I hate u-shot 3 (os)#Last part#

Recap:Twinj nokjhok_Kunj gets to know Alisha’s truth with the help of aarav n even gets to know that Twinkle loves kunj.

@ night
Twinkle entered the room n closed the door. She tried not making sound. I pretended to sleep. ‘U look so innocent while sleeping. Gud night.’ She said as she pecked my forehead. She turned around to leave but I caught her wrist n stopped her. She turned around. I opened my eyes n slowly got up from bed. She gave me a confused look. I just smiled n pulled her towards me. I slowly brought my lips near her ears n whispered the three little words,’ I love u.’ I finally felt relief. I wanted to hear those three little words from her mouth as well. ‘ I love u Twinkle.’ I said as I turned her around. I could see the smile n glow on her face. She was blushing. I kneeled down on my knees n forwarded a rose? towards her n once again I said,’I love u Twinkle. I am sorry for hurting u. I know I am a very bad person but I can’t live without u. Will u be mine forever?’

As soon as she heard the word ‘will u be mine forever?’ her smile dissappeared. She turned around. ‘Twinkle I really love u.’ I said getting up. ‘But I hate u.’ She shouted. She was trying to hide her tears. I don’t know why she said that but I was not gonna give up. I guess she was miffed with me. I just took out my phone n started the recording which aarav had recorded ‘If u don’t love me then what is this?’ I said turning her towards me. ‘That’s not me.’ She said looking down inorder to avoid eye contact. ‘It was recorded infront of me. Why can’t u be mine? Why can’t u love me?’ I said shaking her a bit. She remained silent. ‘May iss khamosi ka kya matlab samjhu.’ I said lifting her face. She pushed me slightly but I stumbled on the chair besides me n fell down. ‘Ow.’ ‘Are u ok? I am sorry. Tumhe lagi toh nai.’ She said lifting me. ‘Itna care aur tum bolti ho ki u hate me.’ I said looking at her. She left me n again turned around. ‘Why don’t u accept that u love me?’ I said. ‘I can’t.’ she said. I could hear the pain in her voice. ‘But why?’ I said as I was about to place my hand on her shoulder but she moved aside n shouted,’I have very less time left. Mujhe blood cancer hae.’ She said n ran out of the room.

I was motionless. I was fully broken ? but I rushed out of the room to stop her. ‘Twinkle please rukh jau.’ I shouted but she didn’t stop. By now we were out of the hotel. We reached the busy road outside the hotel. My heartbeat increased.’Twinkle rukh jau.Twinkle.’I shouted but it was too late.’Twinkle.’I shouted as a truck hit her. She was lying in a pool of blood taking her last breathe. I ran towards her n caught hand. ‘Nothing will happen to u Twinkle.’ I said in between my tears. ‘I’ she said inhaling heavy breathe inside her lungs.
‘l-o-v-e’…’u.’ she said inhaling her last breathe n then she left me alone in this sophiscated world. At that very moment I also fell down unconcious.

Someone sprinkled water on my face.’Twinkle.’ I said. When I opened my eyes I found a crowd surrounding me n Twinkle was nowhere.’Where is Twinkle?where is Twinkle.’ I shouted. A person pointed towards the ambulance. I ran towards the ambulance wiping my tears. But what I saw there left me in a state of shock. ‘I hate u. Why did u leave me?’ I said as tears rolled down.

Next scene
The truth was so hard to accept. I don’t know what happened earlier but at our place…I heard those cries of pain around me. I saw her face n remembered her smile. I saw her being swathed in white. I clutched her red saree close to my heart. I cried my heart out clutching her saree. I couldn’t save her. I couldn’t. Something went numb inside me. After sometime I saw something innocent being burned. I didn’t even get to kiss her dead hand for the last time. I hate u. Tum mujhe chodke kese jaa sakti ho. My parents cried in private as they had to strengthen me.

A year has passed since she left but I still love her. I still feel the presence of her around me. I loved her soul not her body n I still feel that she is watching me. Someone patted my shoulder. I turned around I saw Twinkle in that very red saree. ‘Kunj may kesi lag rahi hu.’ she asked. ‘Bahat buri.’ I said giving her a smile. ‘I hate u.’ she said making a face. ‘U r looking beautiful.’ I said n then she smiled. ‘Kunj kis se baat kar rahe ho.’ I heard bebe’s voice. I just looked around n she was gone.

I used to talk with her. I did feel her presence but no one did understand this. They suggested my parents to consult a counselor. Some even suggested for my marriage. But another marriage…another girl. What will I say to that girl that I have spent the most beautiful moments of my life with a girl who is not u….I love a girl who doesn’t exist but still she exist within me…won’t I be screwing up her life n even mine. ‘I will always love u Twinkle.’ I said in between my thoughts. ‘But I hate u.’ Twinkle said. I turned around n there she was. ‘I hate u too.’ I said.

Shayad yehi pyaar hae. Loving the soul not the body. Loving the heart not the external beauty. Although Twinkle died for the world but she was still alive in Kunj. May be this is what true love is.

Hey guys,
Hope u all liked it. Thank u so much for all ur support. Please do drop ur cmts below n sorry if it bored u. I will post my fs love in rain very soon. Sorry to keep u guys waiting.

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  1. Nishfd

    It ws very emotional yr…
    Feeling really bad for kunj. ….
    I thought you will give a happy ending bt …..
    Do continue with yr fs soon …..

  2. Sohi

    It was very amazing story
    Though the ending was not happy
    But it was very good and emotional ending
    Waiting for more such stories
    Do continue

  3. SidMin23

    Sad that u made twinkle die but she was always with kunj I have also wrote ff do check.

  4. Hey daayan… you made me go numb … ur writing left me speechless.. seriously yarr I had tears in my eyes! The uncontrolable tears! They r not stopping.. me kya karun daayan? Tu koi achi advice de gi bhi nhi.. dushman jo hai meri!
    Per me kya karun! Ye padhne ke baad tujhe compliment dena to banta hai! I just can’t put it in words what I felt reading this. This was the best emotional os ever! Literally, how can you write so well! I m dumbstruck!
    Kunj he was ?????????????
    When Twinkle was running on riad and Kunj was stopping her, I was like, ‘No Twinkle, no rukk ja twinkle!’
    Post ur fs soon!
    I m eagerly waiting!
    Love you daayan..!!???❤

  5. Mia12

    Omggggggggggg ye sad ending tha,???????.. Haye Allah ye kya kia tune twinkle ko mar dia bechari,,??????.. Agar zinda rakhti to tera kya ho jata bata jara,,????.. Socha tha ki last epi mai kuch romance shomance dekhne kk milega but tune to twinkle ko pyar mai Amar bana dia,???..Kar diya na emotional,???.. I hate sad endings to the end,,????? but I love it kyuki meri chocochips ne Jo likha hai,,????????.. Jo bhi ho it was Awesome,,???? Ab plssss apni next ff ko post kar jaldhi m waiting,,??
    Load’s of Love chocochips,❤?❤?❤

  6. Presha

    It wasso emotional….
    I just loved it…
    Too good…
    Felt bad for twinj…
    Love u…
    Post ur fs soon..

  7. Baby

    ohhhhhh my god aaku………♥
    isse jyada emotional abhiii kuch nahi ho skta tha mere liye…….
    am like srsly dese tears are not stopping….♥
    loved it a lot…..it was beautiful and sooooo cute and wat not it was…..
    jst loved d os…heart touching ♥
    srsly touched my soul……………….♥
    lods of love……..♥
    keep writing keep smiling….♥
    do post ur love in rain ff asap……am waiting for it….♥

  8. hey you left me crying
    I was crying when I was reading this ff
    feeling too bad for kunj
    but this ff is different from other
    and have a sad ending
    I don’t like it since it left me crying
    but it was too good

  9. it’s very heartbreaking story.u made me cry.I hate u.just kidding. how can I hatesuch an awesome writer.keep writing 🙂 🙂

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing emotional epi

  11. Ramya

    Aaku very bad tune sad ending di hai
    But kunj still feels twinkle
    It was so lovely
    Love u keep smiling

  12. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Awesome emotional amazing and what not! just loved it to the core! Amazingly written! Sorry for short and late comment!

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

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