I Hate U But You’re Only Mine (part-11)

As I promised I came with the next part

Shivaay woke up from the sleep to look at his sleeping Beauty

Shivaay pov
How cute she is finally she is mine only mine she loves me hmm but still she didn’t confess it  yet first today I have an important work I need to show the true colours of Daksh to her her so called best friend who was the reason for our break up ?I won’t leave you Daksh

Without disturbing Anika Shivaay gets ready to go somewhere

When Anika wakes up she didn’t find Shivaay

Anika pov

Shivaay where is he looks like he went to get his proof poor he .my Daksh can’t do anything like that he doesn’t know my friend let me show the true colours of Tia his so called best friend   then only he realise that cheapdi is the reason for our break up come in Anika get ready fast

Anika goes to meet Tia

In Khurana mansion
Shivaay : so u did all this to make me doubt Anika and hate her

Daksh ; exactly u found it atlast but too late my friend you na you shouldn’t have come btwn me and Anika I was in love with her who said u to come in btwn it’s Ur fault to come btwn us to get rid of u I did that plan see I’m successful too now even if u day to Anu she won’t believe you coz she is my every thing for her I may be a friend but I bet u she wont believe u
Shivaay ; how dare you Daksh
He grabs his collar

Daksh : shhh leave me security security

Security ; yes sir

Daksh ; just throw him out

Shivaay ; Don’t you dare to touch Shivaay Singh Oberoi

Security gets scared

Shivaay does his signature step he smrinks & leaves from there

In Kapoor mansion

Tia ; ohh Anika what a pleasant surprise

Anika ; ok let me directly come to the point

Tia ;; ohh so eager to know the secret

Anika ; so u got me , tho u were behind my and Shivaays break up

Tia ; yeah u found that but too late babe don’t say it to Shivaay he won’t believe you at any cost he is such a fool he is my best friend afterall but he  don’t know how much I love him
Uuu it’s because of u he didn’t notice me he couldn’t see my love towards him u need to pay for that sweet heart don’t waste Ur time here so better get lost

Anika ; thank you Tia, by saying that she left

Tia : thanks is she mad !!!!

Shivaay reached home and is eagerly  waiting for Anika to come

Anika came

Shvaay / Anika together ; I need to show u something

Me first
No mee
Mee me
They kept arguing ???

Shivaay ; ok I will see urs u see mine

Anika ; yeah we will do that

Shivaay gives his phone to Anika
Anika gives her phone to Shivaay

Both see the video of Daksh and Tia commiting there crimes

Anika ; that means he cheated me he batrayed me !! She gets teary eyed

Shivaay ;; what the hell this Tia my best friend I thought she batrayed me she made me hate my love ? b*t*h

Shivika look at eachother they get emotional they hug eachother

Anika ; he batrayed me Shivaay the one I thought to be my best friend he cheated me

Shivaay ; she cheated me Anika she fooled me

Shivika consoled eachother they looked into eachothers eyes it spoke a lot 
Immediately they captured their lips

There was a sigh of relief in their eyes

Previously they  kissed beacuse of them

Even now they kissed beacuse of them

True Love won
Fake love lost

Shivika won
Tiaksh lost

Precap : the end

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    Wow full on helicopter shot haan…nice yarr i enjoyed it…but sad that it is going to end..koi nahi hope you will back with another ff or Os or Ts…anything…. byy

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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