i hate u to i love you (Episode 6)

Episode 5

Guys as you all know I am having exam now its over so I started writng my ff hope you enjoy it

The episode start with purab getting tensed as he is not finding bulbul anywhere and seariching her and he call her again and again
Purab: bulbul dammit pick the phone where are you
Here bulbul is shown faint and near her phone is ringing and there is complete darkness in room
As purab is searching her he come in canteen and look her and about to go but stop hearing something
Girl1: aliya now let her go out to store room
Aliya: whop
Gril2: bulbul
Purab get shocked hearing this
Girl: what if something happen to her
Aliya: chill guys let her be their they also get to know na what happen when they mess with aliya mehra
Purab comes their angrly and holds aliya hand and turn her and slap her on her cheeks
Aliya: you
Purab: no you if something happen to her na then u will see your worst days

And purab goes towards store room and aliya and group also come behind purab opens the room and see darkness inside and shout bulbul name and on his mobile light and see bulbul lying uncoincous on floor he go to her and take her in arms and rush from their to hospital
Aliya and girls panic bulbul seeing faint
Girl1: what if something happen to her
Aliya: relax girls its ok come lets go home
Here purab rushed bulbul to hospital and admit her and docter bandage her wound and purab sit their
Here abhi is sitting in office he gets a call
Unknown: sir your dout is right she is not pragya arora as I have see the cctv footage the time you tell at that time pragya is with mr. gupta
Abhi: thnka you for your information and what about the information I tell you to give me
Unknown: sir I am trying my best but I couldn’t trace him don’t know where he has gone I am trying my leval best sir
Abhi: its since an year I am hearing this when you will give me information about him
Unknown: sir I am trying
Abhi: its ok
And cuts the call and thinks how can I think pragya will do this type of work how wrong I am and I know he or she is same which that day ruin both us life and I will find who is it
And stand up and goes towards house

Here scene shift to hospital purab is wating outside and docter come out
Purab: how is she now
Docter: there is little injury but she is shevering in fear due to something
Purab: will she get fine
Docter: yeah she will be fine in one day
And docter goes from their and purab calls pragya
Purab cries: pragya di bulbul
Pragya: what happen to bulbul why are you crying
Purab: di please come to city hospital
Pragya: don’t panic purab I am coming
And pragya takes the car keys and hurridly goes towards hospital and see purab and goes to him before he could tell him anything nurse come and tell her that patient has gain consoiuness
Pragya and purab rush to room here bulbul remember the incident and closes her eyes in fear and shevring and pragya and purab come and see her pragya goes near her and tell purab to call docter purab goe to call docter
Pragya: bulbul open your eyes see your di is here
Bulbul murmurs while shevring: please open the door what I did I has fear of darkness please open the door I am pleading mom di please get me out of here please and started crying
Pragya cry seeing her sister like this
Pragya: see bulbul I am with u please don’t panic
Bulbul: please open the gate

At that time purab comes with docter and docter give her injection and she sleeps
Pragya crying : what happen to her docter
Docter: she get a fear attack that’s why she behave like this today we have to make her underobservation
Pragya: ok docter and docter goes and pragya put her hand on her head and care her and then turn to purab
Pragya: tell me purab how this happen
Purab tell her the whole incident
Pragya angrly: who is that girl
Purab: aliya mehra
Listening her name pragya nger increases
Pragya: purab you take care of her I will come ok
Abd goes from their and purab sit beside bulbul
Pragya sit in car and thinks abhi mehra now not anymore and start the car and goes towards mehra mansion and shout aliya name abhi mom come out
Abhi mom: pragya you beta what happen
Pragya: angrly: where is your daughter aliya
Aliya comes their
Aliya: whose is calling me mom
Pragya see her and go to her and slap her hard on her cheek abhi mom get shocked
Aliya: hey what I did
Pragya: what you did after doing this much with my sister you are behaving innocent like your bahi family problem
And slaps again
Pragya: this for hurting my sister

At that time abhi comes and see pragya slaping aliya
Abhi: pragya arora be in your limita
Pragya turns and see abhi
Prgya: so your dramebzz bahi also come
Abhi: just shut up how dare you to salp my sister
Pragya: toaday I just slap her if something happen to my sister na then I will surly kill your whole family
Abhi: what are you saying bulbul what happen to her
Pragya: don’t show this fake concern mr. abhi mehra first you destroy my liye now your sister is behind my bulbul but not now I will make you both succesfull tell her to be away from my sister ok otherwise I will not responsible for the result
And goes from their and abhi ask to aliya and she tell him everything
Abhi: do you cuite has fear of darkness how can you do that I didn’t except this from you ma I have to hospital to see her
And goes from their and aliya has tear in her eyes
Pragya comes to hospital and see her father their
Pragya: dad you and hug him
Pragya dad: its ok beta she is fine see she get consiouness

And take her to room and pragya see bulbul smiling and go and hug her
Bulbul: di I am fine
Pragya: pagal you know how much I scared
Bulbul: di I will not do this again
Pragya smiles : promise
Bulbul: promise
Pragya smiles and turns towards her dad and purab
Pragya: you both go I am with bulbul
And after insisting very much and they go
Pragya : you take rest I will go and meet docter
And goes from room bulbul closes eyes and at that time abhi comes and see bulbul sleeping and having injury on head
And comes in
Abhi crying : Its paning na cuite
And put his hand on her head and bulbul open her eyes and see abhi crying
Bulbul: jiju you here and smiles and try to sit and abhi help her and she hugs him
And after sometime she break the hug
Bulbul: I will not talk to you u didn’t call me from2 days and turn her face
Abhi: soory my cuite sweety I am busy please forgive your jiju
Bulbul noded no
Abhi: ok I will do situps and started doing situps
Bulbul see him and stop him
Bulbul: ok I forgive you
Abhi: soory cuite bcz of my sister you get this injury
Bulbul: its ok jiju and you know na I cant see tears in your eyes you are my faviourate jiju and I love you
Abhi smiles
Abhi: its hurint cuite
Bulbul: yeah little bit but now you come na then I am ok promise me you call me daliy now
Abhi: paka jiju promise
And both smiles and bulbul see pragya at gate talking to docter and panick
Bulnul: jiju di you hide

And abhi see pragya and hide and pragya comes in and bulbul make here busy and in mean time abhi goes from their and from gate he give flying kiss to bulbul and bulbul smiles
Pragya: whya re you smiling
Bulbul: nothing di
And here after making bulbul sleep pragya goes out of room and go to hospital garden and sit on bench and cry abhi is also seeing her crying fells bad goes from their
Pragya think : god today you have given my life back thank u so much
And her phone ring and by seeing name a smile come on her face
Pragya: hi raj
Raj: hi pragya souding like sad what happen
Pragya: how you get to know that I am sad
Raj: you know pragya raj knows everything
Pragya: you na and tell him whole incident
Raj: how is she know
Pragya: fine
Raj: I know pragya you are blaming now yourself for not taking care of your sis but its not your mistake she is fine now don’t fell like gulty
Pragya: you know raj you understand me better than me in much sort time of frndship and whome I think will understand me better that beray me thnks you being my frnd
Raj: common pragya I am your frnd and in frndship no soory no thank u
Pragya smiles
Raj: oh you smile my life all wishes fulfilled
Pragya: you had again started your flirting so bad
Raj: what bad I love you and you know that
Pragya : you and smiles
And both talk
Pragya: I am felling very fresh talking to you my bessti
Raj: its my pleasure princess
Pragya: ok now I cut the call and I have to go to bulbul

And she cut the call and goes towards bulbul room
Who is this raj now pragya only think him as frnd so guys don’t misunderstand


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