I Hate U But You’re Only Mine (part-10)

Hey guys see who is back me I apologise for not updating this story I wish all of u a happy Diwali

Shivaay without wasting anytime he left for his house  there he saw Anika sitting in their room

Shivaay ; Anika why did u leave without informing me

Anika ; is that nessesary that I should inform you

Shivaay : ofcourse you should

Anika : ohh I thought to inform you but you were busy with your girlfriend so I thought not to disturb you

Shivaay : which girlfriend u r speaking about Haan ?!

Anika ; Don’t act Shivaay I’m speaking about that Tia how dare she hug u

Shivaay ; some one is looking so jealous

Anika ; jealous my foot when u will say u hate me and I should be only urs the same applies for u too I hate u and u r only mine remember that

Shivaay ; u r speaking as if u r sati Savitri even u have Ur boyfriend Daksh did I say anything and me and Tia are just friends remember that

Anika ; hello !! How dare u !me and Daksh are best buddies nothing else and Tia is Ur bestfriend ?? I think first-time I’m seeing someone proposing their bestfriend

Shivaay ; when did I proposed her have u gone mad Anu

Anika ; don’t call me like that for u I’m just Anika and yahi Baath proposing ki u should remember our separation day that day didn’t you propose her

That’s it slap !!! Shivaay slapped Anika

Shivaay ; for u kind information I was not proposing her I was practicing with her to propose u

Anika ; that means she fooled me

Shivaay : you are fool Anika you fell in that Daksh trap and u went away from me

Anika : no Shivaay you are fool that u  fell in that cheapdi’ s trap and u doubted me

Shivaay ; no Tia can’t do that

Anika ; even Daksh can’t do this

Shivaay : so this was the reason u hate me

Anika ; so u thought I loved Daksh and u hated me

Shivika : yes

Shivaay ; what ?!

Anika ; what ?!

Shivaay : that means we hated eachother for thing which we never did

Anika : we were away from eachother for one year because of a silly miss understanding !!!

Anika : all because of Tia

Shivaay : no all because of Daksh

No Tia
No Daksh
No Tia
No Daksh

They were arguing continuosly

Anika ; stop it Shivaay we need to find out the real culprit

Shivaay ; yes you’re right

Anika ; I have a plan

They discussed something

Shivaay ; very good we will do this

Anika ; whose plan it is anikas it will be awesome only ?

Shivaay gets moody yes you’re right he tries to get closer to her

Anika ; Shivaay !!

Shivaay ; what happened now everything is clear na

Anika ; no nothing is clear till we find the real culprit

Shivaay ; shhh don’t speak  I understand u just be with me everything will be fine

Anika ; I will be always with you Shivaay

He carried her in a bridal style took her to the bed

They both slept peacefully cuddling eachother


Tia ; Daksh all our struggle and plan to separate them went in vain

Daksh ; what you mean Tia

Tia : that Shivaay and Anika  got married

Daksh : what !! How is that possible

Tia ; u come here fast we will discuss it

Daksh ; I’m coming within 20 mins

Precap : shivika misson successful

Ok how was that

So guys u all were asking me to clear the miss understanding so I did it happy now
I got so many comments  so many comments saying to clear MU

So as per Ur demand I cleared their miss understanding
And what is their new plan
Will shivika find out the real culprit
Sorry for not updating these many days

Next update is on the way

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