I Hate U (few shots) – Part 1


Hey Lovely ppl .

a very big thank u to all d ppl who commented on d intro and even to d silent readers

…….here I am with d first part
So let’s begin


The epi begins with Twinkle entering into her room
She enters d room bangs the door and breaks down into tears……her tears show some deep pain …..the feeling of being betrayed by someone……..someone whom she probably loved d most

—–Twinkle’s POV—–
Y Kunj y the hell did u do this with me…..Y did u break my trust I always supported u whenever there was someone who pointed a finger upon u ….I was always there for u and I thought u were always there for me but I just doubt whether u ever loved me…….. whether u ever cared for me……….probably u never did any of those it was all fake……. all the time we spent together all d promises we made to each other all that was just a drama………Y kunj y did u make such a beautiful journey of our love just end as a fake drama…..(she screams her lungs out)Yyyyy??????

—–POV ends—–
(Twinkle gets into flashback)


There r five ppl coming out of d movie theater after watching a movie (they r Kunj Twinkle Chinki Maya and Abhay…..they all r frnds studying in same college)
A- guys d movie was just toooo awesome
T- seriously d way the hero proposed d heroine was just so cute and their so romantic dance wowwww…….kaash koi mujhe aise propose karta
C- Ooo Miss Amritsar aisa sab filmon mein hi hota hai real life mein nahi

After sometime all reach back home

Twinkle receives a message from Kunj stating ” I want to meet u tomorrow at…..(some place secret hai……thode tym mein reveal ho jayega)
Twinkle replies an Ok

@Next day
Twinkle was supposed to meet Kunj at 7pm the whole day she was just thinking of him and what was she gonna wear how would she look etc etc

A servent brings a gift wrapped box to Twinkle and tels her someone gave it to him outside to give it to her
Twinkle unwraps d box and first she finds a note
” Thinking who sent it …….I know u might have guessed who else is going to gift u something other than ur one and only Sadu …….Sadu wowwwww I mean I am the only creature on this beautiful planet who loves to call himself Sadu….and its only bcoz of u ……okkk just leave all this I have sent a gift for u hope u like it and I would love to see u in it……see u soon…..byeeee!!!!!!

urs one and only
Sadu Sarna ”

as the note ends there’s a big smile on her pink rosy lips and her cheeks were almost as pink as a new born baby’s skin(obviously yar itna cute as note padne me baad koi bhi blush karega)

Twinkle picks d dress and finds it to b the same as in that of d heroines dress in d movie during d proposal she is shocked more than shocked she is way tooooo happy to control her excitement


Twinkle reaches the place wearing d gown The gown is a
red one like this


She is awestruck to see the set up The set up was in d middle of a lake there was a path way which led to a place completely decorated with red and golden curtains
heart shaped lamps hanging from d ceiling with a scented candle’s lit it them the pillar completely drapped with red rose

Twinkle reaches the place her eyes searching only for the guy the man who rules her heart and now she could hear a voice ‘ only for u Twinkle’
Twinkle turns to find Kunj standing wearing a black and red tuxedo
Kunj wakes to Twinkle speaking ” This is only for u Twinkle only for u bcoz ur d only one who has the rights over my heart bcoz ur d only one who rules my heart
Though I dint fall for u at d first sight but still there was something which always brought my attention only towards u…….and later I realised that something was nothing but my heart which got connected with urs …..So I realised that u r that queen whom I had always been in search of……(Kunj knelt down)I LOVE U Twinkle only u for now and forever

Twinkle was standing numb after a couple of minutes

Kunj again speaks up ” I know u too have always loved me and many a times we have indirect confessions too but I still am waiting for ur reply”

Twinkle doesn’t speak anything she just forwards her left hand pointing towards her ring finger she exclaims”Kunj where is my ring u know this finger has been waiting for it since long to receive it from u”

Kunj smiles at her and makes her wear a ring
Kunj stands up Twinkle just hugs him and say I LOVE U TOO Kunj for now and forever
They break d hug and keep smiling looking at each other

K- (kunj forwards his hand)so can I have d pleasure to dance with this pretty lady in front of my eyes
Twinkle readily gives her hand
K- wait a minute we r not going to dance alone
Twinkle gives a questioned look
Kunj snaps his fingers annnnnnnndddddddd the music starts playing with a musical fountain surrounding them( so guys twinj r in d middle of d lake and the water dancing around them )
K- so let’s dance with the purest thing on earth to make our love as pure as it

Twinj start dancing romantically lost in each other along with them is d water dancing to d beats of d music
After a while d dance comes to an end Twinj settle themselves for a romantic dinner
While dining they have a convo
T- Kunj y did u take so long just for a simple proposal
K- I dint take any long I have always been confessing my love to u
T- Ya I know u indirectly confessed it to me always but seedhe seedhe bolne mein kya problem tha
K- I wasn’t getting a perfect idea how to propose u…..so after yesterday’s movie I thought of doing it in that way…….but then I thought that would have become too filmy…….but I even knew that u liked that a lot so I set the venue and the decorations as per the movie and added a bit of Kunj Sarna ka tadka to make the filmy proposal a bit realistic
T-Awwwww…….so sweet

They spend a few happy romantic moments and returned back


Precap- flashback continues


Hey guys……hope u guys liked it

I know it was boring and colours TV is to b blamed for it the whole day I dint watch TV just bcoz my mom told she wouldn’t allow me to watch Jhalak if I would watch TV d whole day…….and at end what I got was Sidhant’s performance is nxt week……I just got so pissed …..and this resulted into this worst epi
I’m so sorry for that

but pls comment below

“♥HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY♥”………to all d lovely ppl on TU. Though we don’t know each other personally….. though we stay miles away from each other we still share a invisible bond of friendship. So like distant love ……we have a distant friendship …….hoping to maintain this forever
Once again wishing u all A VERY HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY 🙂

Lots of love ♥♥
Kruti Kumar

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