

Shivaay noticed this he understood it’s because of him so he decided to feed her

He feeds her in the cabin they look into eachothers
 they kept quite while eating but 
Their eyes spoke so many things

Suddenly Tia enters the cabin
” Shivaay !!?”

Shivaay ” wow Tia what a pleasant surprise ”

Tia ” Shivaay what is she doing here in Ur office and why are u feeding her have you gone mad  did u forget what she did with you ”

Shivaay ” Tia….. Tia … control just control  she is my new pa and my newly wed wife ”

Tia ” what you married this cheat !!”

Anika was just fuming ??
” What the hell how dare you to speak about me don’t forget I’m Anika shekwat I will just !!

Shivaay” Anika !! She is my friend behave nicely with her and Tia even you can’t speak about my wife like that ”

He asks Anika to leave

Tia was fuming all the while ,
Anika left to her cabin

Shivaay -tia  had some talk
Tia hugged him and left before going she gave a wierd look for Anika

Anika was buring from inside out

After that she did her work she didn’t even looked into his cabin

It’s time to leave

Even before Shivaay saw her she left from there

Shivaay understood tonight is going to be so  tough for him ???

Precap : Daksh to know about the marriage and shivika’s possessivenes

How was that
Hope you enjoyed it
How was their office romance I know only few minutes of romance next time a longer one ??
Though they love eachother they haven’t convenced it yet  and their  miss understanding is not   cleared yet so hatred anger revenge will be there 

And miss understanding will be cleared once the story will be coming to an end because without MU my book has no meaning ??
Next update MU will be cleared
Don’t kill me
I’m so sorry for the late update
I don’t have words but I’m really sorry

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