I Hate U But You’re Only Mine (part-12) ( last part )


Daksh and Tia thought to trouble shivika

But they didn’t knew the awaiting Strom for them

The Kapoor’s and Khurana’ s have to face a lot of buisness problems that year

Both of them had a huge loss they known the reason very well

Shivaay Singh Oberoi was the reason behind that

He took his and Anika’s s revenge so smartly now the Kapoor’s and Khurana’s are left with nothing

That’s the end of Tia and Daksh

In Oberoi mansion
Elder Oberoi’s were scolding Shivaay for doing forced marriage

Shivaay said he was helpless and desperate to get his love so he did that

All didn’t agree so they decided to get them married with all the rituals

Anika and Shivaay happily agreed to that

Soumya was very happy for her sister
Everything was going so happily

Anika was taken back to shekwat mansion
Shivaay was very sad with this decision

So one day in the name of shopping he took Rudra with him

He took the same road where shekwat mansion is located
Rudra started teasing him

The reaction is well known “SHUT UP RUDRA”

And when they pass by shekwat mansion the car stops

Rudra ; bhaiya r u serious u want to meet bhabhi at this time

Shivaay ; ofcourse Rudra I’m serious and I’ve going to help me

Rudra ; mee !!

Shivaay ; yea you , when someone comes just singnal me

Rudra ; r u asking me to gaurd here ?

Shivaay ; Yess yessss I’m going I’ll come within 10 minns just wait here

Rudra makes a puppy face

Shivaay goes to anikas room without anyone’s notice

Anika was surprised to see him there

Anika ” Shivaay aapp yahan ??”

Shivaay ” shhh don’t speak anything I wanted to see you so I came ”

Anika ” aww u miss me so much ”

Shivaay ” yeah so u know I miss u give me something so that I won’t miss u for 2 days ”

Anika ” hainn!!! Cheapde get lost I won’t give you anything ”

Shivaay ” ohhh achaa !!”
He comes closer to her

Down Rudra asks Soumya to bring Shivaay before uncle comes

So just then Shivaay was about to kiss Anika
Soumya entered the room
She giggled ” juju AAP !! ”

Anika ” yeah Ur juju now go Shivaay go before’ daddy comes ”

Soumya ” di don’t scold my juju see he took so much risk to see u and u r scolding him not fair di ”

Shivaay ” Haan say her Soumya ”

Anika ” accha jiju ki chamchi teri tho ”
She starts chasing Soumya she runs around the whole room she goes down the stairs

Just then Rudy thought to bring Shivaay himself back then he saw Sowmya running down stairs she was about to fall he catches him

Shivaay took advantage of the situation he took Anika to her room

Shivaay ” now give me what I want ”

Anika ” Shivaay !!

Shivaay made a puppy face just then she kisses his cheeks

Shivaay was dumbstruck

She pushed him out if the room and closed the door

She was blushing so hard ????

Shivaay ” thank u Anika see u soon on our wedding ”

Shivaay comes down stairs rumya were still in the same position

” Ahem ahem !!”

They realised and they moved aside

Rudra ” shall we go now ??!”

Shivaay ” yes chalo ”

Soumya ” bye juju ”

Rudra ” even I exist in this world ?”

Soumya ” bye dumbo ”

Rudra ” what did u say !! ”

Soumya ” I said dumbo didn’t you hear dumbbell Singh Oberoi ”

Rudra chases Soumya she hides behind Shivaay

Shivaay ” guys stop it ? now Rudra we need to go com come fast ”

They both go while going Rudra turns back and gives I will see you later look for Soumya

She just smiled at him

They did all the pre wedding rituals

End of all the rasam

The shadi day

They did the shadhi whole heartedly
Shadi Done ????
After all the rituals Shivaay was desperate to take Anika into his room ??

Finally she came to his room
Soumya teased her and closed the door

Anika was searching for Shivaay

Shivaay comes from behind and hugs her

Anika ” Shivaay ??”

She turns from behind and they face eachother now

Shivaay ” are you ready to become mine forever ”

She nods in Yess ?

” I promise you Anika I wont doubt u I will trust you I will take care of u I won’t make you cry anymore I will love u More  than anything I LOVE YOU Anika I will love you always I couldn’t hate you I love you and you’re only mine ”

Anika ” Shivaay I trust  more than myself I will love you till my last breath I promise I will stay with you forever I will love you always ”

Shivika together ”  I love you and you’re only mine ”

The end of the hate and the start of the love ?????

Authors note ,

Thank you so much my dear readers
Thanks for bearing me and my bakwas story
Thanks for your comments
Thanks a lot
Thanks for ignoring my mistakes

Thanks ,

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  1. Alekhika20

    Beautiful ending

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    Aww…The end of the story ! It was a very cute story and a delight to read. A beautiful journey…Hope to see you around !

  3. Awesome ? I already read it on watt pad. Your writing skills are amazing. Keep it up ? like this and entertain as like this always.

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  5. U ended it???this one is the best ff i read and u ended it?? …..however beautiful ending….if u can continue plz…continue it

  6. UF3355

    Dear Shabana
    Don’t Say This Story Is Bakwas? It’s A Beautiful Story?? Thank You For ShivIka RuMya Lovely Moments???
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  7. Niriha

    Fabulous ending…loved it

  8. Lauren

    hey dearie… happy to have ur ff back after long time but sad too coz it ended… it was fab all d three parts were amazing… n last one was khidkitod…. loved it… do make a come back soon with another ff… love uhh Dr….. take care.. n yeah happy diwali n happy new year… hope u write many more stories in d upcoming year..

  9. Zaveesha

    Good one…

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    It is awesome dear.. Back to back updates

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