I hate u-shot 2 (os)

Recap:Twinj’s tasan_Kunj doesn’t finds the hot water switch n peeks out of the bathroom to ask Twinkle but sees Twinkle opening her blouse n shuts the door_Twinkle comes in the bathroom n finds Kunj in towel_Kunj lifts Twinkle to on the switch

I was gonna put her down but I stumbled a bit n we end up lying over each other. We were lost in each other. For the first time I noticed her. How beautiful she was. Her beautiful eyes, her silky straight hair, her lips which were devoid of lipstick n her perfectly sliced nose. Only one thing was missing n that was her smile. The knock on the door brought back to our senses. I composed myself n she hurridely got up. She was about to go out of the bathroom but I saw her blouse lace open. Oh god now what should I do. I can’t let her go out like this. I caught her wrist n pulled her towards me. I left her wrist n took a step to tie her lace but I don’t know what struck her mind she took two steps back while saying,’Kunj don’t come near me.’ Again I took a step n she again did the same until the wall stopped her. ‘Kunj.’ She said closing her eyes. I could hear the nervousness in her voice. I slowly turned her around. Her back was facing me. I tied her laces. My fingers were trembling as I did that. I have never felt like this. What kind of a feeling is this? I tied the lace n turned around. ‘Dirty girl with a dirty mind.’ I said folding my arms. ‘What did u just say?’ She said. Once again someone knocked on the door. Twinkle went to open the door whereas I locked the door to take a bath.

Next scene
I came out of the bathroom after taking a refreshing shower. I didn’t find Twinkle in the room. I guess she had gone out. Suddenly my phone rang. It showed the name mum. I picked up the call as I moved towards the balcony. ‘Maa how r u n everyone there?’
‘We all r fine n what about Twinkle. Hamari beti jesi bahu ko taang toh nai kar raha na.’
May aur ushe taang….hmm woh mujhe taang kar rahi hae…
‘Maa how can I trouble ur bahu.’ I said as I entered the balcony.
‘Ur bro wants to talk to u. Talk to him.’
‘Kunj kesa hae…aur mujhe yeh batah suhag raat may kya huwa…tune precautions toh use kiye na.’ He said teasing me.
‘Pagal hogaya hae tu.’ I said as I looked down from the balcony. I saw Twinkle. She was moving here n there. ‘ Chill bro I was just kidding n where is babhi?’ He said. ‘Right infront of me.’ I said. ‘Oh ho romance chal raha hae. Continue…continue..’ he said n immediately cut the call. Oh god why do people have so much negativity in their mind. Anyway leave it.

I was seeing Twinkle from the balcony. She was looking tensed. Why doesn’t this girl ever smile? Twinkle finally stopped moving here n there by seeing someone. I was suprised to see Alisha there. Twinkle n Alisha were talking about something or should I say they were arguing. Without thinking much I rushed downstairs. I saw them from distinct. I couldn’t hear their talks n I couldn’t go there as they would see me. I saw a child playing. I got an idea. ‘Beta what is ur name?’ I asked him kneeling down. ‘Aarav aur aapka naam.’
‘Mera naam kunj hae. See there…that is my wife… woh na ek aunty se baat kar rahi hae…mujhe unki baate suni hae toh kya aap mere phone se unki baate record kar sakte ho…agar aap yeh karoge toh may aap ko bahat sare ice cream dunga.’
‘Ice cream ke liye toh may kuch bhi karunga…kunj baiya give me ur phone.’ He said. I gave him my phone n was about to tell him how to record their voice but aarav immediately after getting my phone ran towards them but mainted distance. He then started the voice recorder.

The children’s of this generation r so forward. They understand everything so quickly. Advance n complicated as well. After sometime Alisha left fron there handing over a card to Twinkle. Twinkle in anger tore the card n threw it. She sat on the bench beside her. She was sobbing silently. Seeing her tears something pricked my heart. I couldn’t see her tears. Twinkle please stop crying. I signaled aarav to give me the recording but he just smiled but didn’t came. I don’t know what he was recording. After sometime Twinkle also left from their. She didn’t see me. Then aarav came running towards me n handed me the recording. ‘Ice cream.’ He said.

Next scene
I came to the room but didn’t find Twinkle. Finally I can hear the recording in peace. I started the recording. It started with Alisha’s voice.
A- Whom u r talking about? Ur so called husband Kunj Sarna. He still loves me but he is so foolish he thinks that I love him…I never did love him…I loved his money but all my plans went in vain just because of u. U ruined everything. U heard me talking with my mum.
T-I was ready to sacrifice my love just because I got to know that u two loved each other but that night if I hadn’t heard u then u would have ruined his life. Thank god I heard u. I can bear his hate but I could not let u ruin his life.
A-U r so unlucky. Tum jis se pyaar karti ho…infact jiske liye tumh ne yeh sab kiya woh tumhse nafrat karta hae. So sad. Anyways yeh lo meri wedding card. I am marrying the no.1 business man of Amritser. Do come. I am personally inviting u n ur name sake husband kunj. That night if u hadn’t heard me then I would not have been able to trap such a big business tycoon.
T-One thing kunj has already forgotten u n now he has move on.
A-I don’t care. I am going n do come hah.

For a moment the silence filled the environment. I was shocked to know this side of Alisha…this truth didn’t hurted me but the fact that I hurted Twinkle who loved me n did this for me hurted me. I was feeling guilty. I didn’t know what was going on inside me. Twinkle why did u do this…why???
T-I love u Kunj but I can never be urs. I am infront of u but I can’t express my love. I can’t.
I could hear the pain in her voice. Tears were automatically forming in my eyes. The recording was not over. It was the recording when Twinkle was sitting on the bench n sobbing. Aarav was recording this.
T-I love u a lot n for ur betterment I have to leave u. I have to pretend to hate u. I will love u till my last breathe. I will never let u know that I love u.
‘I am sorry Twinkle. I love u too Twinkle. Please don’t leave me.’

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  1. Mia12

    Haye meri chocochips,,???…What a update uffff,,????????????…Loved the bathroom scean,,????…And what a shocking twist twinkle love kunj already,,????…Pehle to laga tha ki original tei ki story se likh rai hai alag type se tu but ab to majra hi palat dia tune bhai,,?????…Well Loved this episode to the coreee,,❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤…plsssss post karde next epi jaldhi se plsssss or wo dusra ss bhi plsssss,,???
    LOAD’S OF LOVE,,❤?❤?❤?❤…

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing shocking emotional epi

  3. SidMin23

    Love the episode do continue soon

  4. Supriya18d

    hey beautiful….awsm epi ….. post next asap.. can’t wait..

  5. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Yrr sorry I couldn’t comment on your previous chappy…..As I m bit busy with my exams preparations…..So I hardly get tym to read…..
    As I haven’t read it till now. …
    Nd this one also….
    I will comment again after reading it….

  6. Sohi

    Episode was really amazing and emotional
    And yes today’s generation kids are very fast. 10 months baby is clicking his own selfie perfectly?
    Well leave it,
    I felt really bad for twinkle
    Do continue and post soon

  7. Presha

    It just awesome…
    Loved it..
    U portrayed twinkles feeling well..
    Post soon…
    Love u…

  8. Lovely!

  9. please post the next episode as soon as possible. i am eagerly waiting for it. please i can’t wait. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. anushka shetty


  11. Baby

    ohhh god aaku amazing…..♥
    jst soooo emotional soooo cute sooo lovely….♥
    adorable n beautiful episode……♥
    marvelleous loved it……♥
    lods of love….♥♥♥
    post ur ff n d last shot asap dear…… 🙂
    well u r twinj aaku on fb ryt I snt u a frnd request dear twinkle Agarwal… ♥♥

  12. Amazing….
    Luvd the new turn of the story….
    Happy to know that tw luv kunj….
    Post nxt soon…. Luv u

  13. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Beautiful, Amazing, awesome, emotional and what not! u write so beautiful! Amazingly written! I had my eyes filled! loved it!
    post asap

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

  14. Ramya

    Awesome aaku amazing what an idea
    Twinkle loves Kunj hurraah n even kunj wowww
    N aarav is so smart
    Sry for late
    Love u keep smiling

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